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  1. Good idea. Shorter to allow queen movement.
  2. Cause they costs lots, and take time to use ?? A straight night run, be fine. It's the unknown that can be a problem.
  3. Honey still on hives. Drop at large site, harvest, and re-distribute. Saves a bunch of away from home time. I wonder how that harvest declaration would be filled out...
  4. Makes me think, how many Staples are adequate,? Is 4 too many per brood chamber. Is two ok?
  5. Once there's a seed of stingers many more sprout. That banana smell. I usually get caught out having a bravado moment. Or, it's only a small amount of work, takes longer to light the smoker..... Working in shorts inside overalls, and those stingers on the right bicep at the glove meets overall hurt.
  6. Sweating. Lifting honey. Getting stung. Hydrating. Trying to start blower. Sweating. Those bees got it easy man. My Canadian employer stored it all outside. He built simple truss like frames. Straddled the drums with them. Pulled the tarp tight. Was a drier enviro.
  7. No dingos, but a dude with Black Power tattoo on his guts stopped to stare. He was walking down the road with his shirt over his head. Stood by for a while and strolled away flapping his arms about. It's so dry the flies are finding it hard to reproduce with the cow pat. So says farmer brown.
  8. Ok. Commercial use? I can't make them and sell them to someone else? Or can I make them for my own personal use, what's commercial use. The patent is about the edge protection and how the stitch is used.
  9. Let's see it run. Lots of knobs. And don't run over your fingers!
  10. He wasn't going to say, everyone knew and told me. And he said he did when asked. And he was going thru litigation.
  11. You worked 32 hours so must get paid for that. I supervised at a job up north. The worst guy was always recording me. Cleverly in his pocket. He had issues with the company before me, and was a really pain.
  12. Cause it's very interesting bit of construction. And all in red bands. James, you got no runners?
  13. Can't be that hot, cause the dudes in red bands. Nice athletes foot environment.
  14. Doing ok. Drought stopped flow early. Ironic really, considering. Good hives a solid third. We leave the second above single broods, tho expecting to feed for winter. I considered not putting thirds on, would have very sticky hives now if I didn't. Not expecting buyers at my door. Pasture not attractive enough. Started our harvest and cell work. Your honey is light clover? Well done. Did you notice any difference between trial hives and regular? Did you have any hives treated with conventional to compare with?
  15. My favourite forest, Beech. They are quite incredible, able to share nutritional resources via soil fungi. Huge networks. They feed the young shaded trees, keeping them alive, ready to go forth when an old one falls. Some of those scrawny ones are as old as the biggies. And very appealing on the eye. Throw in black mould and those dew bugs. Great story.
  16. In my experience, your version of beekeeping is not a common one. It would take me too long to get tasks completed. I sometimes have to work in far from ideal conditions within a time schedule. Without that smoking gizmo.
  17. Has the buying outfit got lots of off shore funds? Propping it up?
  18. And there are some who don't realise that the wheels are coming off. Agree, the ones doing financially well are mute. Imagine shifting your bees off a historical site, cause a beekeeper bought a block next door. The new owner has his lawyer squeezing the neighbour, and the beek shifts bees to relieve pressure.
  19. It's amazing how some are still expanding.
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