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  1. I am in Hastings and it is on my list for 2019. Please keep in touch.
  2. Agree with Trevor. Put her on top and see how the other bees react. Maybe a bit of smoke initially to drive some of the guard bees down. I have to ask.... are you absolutely sure there is no other queen in the hive? How old is this escapee / rejected queen? Why has this Aussie queen gone walk-a-bout twice?
  3. -------------------- Greetings Shem. We had bee houses in Zimbabwe, which housed 6-12 Langstroth beehives. This was done for theft reasons, termites, ease of cropping and often bush fires. I am considering doing the same in a disused shed in an urban setting here, due to vandals in the area and the proximity to a sportsfield. Interesting question from somebody with international beekeeping.... right? Admin edit: fixed quote box
  4. I will explain insertion technique of these Bayvarol strips when I drop them off.
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