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  1. Our eldest son started work last week for a pruning and planting operation, it was easy when standing on the ground pruning, but today he had to try and do a 6 metre prune, working off a ladder, he was not a happy camper when he got home. He showed me a photo of the trees they were pruning (###### doing that).
  2. Populist rhetoric, rational decisions.
  3. I read on Stuff, today, that we had our fourth warmest year since records began, it's cooling down, we must be heading for an Ice age.
  4. After, the beach is about 35 km away at the moment.
  5. Even at 60 metres, I'm fine, only 4 km to go fishing, so I don't care. It's not going to happen overnight, if ever.
  6. Some of the idiots that are inheriting the mess, want to legalise cannabis, they are no smarter than us old fools.
  7. Yesbut, pleased to see that you spelt the word Aeroplane rather than as Airplane, you must be a Boomer. You were taught not to take lazy shortcuts at school.
  8. I see the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers have been receding for centuries, long before supposed human influences. I would prefer to keep my hard earned dollars in my pocket than see it wasted by politicians on some pie in the sky mumbo jumbo. The climate is changing, it always has, we were heading towards another ice age when I was at school in the 70s, what happened to that theory.
  9. Well said Trev. It may well be smoke inhalation that gets us in 2020, it's very hazy outside this morning.
  10. Rewarewa is a no show for me this season.
  11. Had to get in on the act. This is from 2 weeks ago looking south from up in the Ruahines. Canon 6d, Samyang 14 mm F2.8 lens, iso3200 and 20 second exposure.
  12. Russ


    The skeletons of the Southern Ruahines were caused by severe droughts 100 years ago, most that are visible now, are the sun bleached Kaikawaka skeletons.
  13. I will do my bit for climate change when the sea level rises, by using less diesel driving to the beach to go fishing.
  14. The climate has always been changing, just ask the Woolly mammoth. Most species can adjust to a warming or cooling planet but some will not, it has always been that way. Perhaps the biggest dangers to earth are whizzing by us frequently, but one big one will not, and then we will see if all the money we are being parted with now, is going to a worthy cause. Some of us are old enough to remember the Y2K bug, my VCR worked on 1/1/2000 along with everybody else's, where there are fools there are also a few wealthy people.
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