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  1. Apologies for the delay in uploading these photos, I missed your reply. As you hopefully can see the light is quite large. We have a very basic set up with a stand that we made and the grubby thing you can see through the light is what we lean the frames on. That is adjustable and the light is infinitely manoeuvrable. You can buy a stand. If you have any questions I will try to answer? - a bit quicker this time.
  2. I have used a Magilamp for years. A cheaper version these days is a craft light with a magnifying glass. Round bulb on the outside of a magnifying glass. If you're interested I'll set up and take a photo. Was too stubborn to use one for about 5 years but it made a massive difference once I'd pulled head in! Now I need glasses as well. Ageing is not great sometimes! ?
  3. Manuka Mountain may be able to help too.
  4. The hotter your wax is the more it will shrink as it cools. It will cool quicker on the outside of a mould than the inside too. If you warm your mould first that will help. A warm water bath will help it cool more evenly too
  5. S and S


    We wondered what had happened to AP2s. It is a long time since I was asked to do anything, but I never got any communication from anyone.
  6. They will, if you must, on a good flow but...much better to wax. And, yes, we have done it, a long time ago when we, and the bees, we're desperate to get supers on.
  7. Unfortunately not the first time and not the only large company offering huge amounts of money to landowners. Some payments are unsustainable given the crops they will get but they can make it up elsewhere. The big companies have hives a'll over the country, the smaller ones don't. A contributing problem is not knowing how many hives are in an area. Overstocking is a massive issue - especially in a year like this. Comvita have a reputation for being ruthless but they are, by no means, the only ones.
  8. Our honeybuyer is not alone in halting all procurement of this season's honey. Their customers aren't wanting to buy. Everyone is waiting for MPI standards.... And waiting....
  9. We dipped once - never again! Spray it on or roll it. Dipping uses a huge amount of wax and one spends the next few seasons scraping it off side bars, top bars, bottom bars..
  10. Not yet.... but thanks! I'll have to work it out in the morning:)
  11. We have 2 available, caught today. Can you pm me please - I haven't worked out how to do that yet! We only have Italians
  12. I'll get back to you. Are you after Italians or Carniolans?
  13. By waiting 3-4 weeks before checking the nuc we nearly always have capped brood. In 18 years of queen breeding, I've never had a newly mated queen lay unfertilised eggs (drones) in a nuc. There's always a first time with need though! There have been plenty of occasions where queens have been unable to get out to mate and they start laying drones.
  14. Mating depends, at least partially, on weather. I wouldn't check on any nuc earlier than 3 weeks after putting a cell in at this time of year and I'd be very prepared to wait 4 weeks if there hasn't been some decent weather. After mating, they should lay 2-3 days later. Don't take them out until you know you have viable larvae, remembering that eggs take 3 days to hatch.
  15. We may have some available most weeks for a while.
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