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  1. Yes but...are the Beekeepers being taught how to stomp on others? Or beekeeping skills? Agree, the company is a poor example success. Though it's big and employs many. And that is where companies get leverage. Tiwia Point,
  2. I check and double check for that item. It's easy to rush head long and forget the details.
  3. Hi. Are pure amm usually aggressive? If so, I would have a few complaints from persons in orchards...lol.
  4. Lol. I have pulled hundreds of frames of brood and bees. We hit ours before they get beyond 6> broods. Remove at least 2, Our G3 starts later this month, need to meet standard, and allow for continuing growth until Green begins early November. Bees grow in G3 but shrink in Green. It's a fine line. Avos are going in now. How's the M looking? And the truck repaint?
  5. Dad was telling me this is the optimum placement for strips.
  6. Was the pallet also the base board? Or a separate item. Bit difficult for us to have pallets of 3 for pollination...
  7. Reckon it's safe enough to drop a new hive in straight away.
  8. Too true. Especially in October. I once made up 20 strong splits put in cells and it was Swarmville. I was trying to use up surplus brood by making up strong singles.
  9. Wish I could. Have a RMP audit today, lol. Will there be resources available afterwards?
  10. How does intentional Loss get reported? If one requires dead outs in spring in which to place surplus brood, as an example. If I autumn requeen, and don't worry about failures. Which is what I want, so is it then a bad occurrence. It's strategic.
  11. Nice one Otto. What's the plan with these beauts?
  12. Wasn't a price increase planned from the onset?
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