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  1. One more thing, just to revive this thread. Tanalised timber. Would it be OK to use, seeing as it is only on for 24hrs and the fact the bees would probably not contact the frame as much as other hive parts due to the higher acid conc.?
  2. Thanks guys...I did do a little drone trapping, and now all my queens are mated (and I'm sure most of my neighbour's are too), I'll continue with that, and I'll be sure to check out Kiwi Bee's link when I have the time.
  3. Maybe I'll try this one. Formic acid is corrosive and lethal to bees if overdosed though, right? Are there any commercially available products, or is it a DIY? Perhaps I need to consult beesource etc
  4. So, you can eat honey taken from Amitraz treated hives? (provided it has had a couple of weeks to hydrolyse???) But thanks Otto. Talk to 10 beekeepers and get 12 opinions, right?
  5. After briefly looking around for info regarding the use of Varroa treatments with honey supers, many say Bayvarol is OK with honey on, Apistan definitely NOT ok. They are similar chemicals, no? I don't like eating honey with pyrethroids in it, but what about Apivar? Amitraz apparently breaks down very quickly in the hive due to the fact that it is readily hydrolysed. According to Apivar.co.nz, they say do NOT use with honey supers, but the MAF online guide to Varroa says it is OK to use. I am so confused right now. I need to know, because I feel I may have treated too early in the Spring (Aug) and the mite numbers have built up. My hives have both Varroa and honey. Thanks in advance
  6. The Auckland Beekeepers Club has a long hive. The brood is somewhere in the centre (side entrance), with modified vertical queen excluders for the side "supers" and normal Q/Es on top, with supers above. It is also possible to run two queens on either end with a "super"in the middle
  7. Its not the only time bees have been their focus...One of their "Vodka Myths" was that it could be used as a bee killer. The control was water. Turns out the only bee that died in the experiment was one that was sprayed with water!
  8. The little gaps in the sides of the plastic frames that are present harbour wax moths and are difficult to clean once culled. I use wood with plastic foundation.
  9. Yes, I'm in West Auckland (Waitakere Ranges) I rang Assure Quality yesterday but they were not in. I'll try again today.
  10. I was doing a final disease check before removing my honey and found that a handful of bees are totally infested with small mites (look like aphids). There are bees with either none or with several dozen on the thorax/abdomen joint – never with just a couple. I have not seen them in any books and would like to know if any more experienced hands could help me. Perhaps Varroa treatments would kill them? Possibly not. Thanks.
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