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  1. Noticed the same. Capped brood, reducing brood area, very few eggs. Lack of fresh pollen I think. Not sure if a feed gets her going. Average stored pollen. Will see if a lean summer is going to turn into what type of spring hive.
  2. How do you know?? The government subsidy stops people taking on other jobs.
  3. How about now? Be some shiny arshes who will become manual outdoor converts very soon.
  4. Keep fingers on, remove mouse nest. Have a look at the fuel line. Might be starving of fuel. Sucking air, or fuel filter a dirty. Does it run better with full tank?
  5. Lol, you outa of The Doctor... I am enjoying my Mead. Potent
  6. Bogus as. What you consume might have an affect if your a terrible choser if food.
  7. Don't worry too much! You have probably done a lot better than me selling your honey...
  8. Also, many have stock piled. So it's possible that stocks get low, but slow return shopperz.
  9. Our last year buyer reports, Big demand in Manuka. I reckon because it will cure covid. And cancer. Not buying lowly pasture for a while. Darn it. Looks like you Manuka producers going to do well, again... Clover also cures cancer and covid.
  10. The tourism sector is a strong similarly. Probably much less than normal. Considering less traffic, work place and leisure activity. Make sure you're well groomed @john berry.
  11. You're having a tough start to spring. Mr T, I think he's struggling. Probably not sure what to do... He's a money man.
  12. I still have an attitude to save a hive. Which usually means too many hives
  13. Canada pretty cold still. Spring barely sprung.
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