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  1. what the dickens!! And then we wonder why people don't bother to report theft...And even when they do get charged, the time isn't equal to the crime - Say someone loads up a uteload of 30 odd hives, bangs them straight into manuka. They have a good year and walk away with 30k, they get caught with stolen hives over the winter and when they go before the judge he fines them $200 court costs and 100 hours community service. Where's the justice in that? The true owner is out of pocket $500-$600 for each hive, $30k production, plus the effects in seasons to come through not having those hives in their system anymore, and having to purchase more equipment to try and replace them....it's all in favour of the criminal.
  2. Thanks for the clarification on that - I wasn't aware that profile posts were public.
  3. Yep, they are all part of the grand concoction. I make up fairly big quantities of both and store them separately. When I'm mixing up a drum I also add 500ml of Apple Cider Vinegar with garlic. At the moment I'm watering down my syrup to 50/50, so I add the water and tip in all the other goodies. I've made an attachment for my portable compressor consisting of a rigid hose about 1200mm long with a small inline tap (so I can adjust the flow rate when using my workshop compressor) I push the hose through the small hole in the drum and let it bubble away while I'm doing other stuff. From time to time I move it around to make sure it gets it all, but after 10 - 15 minutes it's all mixed up and ready to roll.
  4. I get all my supplies from these guys. You can buy pretty much anything you would need through their site PureNature | New Zealand's leading online supplier of natural skincare ingredients
  5. Thanks Jezza, I've put a couple of recipes up there.
  6. Emulsified Thymol pre mix. -Note; only use natural Thymol crystals, not synthetic! Also if you use your Wife’s good kitchen blender for mixing Lecithin it will result in instant divorce papers being served on you! 70g Thymol crystals placed in honey jar, add 10ml of isopropyl alcohol to the crystals, place jar into a water bath of boiling water to speed up the dissolving process. Into your blender pour 300 ml of boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of lecithin granules, or about a tablespoon or two of lecithin liquid. Blend this for at least two minutes, but as long as it takes to dissolve the lecithin and mix everything thoroughly. Add your dissolved Thymol crystals and blend for another minute or so. It will look just like a jar of milk if you have done everything right. To use add 5ml to each 3.8 litres of syrup and stir well, syrup will go slightly milky. This tells you that the Thymol mixture is in suspension evenly. Add the whole 300ml to 205 litre drum. If you are storing the concentrate mixture and it forms any crystals at a later date, tip into old small pan and reheat, do this outdoors.
  7. Honey-B-Healthy Concentrate I normally make this at night, otherwise you end up with a whole lot of bees in the house. Of course the old adage is oil and water don't mix. However that is what the lecithin is for. Let's do this: This recipe makes up one litre of concentrate, you will need 2 litres to 200 litres of sugar syrup. DO NOT USE YOUR WIFES GOOD BLENDER FOR THIS. SHE WILL KILL YOU. 2 cups water heated to just about boiling. 2 cups sugar Place in blender and blend at low speed until sugar is dissolved in water. Should take a few seconds not more. Remember next time to place the lid on the blender. (This step if missed can cause an unhappy spouse). Add 6 heaped tablespoons of lecithin granules. I use lecithin liquid, I’ve found I need to use roughly 3 tablespoons – no need to be exact. I have one of those blenders where you can pull the little plug out of the centre of the lid, so I keep it going as I add my lecithin (slowly) Turn the blender on at a low/medium speed for a good couple of minutes. I know not everything dissolved but don't worry we will get back to it. Add 8 teaspoons spearmint oil Add 8 teaspoons lemongrass oil Turn blender on at low/medium speed for another couple of minutes at least. If you have done everything right you should notice the lemongrass oil slightly. You should have a pale looking orange juice (think pale yellow). Put some on your finger and rub your fingers together it should have a slightly viscous feel to it. That will get better as it cools down. So if you do it when it's warm it may not feel as viscous. Now take this and store in a bottle or whatever will hold approximately 2 litres of fluid. Do not feed this directly to your bees. When you are ready you make your sugar water mix and add a little of the concentrate to the sugar water. The amount is 2 teaspoon to 1 Litre. 8.5 cups or 2 litres to 44 gallon drum. Please note the real Honey B Healthy has sodium lauryl sulphate it is a surfactant. Also known as a wetting agent. Please don’t add sodium lauryl sulphate, it’s a bee killer! I don’t find any need to use a wetting agent, but someone told me you can use Yucca juice. Don’t quote me.
  8. Hi there Kate, I posted some contact details on your profile - which apparently was the wrong thing to do, admin in all their wisdom deleted the post, saying "keep it in the forums please, that's where the question was asked" As I have already stated, I'm not going to hijack someone else's thread, that's just common courtesy in my book. I thought that writing something on your profile was akin to sending you a message but obviously not...
  9. Nice one mate, we'll keep in touch with @silverhope and @Lucy and make it happen. Stealing from a hobbyist is just the lowest of the low - maybe we can restore a little faith in humanity...
  10. @Network @Tom Stephenson Can you guys help out at all? I'll add you into the PM
  11. @silverhope and @Lucy I'm absolutely at my wits end with these lowlife mongrels. It's bad enough stealing from commercials but when they start going after hobby beeks with only a few hives it's lower than low. @silverhope I'm not sure if you are small commercial or if the 12 was your entire inventory, but if both of you pm me I'd like to donate a hive to each of you. Only thing is it will have to be in Feb after the flow as it's my first year as small commercial and I need every bee I can get my hands on. But just to get you going again I'll flick you guys an up and running two box hive. Or if you can con a couple of frames of bees off someone, get hold of me and I'll supply you with queens or cells right now, and I can help you out with some hiveware if you need. Somebody please catch these thieves and hurt them. Bad.
  12. Termidor Ant Control - Garrards NZ Try that one mate
  13. For sure, but for beeks with a lot of sites to bait this may be a cheaper way to go
  14. I've already got fleas mate, and I sleep just fine
  15. I can find out Alastair, if you have the cert I should be able to put you onto it no worries. I got it through a pest controller mate.
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