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  1. Thanks for posting this question Sowannabee. I have had the same question and am very interested in the topic. I have nothing more to add except thanks for the replies that are evidence based (as John Berry mentioned, not a lot is known about it) informative and constructive.
  2. Thanks everyone. Lots of good advice and options.
  3. HI, I've kept bees before but not recently and I now know that I previously had lots of gaps in knowledge. I'm planning to set up this winter but have some questions: I previously found the full supers too heavy for the 2 of us to lift easily so would like to get half depth or 5 frames. I only want enough honey for a small household so I thought this might be adequate. I've had advice though that it's better to get 8 frames as 5 frames are hardly worth the trouble. What do you think? Would I be better with fewer frames or lesser depth? I know I'll not have standard accessories available for non-standard sizes so don't want to limit myself. Are painted non-treated supers as good as the Tan E or Thermowood that Ceracell sell? For my small operation do you think I should get a bee blower or will bee escapes and smoking be enough? WE've all gone a bit anti-plastic so I thought I'd give wood frames with wire a go. A bit nervous about the change as I previously found the plastic frames easy to deal with I want the hobby to be as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible so any advice welcomed. Robin West Auckland
  4. The bees are pretty happy where they are and are doing the job of pollinating neighbourhood gardens. I don't need the money so no need to sell. Not so rich though that I want to replace my gear when I get back. Am hoping that there's someone who will appreciate the amount of honey they can get for little time and effort. Or maybe a beekeeper who is unable to keep hives at their own place. Maybe a beginner who has a good mentor and bee buddy.
  5. I'll be out of the country for about 2 years. I have a hive in West Auckland which is healthy and will need a baby-sitter. Tenants in house are cooperative but not bee-keepers. DECA registered would be good. Are you interested? See post below West Auckland bee baby-sitter wanted | NZ Beekeepers Forum
  6. Could I have some advice please. I opened my hive about a month ago and found that the queen must have got above the queen excluder. The excluder was on top of the bottom box. I had brood and a bit of honey on the bottom box and middle box with the top box just a bit of honey. Numbers are just recovering as I was overseas last year and nearly lost the hive to varroa. Perhaps the queen got up a storey the previous time we opened it up? So, this time we swapped around the frames to try to get the brood frames down below and the honey ones up. Still a lot of brood, not much honey and we moved the excluder from top of bottom box to top of middle box. Not sure if that was a good decision. Now, what are my options? I expect that they will be short of honey for a lot of brood. Should I put an extra box on for honey? Or should I transfer one box of brood to my other empty hive and buy a new queen? Previously they have swarmed a lot of summer so perhaps I could transfer a brood box to my empty hive and then add my next swarm to this hive?
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