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  1. So do you think they don't toss them all out in autumn after all? Perhaps we have kind bees:) Its interesting, nothings ever predictable with bees, I was told they evicted them all in autumn and was quite surprised to see that drone.
  2. I saw a drone in my hive a few days ago. I thought it was leftover from last year but was speaking with someone who said they had heard of drones now too.
  3. Great info from all thanks. What I will do is leave 10 frames of honey and pretty much leave them alone over winter. In a good spring I will just keep an eye on the food and a really bad spring I will expect I may need to feed. Unfortunately I think there are alot of bees around here because my partner said down the road there were 30 hives and my neighbour 2 properties away brings in bees for his macadamia trees so that probably changes things again.
  4. Sorry I mean winter and spring so I don't have to feed anything. If I left 10 frames of honey would it likely be a safe bet that they would be fine without feeding, although it seems by what Tristan said that even that is not 100%. I guess if I left 10 frames of honey I don't have to worry too much during the winter when it is cold or wet and you don't want to bother them. And then i can just keep an eye on them during spring when I'll be looking at them for signs of swarming anyway.
  5. I was just wondering how much honey you would leave the bees for winter so that you could rest assured that it would last them untill the nectar starts again without having to feed any sugar at all.
  6. I had better buy that slug bait in bulk:Das well as learn to cope with those awful roaches:crap:
  7. Can I place a whole packet of slug bait and surround the whole hive. If I keep doing that on an on going basis perhaps they won't get in again. Do you think a stronger hive will stop them or it makes no difference the strength of the hive. They really gross me out aye, almost to the point of phobic. The hive is so gentle and I have so much pleasure opening them and then what do I see. OMG I nearly have a panic attack.:eek: I'll certainly give slug bait a go. Thanks for that.
  8. I'm embarrassed to say this but I have cockroaches in one of my bee hives. Not a lot, I occasionally find one or two really big ones. But they make me want to gag! I hate these things with vengeance. The hive they go to is just a small hive of almost 5 frames of bees. They seem to leave the long hive alone although it is further off the ground. How do I get rid of them. I keep removing them each time and killing them but they return again. (And no I don't have them in my house because I spray for them just to be on the safe side but unfortunately I can't spray for them in the beehive. I wish I
  9. Perhaps I put it on too early in the day. It was about 11am and a very hot day. My escape board had 2 escape holes, the plastic round ones. I'm thinking if I were to use it again perhaps I'd place another couple of escape holes, just to be safe. But at presnt I still feel better with the idea of brushing them off. I only have 3 hives so its not an issue to brush them off really.
  10. Isn't that what a forum is for? Asking questions and finding out how other beekeepers do things? I don't mean to be rude Frazzledfozzle but I do think we need to be supportive of new people on the forum or they won't want to return.
  11. I used an escape board last year and vowed I'd never do it again. Too many dead bees, about 30 odd but 30 is too many for my liking. Not sure what I did wrong but I won't use one again. It was a particularly hot day that day perhaps two escape openings wasn't enough. All the same, next time I will brush the bees off.
  12. Cool thanks for all the info
  13. So in my horizontal hive it wont matter if there is honey both sides, they will go over to the other side if they run out on one side?
  14. I have been reading about winter clusters. Some info talks about clusters becoming stuck in one area due to it being too cold to move away from the cluster. I see my bees coming and going most days in winter so far except when it is raining or windy. In Auckland with our temperatures is it likely that bees can't move away from the cluster to get food if there is some in the hive?
  15. Thats interesting. I would have thought the robbers would work it out. It obviously doesn't take too much to confuse the robbers.
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