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  1. All our sites are on Flat Land. Use cells. 70-80%>. Better in late summer, fickle in Spring.
  2. Who cares? Isn't Kanuka pollen too similar to M?
  3. ? How do you know,? So 9.50 a half kilo?
  4. Hey Rob, bit confused. So umf 15-20 mono is worth about? In the drum. I hear demand for UMF mono 5 odd. Is the Australian fires going to help sell Manuka here?
  5. MPI, can export to Canada. No agreement with USA.
  6. We sold our pasture at 4.50. also lots of calls and all sold to a new buyer for us, which we hope will continue. It's a low price, though we can take it as our income is mainly pollination.
  7. We on this forum don't hear about Manuka sales. We discuss bush/pasture. Maybe the mono M beeks are still getting solid prices or maybe not... Have you considered approaching the local paper? It's a start. Get community support. Sometimes the local info goes national. Get @jamesc and a few others involved. Did you sell a lot of hives/nucs over the years? Was that a larger part of revenue What prices did you sell your crop for previously? Was it over 6-7? If you get 6-7 how might your business move forward?
  8. Well,? Bit of a gamble. I would guess a reflector, mud flaps, bulb out and uneven brakes. Hope your chassis didn't heave.
  9. 100, 45, this season? Definitely something going on with demand.
  10. Cool, I sent a query to MPI via the into link. See what they say. As Mr Berry mentioned, pretty fast transit via ship. Besides, bees get moved across USA for pollination. Singles delivered near port, quick checks, treatment in, into reefer on pallets, ship. Need a receiver/ distributor. Imagine the paperwork..... California has all our bugs, I think.
  11. A thought, is it possible/viable to send complete hives to Canada/American? Singles, screened floors,reefer with fresh air reticulated chilled air. In autumn. At a good price. Varroa treated. A way to sell on bees and gear. Almond bees req in February March. Shipping a few weeks direct? Cost be prohibitive I imagine.
  12. Why do we discuss temps? Take the big picture, humans consumerism is destroying earth. Business want us to be wasteful, throw it away. Makes production cheap and affordable for all to throw away Because no viable options are available. For a reason, to keep us stuck. Government want our tax, spend please Poor young folk get bombed with adds to spend. The mantra, spending is good
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