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  1. Maybe you need to put the price of your queens up Frazz,If peeps like yourself stop producing them i'm sure someone will take up the slack if there is a perception that there is a buck to be made If you are going to make queens its probably not to much drama to produce more than you need and sell the excess
  2. Are there any beekeep supplier's selling Contech's pheromone products ?
  3. I did mine outdoors and it attracted a few spectators lol
  4. Hi guys. I decided to wax a few plastic frames myself. I have an old electric urn, it holds around twenty litres. I popped 250 grams of bees wax into it, When melted I dipped the frames into it. The first couple were average, but once I developed a good technique I was quite impressed with the result.It applies a very thin layer over the entire frame.. It will be interesting to see how the bees take to it,,
  5. Thanks guys.. I have been offered a couple of strips of apistan ( not by a member of this forum) In your learned opinions would this be ok to treat the hive ?
  6. I caught a swarm in a bait box over the weekend.. Could anyone advise me as to whether I should treat them imediately for varoa and if so what treatment would be suitable.. Cheers Brent
  7. Can you move the queen from the hive keep her warm and fed then pop her back in later,
  8. Are these queen cells that you have grown, Or are they swarm cells ?
  9. Pauper aye.. Yep, that sounds like me .. lol.. Thanks for that mate... Cheers Brent
  10. If there were no queen cells, would the splits get on with making there own ?
  11. Great post thanks Alastair, Just one question if you dont mind, if you wanted to make more than one split from a hive, You move the queen with one slpit, what would you do for the remainder ?
  12. He certainly looks like a dark force lol
  13. ' They do say that on their site, So a little unsure why they would sell queens locally..
  14. Thanks BB. I have just had a look at their site..Certainly something to keep in mind,
  15. Great Stalker, Now, I hope this story has an happy ending, youve got me on the edge of my seat..Dont leave us hanging mate lol
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