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  1. Too true. Especially in October. I once made up 20 strong splits put in cells and it was Swarmville. I was trying to use up surplus brood by making up strong singles.
  2. Wish I could. Have a RMP audit today, lol. Will there be resources available afterwards?
  3. How does intentional Loss get reported? If one requires dead outs in spring in which to place surplus brood, as an example. If I autumn requeen, and don't worry about failures. Which is what I want, so is it then a bad occurrence. It's strategic.
  4. Nice one Otto. What's the plan with these beauts?
  5. Nah, AFB was there before this cycle of boom and bust. And no wild party. Sure, probably exaggerated due to the boom. It's just like dog registration. Tax the lot to sort the few.
  6. You're a dag. I got no back and beyond valley to snuggle into.... How's the writing going?
  7. So we straight shooters will pay a continuing increase in levy. To sort out the problem ones... Like dog registration. Why can't costs be recovered.
  8. Wasn't a price increase planned from the onset?
  9. Hey Maruman, get a load of promo checking queens in the nude.
  10. Lol, you jokers crack me up. "Clean burning," oxymoron morons.
  11. No thanks. Organic week be more fruitful. It's rhetoric from overseas, NZ honey awareness even better.
  12. When did bees need saving?? Sounds like a round about way of crowd funding a business.
  13. Lol. We drove a daihatsu delta. It had no front damping. Drove round corners like a go kart, if one got any speed up. And things clashed and banged. Especially items thrown on the dash as we flew over bumps. The Mazda Titan 4x4 wasn't much better. COF stations bit like a dentist visit.
  14. Swarm control. It gave me the chills when I first noticed dead and dwindling after first staples. Did you get the COF?
  15. Just received my first Robbed Out AFB hive notice within 2km of my site this morning. So the robbed out notice been around for a while?
  16. Oh, a reply from one news. Ra,Ra blah,blah. I am so wrong it took 10 pages to explain my misunderstandings...
  17. I guess being outspoken can hurt the bottom line. I sometimes.lol. consider what I am expressing prior to posting. My draft might sit there awhile, while I do some personal processing. Sometimes it's deleted. Is a potential buyer going to avoid me?? You just don't know how everyone is connected. You don't have to log in to be a lurker. There could be lots of potential buyers lurking forming opinions about us out in the wild. Maybe you ought to be logging in to view anything? Could tempt me to pay a sub for some protection. Or we all need to come out i
  18. Box swap, AFB, mite wash,feed check, wax propolis off top lugs, mark issues, note taking. paint queens when found. note any breeder potentials. a lot really and I don't necessarily do it all. probably feed 2 a site, avoid if possible. 24 hives takes 1.5hr approx depending on weather and beginning/end of day... Use a black marker on lid. Talk with farmers. Like the chalk brood number on box front re strength. Though what was 2 brood can turn into 7 between rounds, so could be frustrating. What do you use to play music?
  19. Imagine some misfortune, Beekeeper feeds hives sugar and bees rob out an AFB. This could happen at any stage, and that robbed out hive had a light infection. I reckon it could be quite difficult to diagnose an AFB rob/starve out. Especially a few cells, a rotten one easier.
  20. It's a good idea, but seriously who's going to report a robbed out AFB? No one. The agency could. Self reporting will usually minimise severity. A hive alive with with 1 or 50 AFB cells makes no difference, as long as it' reported and burned ASAP. The dead AFB is bad news and most likely will never be self reported.
  21. Maybee the ones near metros are easier to audit?? You seek and you will find...
  22. Another beekeeping branch?? For the beekeeper only.
  23. Come on Maggie! It's about the story... A spinner. Full of feel good images, and your love for nature and bees as you inspect hives naked. In sunshine, in harmony.. Oh and people too..
  24. Think it's the full integrated ones selling M. Overseas. And the buyers getting cheap stock and making nice margins Maybe this forum is for moaners? Seems like we all are and Dennis Karin saying it's going well but keep up! Getting unused Manuka country is rare, most likely squeeze in or bump someone off. I prefer the reality. It depends on who's reality though. If I was selling good M and making good money I probably wouldn't share that on here.
  25. Our spot? Give us a few examples of beekeepers finding their niche/spot. What change?
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