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  1. Certainly an expensive hobby at times.
  2. Haven't received mine yet. Would be nice if they would add an invoicing system to ApiWeb so we could see bills due and pay directly.
  3. Sorry about having to burn it. I can honestly say I found the whole thing horrendous when I burnt one earlier this year - like you I also got an AFB notice a week after burning mine - in my case it was a notice of a hive within 5KM having been robbed out - pretty much explained where my AFB had come from. Don't feel bad about your practices you've: Identified AFB. Avoided having a hive being robbed out as a source of further AFB for others. Minimized your chances of infecting other hives since you've avoided spreading parts around. Taken the correct action. What else could you have done? I'm very happy I had previous detailed records of everything in my apiary going back over a few seasons along with already using per hive quarantine - meant I knew everything that was on the hive in the past so I could burn it all with confidence nothing was missed and knew it had never been mingled with other hives gear. I would also recommend for any urban beekeeper - reconsider plastic frames burning them is really awful in an urban area I was already beginning to cycle out all my plastic frames - after the AFB case I greatly accelerated the replacement to wood as the wooden frames burnt easily and cleanly plastic burnt for a very long time, with black smoke no matter how hot I got the fire or how small amount of plastic I tried to burn its simply nasty.
  4. rbs

    2 Queen Hive

    Are you going to keep this setup through the season?
  5. What made you decide to try it?
  6. This is why i like having an oxalic acid vaporiser for backup. Take supers off smoke hive with the vaporiser once all cooled put the supers back on do this 3x at weekly interval's and the mite count should be reduced if not then you can remove honey and treat with strips.
  7. My hives I put a heap of corflute (ex real estate signs) and glued it to the inside of the telescoping lid - not sure about the R value of the insulation but figure its better than bare scorching metal in summer.
  8. Its also worth noting many countries do beekeeping differently to us. A Slovenian friend was describing his relatives hives where they have a big amount of them together open air like a woodshed but covered. Something like this. But less decorative usually There are a few versions of this including ones more like a shed with the hive entrances just outside the building envelope, but most of the hive inside which can be worked inside during bad weather interesting approach I thought.
  9. I use a butane gas torch for lighting the smoker at the bottom - doesn't take long at all
  10. I have a small hole in my smoker with a piece of tin flap covering it, I open it, put the ###### that! I feel quite off after getting one sting to the face (everywhere else is fine).
  11. Me either. Its great the depth of knowledge around here.
  12. I would recommend this one in particular Hive Tool - The Kiwi Combo Hive Tool has the j hook but the flat end means you can leaver a frame up on the j hook by resting it on another frame.
  13. Absolutely the j type great for when the frames are glued down hook it under a frame end and it pulls straight up.
  14. I've transported in the back of the car used duct tape to seal, and had a sheet over the hives didnt have any problems with bees escaping though I think I took a few into the car on my clothes (no stings). Even with doing it at night, having a mesh strip for ventilation the hives were rather warm when I put them in position. They were hot enough that after putting them into position condensation was forming on the outside of the box so make sure you get them unsealed as soon as possible.
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