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  1. Pinnacle

    Herbicide contamination

    @Don Mac one wonders whether phthalates move directly into propolis from the plastic propolis mats most commonly used to collect it...
  2. Pinnacle

    Hawkes Bay beekeepers - 4WD training

    Hi @KiwiKevin I didn't get much interest then got a call out of the blue from Mark at hillseekers and he fit me in with another group a couple weeks back. It was a fantastic day I thoroughly recommend it - learned heaps and had a lot of fun!
  3. Pinnacle

    Re-using Queen cell cups when grafting

    Re use them mate, save the planet ?
  4. Pinnacle

    NZBF Strapping hives

    I use emlocks on everything - when I work a pallet of hives, the emlock is undone and dropped in front of the hives. I never walk in front (doorway) of the hives, so as long as the straps are in front, I never trip over them. I don’t run hot wires around any hives, each winter I get maybe 2 instances where steers have kept at them long enough to pop a strap and tip a couple hives. But for ease of use, low cost, no hot wires to manage and little issue with hives being knocked over, I’m more than happy with the system. for nucs or single hives for sale I stick a rock on top - however even sheep will knock a reasonable rock off a single hive in winter.
  5. Pinnacle

    DocumentOA/GL Forum Summary 1/12/18

    Hey @Philbee how do we buy the pre-soaked version @frazzledfozzle Refers to? I can’t find them listed in marketplace
  6. Pinnacle

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Very good summary @cBank thanks very much
  7. @jamesc what method do you use to feed the raw sugar?
  8. Pinnacle

    Drop in bee prices

    @Alastair that scenario has been happening for ages anyway. Most of my landowners are fantastic, we have a great relationship and it all runs smoothly. But I’ve met Landowners over the last couple years that seem to have heard rumours of “big money” (whatever that is) for “Manuka” sites (however that is defined) and therefore want the beekeeper to write a cheque. And like you say, some of these are really pretty average sites. I suspect we’ll continue to see this for sometime, I was with a group of farmers yesterday who had absolutely no idea the bulk honey price had tanked as far as it has.
  9. Pinnacle

    Bees with no mother.."

    Interesting read https://www.newscientist.com/article/2186602-some-honeybees-have-four-parents-or-no-mother-and-we-dont-know-why/?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=SOC&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1543363732
  10. Pinnacle

    Drop in bee prices

    Stage of season makes a difference - everyone has “extra” bees at this time of year, so price and demand/relisting reflect that
  11. If they’ve got stored honey, leave them be, they’ll be fine
  12. HB beekeepers and those nearby! im looking at doing some four wheel drive training. Have two course options locally, both with some theoretical elements and then with a lot of practical. I'm sure we all think we're experts already, but I'm looking at this as a chance to maybe pick up a few useful things I don't know and maybe fix some bad habits. courses run over two days and approx cost around $500. Supply own vehicle. Cover such topics as slopes, carrying weight, river crossings, recovery methods etc For the courses to run they need about 8 participants - of which I am but one. So I can either wait for them to get a group that has an opening for me or I can see whether I can put a group of 8 together. two options as below: http://www.hillseekers4wd.co.nz/ or https://www.masterdrive.co.nz/driver-training/rural-4wd/ We could either try and squeeze one in before Xmas or do it early next year. Reply here or pm me if you're interested. cheers
  13. Pinnacle

    A Bee Plea

    Go to the link - I just did it in maybe 2 minutes. Hardly onerous. @Lisa Papa it would be great if you could share some insights back on this site as part of your project
  14. Pinnacle

    Incubator temperature fluctuations

    Go to that link in my previous post you’ll see what they have I assume it’s current cheers
  15. Pinnacle

    Incubator temperature fluctuations

    @Alastair I think so but don’t know for sure. I’ve had mine a couple years. Their kids took over the breeding business but I think they held onto the caricells and controllers etc