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  1. Hi all, thank you for your replies and discussions. Very interesting! Would you all like to participate in my survey? I was trying to reach as many people as I could. I have done this by calling the chairman's, presidents and secretary's listed on the national beekeepers association of New Zealand and getting them on board to invite people using my written invitation at their next beekeepers meeting as well as forwarding my email to as many beekeepers as possible. I will be needing names and addresses to send out the packs, you can send your names and addresses to my email address. urvashi.l
  2. Hi Phillip, Would you like to participate in my survey. The survey is focusing on the perception of apiarists and how they perceive ants in the hive. I will be sending out the survey in the next couple of weeks. Your contribution will be a big help for my data collection Also the ants that are in your hive, I will need a sample so I can identify the species, I will then place each species on the map and see where they are most prevalent.
  3. Dear Sir / Madame, My name is Urvashi Lallu; I am a student at Unitec in Auckland. I am in my third and last year of my Degree in Bachelor of Applied Sciences. I am conducting a research project for my third year thesis on behalf of Key Industries and Unitec. The research project is being conducted through a survey which looks at the perceptions of apiarists on the impact of ant presence in beehives and how ants affect hives. There are currently no studies in New Zealand that look at bee/ant interactions, and little is known about how apiarists perceive ants as a threat to their bee c
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