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  1. Maybe if more beekeepers put their hives on clover sites instead of chasing the Manuka gold rush the price in the supermarket would come down and we would again have the hearts and minds of the new Zealand public
  2. Maybe the price of honey in the supermarkets is high because there isn't as many beekeepers keeping their hives on the clover sites since they can chase the fools gold while the manuka bubble is happening
  3. Look out Manawatu some lowlife tired to steal some of our beehives on Thursday night
  4. @Kiwifruiter i guess our advantage is that we have thousands of hives to do our pollination season with
  5. It's all about timing @Kiwifruiter the strips should be put in the hives so when they come out off pollination the strips get taken out and then the hives get prepared for the honey flow
  6. I haven't heard of this of this being done or seen it being done but then I'm not most beekeepers but have been into bigtime pollination for along time
  7. @jamesc I'm gonna become a manuka cowboy and join in on the manuka gold rush
  8. Leaving work as a kintail honey Ltd employee for the last time 4 weeks holiday then the new challenge starts
  9. I'm glad that Watson and son are too busy putting their hives everywhere else and not back by my hives this year
  10. I didn't know that you could buy Chinese or indian wax in new zealand
  11. Bugga I thought it was just you around putaruru i was going to buy those beehives for sale up your way split them all and put them around your sites but since you said there are to many beekeepers there now i will stay down here
  12. A little birdie told me that it was a Watson & son truck with 150 nucs
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