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  1. I put ox staples in 12 hives last autumn. Half one site. Very similar results. Small hives isolated their clusters away from as many staples. Bigger ones looked ok. I tested a few and low mites. Strips were intact and wet, damp wet. Especially the bottom half. There was a noticable difference between the site. Ox strip hives smaller clusters, fewer bees.
  2. That's a heavy read. Those deformed babies look sad. It's a world of misinformation to suit a cause. Need to weed through it.
  3. That we got glyso free was NOT the story. I have been explaining my point of view to plenty of ignorants. Nice spin though.
  4. Nice number work. I admire your optimism. Probably be good to budget on a range of production and kg price. What if 30kg at 20bucks or 10 kg at 30? Or Zilch. And ####ed off East Coast beeks...lol.
  5. Here's one. But looks like that there are other trials that seem to show success. Medical grade honey in the management of chronic venous leg ulcers - ScienceDirect WWW.SCIENCEDIRECT.COM A best evidence topic in vascular surgery was written according to a...
  6. @jamesc sounds dire. Soon a new month tho. You have been speaking doom for your business for some time. Maybe accept the $4?? It's not what you want, but you want to work this year and bees need treatment and feeding. And you've got plenty of stock. If you can accept that beekeeping is like gambling and variable, then the primo prices from yesteryear and then the $4 this year. The splits not bad??
  7. Don't, as the wheels fall of the economy late this year or next. Maybe counselor? Definitely roading. The economy is slow to fall follow.
  8. Had a look, the discussion ends in someone being called a Nazi/Hitler. Not distorted? More like stopped
  9. True, I have that vibe also. Like you shouldn't say anything cause the buyer won't support you. I don't expect this forum to solve issues. But it's a place to begin and continue discussions. A sharing thoughts platform. I wonder how many commercial beekeepers view and participate? Maybe half of the posts are semi, hobbyists? Don't misunderstand me, it's a place for everyone, but I relate much closer to commercial operators.
  10. Complaint done! Let's get more doing it. Pretty easy and as @ChrisM says, the more the better.
  11. What's the bases of your complaint? Be good to have some sound argument here to use in a complaint. The facts are correct, glysophate residues in honey. That buyers overseas don't want that. The story in nut shell. What's the argument? The side story? A brand got promoted. Glysophate is present in lots of food. Low residues compared to other countries. Alarmists. Need sound argument to uphold complaints.
  12. The info regarding glysophate was found by using the Official Information Act, someone needed to apply for the research information officially. MPI most likely didn't want it released.
  13. Lol. It's funny that your brand got great promo at the end. You must have known that beeks will sharpen their knives with your play.... Do you know how that dim wit got the goss? Why did he pull that info?
  14. Who watches the news now.... But seriously, the farmlands guy helping me broached the topic today. He thought it was a bit rubbish. Easy enough to contact Thomas Mead, I did! I suggest you do too. To add, , is the Market for Manuka that poor that a bee company could behave so badly?
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