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  1. Ok.i meant that I perceive Nzbees to be a beekeeper forum. A place to discuss beekeeping Not that general public visit to seek honey. So how do these folks find Nzbees? I understand the concept. Just not the link between Nzbees and public.
  2. So people will need to visit Nzbees to seek honey? How do you promote that to a wider community?
  3. More bees on Manuka. The competition for good sites is going to increase, stock rates will increase.
  4. News to hand. Egmont lost Woolworths contract.... It didn't sell well..
  5. Ok, years ago honey was probably viewed as good value. No matter if it went up or down. It's relative. I believe honey has become poor value. What's going on, on the shelf at 14 and bought for 4?? Do you believe then that even if it became cheaper people will buy the same? I chuckle tho, relatively folks buy take out coffee at 5, lasts 10min. Value per 100gm similar or more... Ted you're probably right
  6. What I don't understand... That honey at the supermarket is 14 a kilo. And it's bought from us Jokers for 4. Now, who knows Egmont honey? We sold our pasture to them last season. Last year they managed to put their Waimete Clover honey in 900 Woolworths in Australia, with much fan fare. This morning it's unavailable. A small jar of low M was at discounted price. I want to call and ask.... what's going on? Probably issues around covid freight availability. Or a buy local resurgence. Is it possible that exporters are still trying to find large margins in all nz honey sold? Which means no traction in those markets? No demand.. Today the cheapest honey at Woolworths, 10 bucks a kilo, by far the lowest. Rest sat around 14>17. Capilano dominated spaces. Probably a bit of kiwi honey I there....
  7. Lol, I bet you'd be in that big brute hauling when an opportunity allowed... Staying in nice digs, an expense account, a long way from home. Oh, with a in house lawyer in tow. You really need to write a book.
  8. Dodgems around the city and carpark cowboy.
  9. Wow, the thumbs down! Better than the Cross. I'm with stoney. The sharing is occurring, but privately.
  10. Sounds a reasonable combination. Are you expanding? With 300, a truck is added costs in maintenance. And it will sit around a lot. Those cofs.... Plenty of Beekeepers use a Ute and trailer. It all depends on your situation.
  11. Hi Stevebee. What you using at the moment?
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