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  1. Hi Folks , I like your thread as have just done my first split ever and have put the queen right box on top of a TBH that I made from scrap timber and have made the bars at 38mm wide.I put a foundationless frame in the Langthoth and the bees made the cells really big and filled with honey then a few drones at the bottom. Am keen to go the organic way with treating for varora ,Have you done the sugar shake over the frames and does it work ? Cheers Paul
  2. Hi Tom , You are right there , theres still lots of uncapped honey , I have taken about 15 kg off so far from one hive in its first season , every 4-5 days another 2-3 frames are ready, my next mission is to do my first split next month.cheers for your feed back all
  3. Hi Love honey , This is my first hive and already taken 10 kg off , the honey dew is very sickly sweet and is already fermenting into mead , Thanks for the offer but all we produce gets used for mead , cooking or plain eating.I will keep your number handy in case I have way too much and want to flick some off to you.
  4. Thanks Tom, read the thread , very interesting and worrying . Ill check again tommorow with better weather and try and spot da queen .cheers
  5. Welcome to beeminding Barbara , lots of info here on this forum . I have found that the veg garden produces more since there are bees around , Have fun with your bees , cheers
  6. Thanks for that , a pic wont work as the trees are 30 ft high, I have another question ...... checked the hive and found lots of capped brood only a few grubs , no eggs , no queen cells and tons and tons of bees , the question is can the Q go on holiday and not lay till they need more bees ? looks like a honey flow on too . We pulled a frame of honey { the pussy willow dew } our first frame of liquid gold.
  7. Hi RGC , I agree with Tom , my first hive queen hatched in October and took 2 weeks to do her maiden flight and got down to bussiness right away , In fact I got our first frame of honey this week ,
  8. Hi John Berry , Yeap it sure is pussy willow , if you stand near the trees it sounds like a swarm . tried some today [honey that is ],it has a very slight after taste not unpleasant, it will be good for the mead.Out of interest what fruit is ripening this time of year in Hawkes bay ? Plums ? Not much tutu here but lots of pohutakawa and privit . thanks for your feedback John hope your bees make something happen soon . cheers Paul
  9. Thanks Hannes , Will go and tell them to stay away from the pussy willow ,
  10. HI ,My bees are licking the honey dew off the willow trees , is this good honey ? Took out my very first frame of honey it is dellish am so glad I started beeminding this year , Happy new year to you all.
  11. Hi all , firstly a big thankyou to the Kaitaia bee club for letting me come and see a top split and graft by David.Cheers to you all .Can there be too many drones and can they be stopped ? looking at the entrance for 5 minutes I can see every 7th or so bee is a drone , are they just free loaders from someone else's hive ? Do they eat much honey ? if so can a gate be put across the entrance , I hate the thought of them free loading off my hard working girls .
  12. Hey thanks for all your feed back , I can only put it down to unsettled weather , the first inspection was without gloves till I got to the brood then they got peed off so the next time I used gloves same result but both times it rained a few hours later ,
  13. Hi Roger , Yeah looks like my learning curve has started , I am keen on trying more natural ways of handling them , like I read somewhere that water with a bit of cider vinegar works well instead of smoke
  14. Hi Pbee , thanks for that , yeah the weather was changeable as in it rained that night,they might be a bit intolerant being girls ! LOL
  15. Hi Alastair , thanks for that , I feel like Im moving slowly and steady , there was a bit of bee glue that i had to wrestle apart but nothing serious , the dog got a sting from 20 ft away and one had a go inside my pocket . Im about to see if there is a kaitaia club up here that someone can kindly mentor me .
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