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  1. Explanation - someone’s making good money and it ain’t the beekeepers...
  2. @Grant how do I do that - or do you have to do it? also can I edit the advert once posted?
  3. Oh right... so I submitted it and got a success message back, but now the whole thing has vanished - is it awaiting approval? Can I edit after submitting?
  4. Instead of “produce finder” my advice would be to title it “buy NZ honey” or “buy honey and bee products” or something. If there is one thing I have learned about marketing recently, the instruction has to be simple and clear!
  5. The external website link field won’t work, I enter my website in there and it doesn’t seem to recognise it as a valid URL. The rest works ok
  6. @Grant do I just go to the produce finder and submit an advert?
  7. Hi, I havent really been following this thread, but I guess I should seeing as I keep getting mentioned ? for anyone who is interested, our story is pretty predictable - didn’t like the idea of $3.50 (or not selling at all) so took a deep breath and packed some off. We’ve had a couple of label changes, use social media marketing and have built an online shopping platform. Current biggest issues are packaging - no one likes plastic - and freight costs - honey is heavy. It’s been an interesting journey so far and have learned heaps, yes it is hard work moving retail packs
  8. Meh - it looks to me like they’ve seen an opportunity and are now trying to fit a story to it, by #######ising the science and throwing red herrings into the mix. Not an unusual business approach Unfortunately.
  9. Interesting thanks - did you soak it on the roll, or cut into strips then soak? Cheers
  10. @Maggie James I agree - a few know it alls on here tend to shoot down very sensible questions rather than engage with the people asking them. I imagine Grant has some interesting data on visitors or readers or members vs “commenters” and the commenters would be a very small group.
  11. I did have a look through the list to see if there was a dramatic eye roll but unfortunately no
  12. Mount the crane at the rear of the deck if you can - you trade off a bit of road handling/comfort but gain the ability to load both deck and trailer if you need to. i would agree on about 250-300kg pallet weight. Cheers
  13. @Don Mac this group of chemistry isn’t only used as a seed treatment. Last I looked there were foliar-applied versions available also, which broadens the range of uses and crops. Cheers
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