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  1. Just because the hives look good doesn't mean they are well looked after
  2. Some commercial beekeepers regard the small smokers as hobby smokers
  3. Haha I don't think Steve would like being called kintail
  4. Not all of us are crazy :rolleyes: some of the people on here like to voice their opinion even if it's wrong, I reckon join the wellington beekeeping club then gets some bees and as you learn about the bees watch your numbers grow
  5. If they aren't there wait a week or two and they will bee on trademe
  6. Haha then maybe you can full them on how to register a hive
  7. The feed bee claims maybe marginal but there's a few commercials beekeepers using it, I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about it yet but I'm not that keen to use it Admin edit: added quote from previous post for continuity
  8. While driving down to the hawkesbay today I heard on the radio that some beehives got stolen and that theres a reward being offered maybe someone from the hawkesbay can full us in with the details
  9. The guys chasing the manuka might get 80+kgs but that's over 3 to 4 manuka crops starting in the north and ending up in the high country off the naki but at what price to the poor bee
  10. We know we are living on borrowed time at the moment we have at good relationship with the trust where we have those yards they own most off the farms around them
  11. We have an area that in a good year will produce 3 and sometimes almost four boxes off manuka per hive but these yards are not over populated as you see now, 20 hives per site is the norm for us not the 40 plus we see the other beekeepers do, in a bad year we would be lucky to get half a box
  12. But the bees will still be ####tie :thumbdown: been there done that and got the stings ta never do it again
  13. Some off the manuka cowboys are not beekeepers they are just guys with lots off bank money trying too make as much money they can while the going is good they hire philippino workers with little or no knowledge off beekeeping in new zealand hence why a lot off there beehives die over winter, it's the likes off the Cowboys that will give the rest off us commercial beekeepers a bad repertation in the farmers eyes, we all need ta get over this evil sin off greed and all work together we could make the new zealand beekeeping industry a force in the global market (y)
  14. The price that commercial beekeepers pay for nucs and hives is way way lower then what people are paying on trademe I know off one company that's paying $175 for there nucs and $240 for there hives, so less then half a box off manuka and it's paid for
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