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  1. Renee - I read the article about lack of funding and will write a paper (peer reviewed) for your grand-dad if you give me some data! Cheers N
  2. Do you prefer the plastic foil seal?
  3. It came inserted into the lid with the jars that I purchased. I am thinking of manually removing the insert but will make my decision after I get a few responses from posts
  4. whats your opinion of the foil pressure seal system? Have you used it?
  5. Hi, I purchased a whole lot of 250gm plastic honey jars off the internet from a group in Christchurch (18c each). The lids came with a type foil insert inside the lid. The lid screws down on the jar and the foil acts as a seal. I am in one mind to take the insert out as the jars that I use to get from ceracell have no foil seal but at the same time it could look more professional. What are your thoughts on this system?
  6. Hi, I am considering putting a hive together from a friend, I have a few options, I could create a split or get some frames and create a nuc with a queen. At this time of year, would you advise going with a virgin queen (I don't see many drones out yet)? Or getting a mated queen (I am always a bit suspicious of mated queens stored over the winter)? Or trying for the split (I was wondering on the likelihood of successful mating this time of year - it just feels like there are not enough drones out, but think by the time the new queen emerges it could be different)?
  7. It was a swarm and in the deadout most of the brood hatched out, there was no AFB and honey left but all the bees died out. I think they either just got overcome by wasps of something. There didn't seem to be panic supersedure cells in the dead out.
  8. Hi, A friends hive died and I'm trying to get a new hive going but its moving into winter. I have a box of empty frames from his old hive. One idea is to put the empty box into one of my very strong hives (auckland weather) and spray sugar water over the frames and put a feeder in place. Let the box become repopulated with bees and brood and then move the box with bees and a brought queen. Another idea is to try for a split but I don't think the chances are good of mating a natural queen. What are your ideas and experiences with establishing hives in winter? How risky is this propositio
  9. Mum has cameras on the place - there has been some rustling so maybe I can find out if the bull was stung first? The last part of the story is after the bull kicked in the hives he was hard out using his stung organ with the neigbours heffers! I guess he figured he had to use it before he was to lose it? Nigel
  10. I don't know maybe it relieved itself near the hive and the end result was a tit for tat escalation.
  11. I think I see how it happened, the bull is by the fence and the bee stings it in a place no bull likes to be stung - it jumps the fence and takes out its revenge!!!!! I can almost empathize with the bull here.
  12. no there was no hot wire on the fence. The neighbour is claiming that the bull killed all the bees though. the bees stung the the bull on the testicles
  13. My mum treats her stock like members of the family. So yes she will have been silly enough to phone up a vet and pay for a vet to look at bee stings on a bull. sorry I used cow and bull interchangeably. It was my mums bull! Mums bull jumped the fence and knocked over the neighbours hives and got stung!
  14. It was my mums cow and she got contacted by the neighbour and told she had to pay for new hives? She rang me and told me the story and I told her to get in touch with some commercial bee keepers and get them out to take a look. I thought I would also do a check to see if it was possible and what may have caused it. The bull is being treated by the vet for stings - the bull got 20 stings on the legs. The bull has jumped the fence - not smashed it.
  15. I will get some photos of the hives. What could cause a cow to jump a fence and knock over hives? The bull has been stung in the process?
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