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  1. My new bee truck, first try out today and it went well, can't carry many boxes but it's cool to drive and I get a few looks from the fairer sex, but I'm told they are looking at the car, not me.
  2. A few years ago, I worked for a firm that built Rotary cowshed platforms, we used gasless mig wire on the galv pipework, it worked well for the job at hand, but I would not have used it on any structural welds, it was to brittle. The company I work for now, uses Flux cored wire with CO2 for structural work, I prefer hard wire with Argoshield gas, which is a mix of Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. I didn't know there was Oxygen in the mix until I just look it up on the BOC website.
  3. Go to BOC or Tradezone and they will sort you out a welder that will suit what you want to do, I would use an Arc/Stick, rather than Mig, unless you are proficient in Mig welding.
  4. Wait until you have to pay a fitter turner. A welder can build a large structure in a few hours and a turner can machine a very small component in the same amount of time. Most customers don't mind paying for a structure you can park a car under, because they can see something of substantial size but for the same price I can machine something you can hold in your hand.
  5. Went out to work on some hives on a local farm, have left this a bit late this season and the bee's sure let me know of their displeasure of having their home's broken into, was a painful reminder to do this work a month or more earlier.
  6. Have no bees at home at the moment, but someone else's bees are all over the Ivy and swarming over the glasshouse because I have a solarwax melter in there. Also plenty of wasps.
  7. Have just come inside from changing the suspension on my sons Corolla, he was meant to be helping, but he found something else to do with his friends and left me to it. Upon reading your post, Alistair, I had to laugh, I was expressing my male side undoing nuts and bolts and swearing at the bolts that wouldn't budge, whilst working in the dark. At least with sewing you don't get black greasy hands.
  8. Got a 4411 last year, as I killed the old sewing machine, it has performed very well without any problems on Gib tape, it's next job is to sew up an old Macpac back pack. Only problem is threading the needle, the old machine did it for me, the 4411 doesn't.
  9. Perhaps he is testing his honey to see if it can cure the corona virus, if so, your shed will be empty in no time.
  10. Our eldest son started work last week for a pruning and planting operation, it was easy when standing on the ground pruning, but today he had to try and do a 6 metre prune, working off a ladder, he was not a happy camper when he got home. He showed me a photo of the trees they were pruning (###### doing that).
  11. Populist rhetoric, rational decisions.
  12. I read on Stuff, today, that we had our fourth warmest year since records began, it's cooling down, we must be heading for an Ice age.
  13. After, the beach is about 35 km away at the moment.
  14. Even at 60 metres, I'm fine, only 4 km to go fishing, so I don't care. It's not going to happen overnight, if ever.
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