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  1. Be good if it was time and distance. I do 10-15k a year in truck. Need 2 cofs at 170.
  2. COF time again.... they come around so quickly... Anyone else had to extend rear mudflaps lately? We did, to now comply. Been like that since new.
  3. So true. My diary runs in chronological dates. Easy to see the last time visit. Two or better one line per apairy visit. My current book, from 2017. Probably get another year or two, but will be tatty like a hanky. Must say, I hardly refer to it....a quick glance to see what I did/saw last time.
  4. I can scrape about 1-1.5 kg of propolis a day during my first round. At 40% pure it was worth the effort. At 28% not. Especially with the mucking around. I consider mats, not anymore
  5. Who do you normally sell to? Who do you normally sell to? Surely, if you got mats full, is it not still worth sending? We just got the run around. And poor test result. Our email to big Ben refered to Procurement/Apiary manager. See what happens....
  6. James, I was wondering why you plan to increase your hive numbers. Seems like you will increase costs in the face of uncertain returns.
  7. Nothing much wrong with cane sugar. You find us a study that shows it to harm. If beefolk keep hives going into autumn 2 boxes, young Queens and low varroa. Sweet. Even varroa knocked units bounce back once given a few clean slabs Imagine breaking in after a few years... Can't see it Dennis. To keep 500 hives on slow go still requires part time work. Best case, a 3-4 day week then bees. Or reduce numbers, store gear and be ready to jump back.
  8. If it's more than bees require until next flow, take it off. I used 50 boxes feed honey for my nucs and light hives. Easy way to keep hive alive without stimulation of syrup.
  9. If ya all leave that clover on... Good for those who do take off...
  10. No agreement, we sent. No contract. This propolis saga, with not many buyers and importation could be a great media story. How do you go about that? That's rubbish. AFB anyone??
  11. I bet we don't get our own back. Probably already processed into a product. If that's the case, can they use it before been paid for?
  12. Our usual buyer had plenty. Sent to MH, got the great run around. Sods. Finally, after chasing and been told need more info, we got our result. 28%. Our previous results never lower than 40%. We always scrape with an eye for purity. MH wouldn't tell us our result until the very end... When they asked us for an invoice. We want it back thanks. Going to sent a few words to the big man at MH. Thoroughly annoyed, and I bet they import also. Anyone else getting dealing with MH?
  13. Hi ya Maru, not sure if you joking... If I leave my incubator off overnight on 10 day cells. I don't trust those queens to work out.
  14. Yeah, was thinking the same thing. I dribbled mid Winter. Not much brood so hard to judge. The dribble is short exposure, compared to strips.
  15. Not everyone. I also found the way I used them a problem. Maybe others also struggled with the Staples. Did you soak your own? They work, just need to sort out a strategy. Find the part strips a bit tedious pulling out and gathering.
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