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  1. Isn't really hard to see the difference between Ka and Ma pollen? Hence the use of pollen counts.
  2. This is a dry spot. Cows been recently. Got potential, if it gets soaked. Some years we can be toasted and produce. Others years, like last, green but slow
  3. We got a bit of rain last night, up in the hills. Not enough. Are you down near the water? Well,a few more early morning drives and all the ladies and few men are in their summer locations. My shifting started early October, ending this week. Then box up. Still green but too dry. Need substantial rain to flush up,
  4. Gold kiwis also. Very fortunate there, or diligent investing in new varieties. But ostrich Anyone got any? Or Mohair, Alpacas, Mohair is doing ok now tho. Sheep is on the rebound. Avocado, well that was bad for a while. And recently lucrative, not sure how long. Ebb and flo
  5. Nah, some will be last ones standing because they got finance. Not cause they any good, or True. What makes a False beekeeper?
  6. And all other honey types considered worthy of blending into Manuka. 20 bucks a kilo for Rewa,Kan,Dew. A box of that returned as much as me slogging within orchards. Was ridiculous but any start up could make a load of cash fast to reinvest and expand.
  7. Comvita a poor example. Even these guys can't make a profit.
  8. Honey production in Canada. Low cost, high volume and a few large buyers. Cheap but lots.
  9. How much was the kiwis? Probably Green wasn't a Zespri item? It's the amount of value put into a product that potentially gives excellent returns. And how that product is protected from rip offs. Growing Gold requires substantial capital, and is protected. If N.Z patents Manuka naming rights, and Beekeepers continue paying farmer royalties, then the value is high. How many excellent products are created that within a short period of time gets poorly copied? Devaluing all. It seems many beeks want to Add value and create so many very similar Manuka items. I see what Mr Boot and Co are doing. So true, @CraBee also. When you have geared your business to Chase and comit to K/Muka what do you do? Very hard to change strategy. A business I know is shifting hundreds of hives south and not wanting a big crop.... Go figure. All those hives gotta go some place!
  10. It's cultural. In Indonesia woman avoid the sun and apply whiting chems to stay whiter. Here, and many other places whites want a tan. Bit like teeth, some folks got crazy gleeming gnasherz.
  11. That's within the fruit? How about the soil? Copper levels are building within soils. Another decade of copper and the soil is stuffed.
  12. 123 beehives? I now minimise exposure to Kanuka. The below site is a blend, K and Pasture. It's now called BUSH. Good stuff, and be lots around this season.
  13. My wife is a vegetarian. She's not into veganism. I go along with it as she feeds me. I eat beef when I find it. Muttons good too. Avoid chook and pig.
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