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  1. 7 hours ago, Dennis Crowley said:

    Im not on the AFB board and I think some things need to change, but lets not start fires.

    If this is starting a fire then it needs to be lit. I believe one of the main reasons there is so much division and ill will in our industry is with the issue of representation. If all beekeepers get a vote on who represents us on the AFB NPMP Board then we all have a say in the direction the NPMP takes and the Board has a mandate (as they are elected representatives) to do what needs to be done. 


    7 hours ago, Dennis Crowley said:

    Otto you may be splitting hairs there, they only using a recruitment consultant to manage the process not decide who gets on the board...

    So who does decide who gets on the Board once a recruitment consultant comes back with a shortlist? I've been a beekeepers for quite a while now and have certainly never had a say.


    Representation is a key issue here. The backlash against Apiculture NZ is based on this too. 40% of the ApiNZ governing board are beekeepers. Does this accurately reflect the membership of the organisation (i.e. are approximately 40% of all ApiNZ members beekeepers)? If so, then the make-up of the Board is probably fine and ApiNZ can continue to do what they do, but ApiNZ would not be the right vehicle for administering a commodity levy to which only beekeepers contribute. 

  2. I am not a member. My reason for not being a member is that the amount of subscription you pay is based on hive numbers. I am a relatively small beekeepers (around 150 hives). If my interests conflict with those of large commercial beekeeping entities I have little belief that my interests as a small beekeeper would be looked after by an organisation that collects the vast majority of its revenue from those large commercial entities. They need to look after their revenue stream...

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  3. I do however fully agree with the maths on a "simple" system of 10c per kg of honey produced. This will get a lots of beekeepers that produce lower value honey anti the proposed levy because they will very rightly feel they are paying more that their share. The levy needs to be a flat percentage on actual sales (as in Gino's example). Why come up with a proposal that is immediately going to cause a them versus us mentality to prevail? This is something the industry needs to be united on. 


    Let me just add that I am in favour of a commodity levy for the beekeeping industry. I think we desperately need a pot of money that can be used for research, marketing etc. 

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  4. 14 minutes ago, Gino de Graaf said:

    The Apinz website has a case study.  Horticulture NZ levy.  

    That Levy is 15 cents on every $100 of sales.  1.5%

    Note, on Sales, not harvest. 

    And a flat rate of 1.5% for every 100.  It's proportional.  


    Your maths is slightly out - 15c out of $100 is 0.15%

  5. 7 hours ago, glynn said:

    Also how much of the levy will go on shiny bums ie is it true that %3 is going to science but %2 of that 3 is going to someone's salary so only %1 of the levy will be on actual scientific research? 

    I'm asking because so far I've been told that I'm a cowboy I need to pay more it's going to happen anyway so suck it up .

    We went through this when apinz was formed we were told that we needed this it's for every beekeeper big or small so far not seen it sorry.


    Please read more at the following website about the proposed levy, how it will be spent, managed, governed etc:


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  6. 7 hours ago, frazzledfozzle said:

    I still haven’t received an email regarding the meetings is anyone else still waiting ? 

    Where and when meetings are can be found here: https://apinz.org.nz/levy/

    I only found this because I thought I'd go and look at the Apiculture NZ website to do some background reading on the proposed levy. I would certainly have preferred learning about the meetings by having received the information through email or other communication.

    I'm assuming (@DennisCrowley - please correct me if I'm wrong) all Apiculture NZ members were sent this information? If so, why not beekeepers who are not members? The commodity levy will be charged to all of us so it is paramount that we're all fully informed about the proposal. 


    9 hours ago, Trevor Gillbanks said:

    Remember, they have said that only people who had honey extracted at an RMP premises , is eligible to vote. 

    Is this what was said at conference? This differs from what the website states. Quoted from the website:


    Who Pays?

    All honey extracted in New Zealand for commercial use


    Zero mention of RMP in the statement. I thought I would get a vote as I extract some honey and sell it to the local market but my honey does not go through an RMP facility (and there is no legal requirement for it to do so). I will go along to our local meeting and hope to learn a little more there...

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  7. We've had lots of shorts and a t-shirt weather down in Dunedin over the last few weeks. Lots of fresh pollen in hives and, not surprisingly, they're rearing brood. Need to make sure they have enough food to look after that brood if the weather turns colder again so I've been out feeding those that need it. 

  8. 7 hours ago, Chris Valentine said:

    The online submission is a waste of time you can't tick any thing if you total disagree with it

    if you neither agree / disagree you are sitting on fence the can't they have yes / no 


    You need to scroll across to the right. There are disagree and strongly disagree tick boxes for each question as well.

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  9. Been having a read through the Biosecurity Order (American Foulbrood and Apiary Levy). There are maximum amounts for what the levies can be spelled out in the Order but there does not seem to be a clause regarding the making of changes to the Order. 

    Does anyone know the legal process for making such substantial changes to the Order? 

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  10. From the levy proposal:


    "However, before the Management Agency Board makes a recommendation to the Minister for Biosecurity for a new levy order, we would like to hear your views on the proposed

    levy and investment plans."


    It sounds to me that it might be sensible to write to the Minister as well as making a submission regarding the draft changes to ensure the Minister is fully aware of the opinion of beekeepers.

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  11. With respect to the traps, I assume these are ones that actually trap the wasps (and bees) and they drown in the sugar solution? If so, I doubt this can have too much of an impact on your bees. If the are feeding sugar solution laced with insecticide for wasps to take back to their nests then it's potentially a big problem.

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  12. 7 hours ago, Janice said:

    I think they are on protein here. I was just up at Omarama for a couple of days and wasps were cleaning up the squished insects from the front of my car parked outside our unit.

    We have lots of wasps in Dunedin this season. A good Spring for the bees was also a good one wasps to get started... I've killed 8 nests within 50m of our section already but it barely seems to have made a dent in the number of wasps around.

    I did a protein test yesterday (according to the Vespex instructions). The wasps at my place are definitely NOT onto protein yet so I'll be waiting a few more weeks before trying again.

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  13. The internet was up and running in the year 2000 and had been for a while :)


    I was only meaning that it was not the ubiquitous source of information on anything and everything it is today:)

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  14. Ok so how much water to a 25 kg bag of sugar to make 1:1 syrup.

    You university types can never answer in a simple manner :geek::what:

    This university type was trying to answer the question that was asked:)

    But yes, I could have added that a 1:1 solution would (as Jay and Yesbut point out) require 25L of water for a 25kg bag of sugar.

  15. When I used to mix a single 25kg bag of sugar at a time I found that a 2:1 solution gave me around 30L of sugar syrup (i.e. 25kg sugar mixed with 12.5L water). So to make that into a 1:1 solution I'd have to add another 12.5L of water to the 30L of sugar syrup.

    So to convert 100L of 2:1 sugar syrup to a 1:1 solution you'd need to add around 42L of water to it.

  16. I don't have an " irrational anti-carniolan agenda" and am not "driven to blame you for the arrival of DWV but in all that I have read no one has ruled out it coming in with the semen.

    Cannot rule that some DWV came in with the semen no. But I am certain that DWV was in NZ prior to it. Studies around the world show that wherever there is varroa there is DWV. An epidemiological study carried out in Hawaii when varroa was establishing itself there demonstrated just how much impact the mite has on both the distribution and the amount of DWV present in beehives. If varroa is present DWV is guaranteed to be there. The only thing the Te Ara encyclopaedia page demonstrates is that we did not test for it before 2007.

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  17. In the year 2000 the world had had varroa long enough to have also had plenty of DWV so I'm sure it would have come up in an internet search ?

    @frazzledfozzle. I think you're slightly underestimating the speed with which our lives have changed thanks to the internet and google. You'll find the term "just google it" was not particularly prevalent in the year 2000 (the company Google was founded in 1998).

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