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  1. After a crappy spring, the girls are a little slow this year...took off 10kg a month ago...and yesterday ripped out 14 frames of capped...spinning it out today...exciting!
  2. I started with ten and it worked ok...but was told nine is easier to extract...so giving that a go this year...let you know tomorrow as I'm whipping some honey off today.
  3. They are asking over 600, yes I was wondering about the small crank. Any advice on types...I only have two hives (pretty busy ones!)
  4. Hi.....does anyone own or use this sort of extractor? Are they any good?
  5. NOOO...12kgs from this new season already...LAST YEAR 2 HIVE 84 KGS...I love my lil girls!!!
  6. Babies are frantic .. have already taken 12k's of the good stuff off my two hives. Want to buy my own extractor..any recommendations..ideas on good ones to look at. I'm wanting an electric maybe four framer...tell me your thoughts Col
  7. I have a "friendly" neighbour who complains reqularly. Touch wood, the Lower Hutt city council is very supportive of bees and havent asked me to move them. He complains he has to do his lawns late at night and can no longer use his back yard (council disagrees)..so I was more than surprised on a recent hot (busy bee) Welly day to see and hear his kids playing on the tramp and around his unusable back yard. Luckily my other three neighbours are all VERY supportive.
  8. Thanks ppl...hard to be patient when you find no broad! Food is plentiful..we had a bit of a flow before the crap spring weather came along.
  9. Last three checks have found zero broad in one of my hives..havent noticed a them swarm (sight or loss of numbers)..hive seems happy..weather has been bad (cold and windy). Cant find any swarm or supersedure cells in this one either. How long do I wait before I statrt panicing that I am queenless? What is the best and easiest answer to get my girls up and running for summer? Thansk in advance for the useful and varied answers I'm about to receive. Colin
  10. Thanks Shaun though that was the case...what ration of broad honey etc do you use?
  11. OK about to split my hive..happy with how etc..but..once I have split can I move to a new location immediately? Or can the new split sit overnight? Wont I lose my bees back to the original hive? Do I split them and lock them in and take them to their new home early next day? Looking forward to being enlightened...thanks for your answers. col
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