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  1. Bee keeping on a string - if you know what I mean:) this Saturday 9th March Choice TV 7pm
  2. extract it and give a very small sample to the "mother 'n law if she goes a bit funny feed the rest back to the bees, if after she eats a couple of spoonfuls and doesn't go funny give it to those you like:mask:
  3. Daley they are excellent photos, DJC your comment about the stems makes the difference, I'd reconise this now, thanks u 2 lovely ladies.:rolleyes:
  4. have you been stung recently, all fun aside noticing you are new here, please be aware that a very few people have adverse reactions to bee stings. If your reaction is all in the area you were stung that is one thing but if you are experiencing a reaction either more generalised or isolated from the sting site you may well be having a severe and possibly life threatening reaction that could affect such things as breathing, if in doubt please seek help,
  5. And of coarse you will comply with the requirements of the AFB control act
  6. Alec I choose to do things on my own, I had always had a desire to have bees and when I had a suitable property, I turned to the internet and like you discovered that there was a growing trend towards the TBH, bought the book and built a couple of hives. But also with the research discovered a very clear divide in bee keeping circles around using the TBH as apposed to the Langs some based on the legalities (the president of our club has a haemorrhage if TBH is mentioned at a meeting) as well as the practical aspects. I came to the conclusion that the reason commercial beekeepers us the Langs i
  7. Can I suggest before you have "another go" you find either a club to join or a mentor, I'm not being rude but speaking from experience, the TBH and being barefoot does not make a beekeeper.
  8. If I appeared in that all my bees would swarm:mask:
  9. The above posts really bother me because if you read the requirements for tutin monitoring in honey to avoid testing of honey for turin levels honey and thus comb honey must be removed from the hives before Dec 31st. you can NOT test comb honey, as each cell remains sealed and any one of those cells could contain sufficient tutin dew to kill.
  10. we have about 30 grafts underway at present, starting to transition down from 2 brood box hives to one.
  11. I give u grief sometimes tristan but would enjoy catching up with u when u are up whangarei dealing to your yards even happy to "lift and throw" if you want, always appreciate your input to the forum even if I don't always agree, I do respect your passion.
  12. Wash it with water that gets the honey off, silicon cooking moulds are great for putting the wax in, you can melt it on a stove top - I do but it requires constant monitoring as it is flammable, or an old frypan. Pour into mould when it sets you will find all / most crud has formed on the bottom just scrap it of its easier if it is still warm and soft. My latest efforts from recent scratched cappings.
  13. Tristian you reply to the forum as if we are all bloody thick, I doubt there is a beekeeper in NZ who doesn't know about tuttin poisoning with the publicity its had.
  14. just add ice soda water and if u like a spoon full of honey (helps the appletons or in my case mt gay go down)
  15. Thanks for your reply LH it appears then that most of the small boot sales of honey are effectively outside the regulations. Appreciate the effort you put into the answers.
  16. Great positive presentation well done you guys
  17. which just goes to prove contrary to popular belief woman really are smarter than blokes, and at times of mating the blood in the male of the species circulates differently to that of the female:mask:
  18. Otto as an academic it surprises me you ask TVNZ to try harder, they are but a median for the promotion of "ones" agenda the man involved leases hives to silly Aucklander's who wish to be a part of a trend, and thus has just scored and inordinate amount of free advertising, we lost true journalism in our news rooms long ago. Oh and I was once one of those Aucklanders have a lifestyle block built topbar hives as they featured predominately on the net, but before populating them realised that the way most "normal" beekeepers did things actually made more sense so sold the topbar hives on trade
  19. Jesus Tristan you see the bad in every scenero you spend to much time on your own mate, you need to start seeing the good in things and only worry about the bad when it happens. Bees tend to attract the good guys like me for instance:cool:
  20. This is exactly what I'm getting at Tristan, she was going to be prosecuted by the local council for operating an unlicensed kitchen but once the media got hold of her story and it was discovered a lot of what she did, the cakes and jam were being sold as fundraising the council backed down, however what I want to know is on what grounds, personally I have not seen many operators licenses at market days but from the document referred to in Rogers post, most of the stall operators at these markets are operating illegally.
  21. Having read that it appears that 99% of participants in the markets i visit are in breach of at least some of the regulations and there appears to be no dispensation for those that operate "cottage industries". I'd love to know then on what basis the Kerikeri stall operator received her exemption or whatever the council decreed which allowed her to both make jams and bake cakes at home and sell them at the Kerikeri Market. I seem to get two different opinions about participation at markets, one as per the quoted link above - i.e. there is no difference between markets and any other food relate
  22. Now I don't want to enter into another he said she/he said type of debate but rather have someone who actually knows the answers to the following questions and relevant legislation, if no one can answer I will start the investigation next week again and try to gain the answers but so far seem to only hit opinions without the backup of actual legislation. So here goes: Can a beekeeper extract and bottle his own honey at home and then sell it himself at a market and comply with food regulations, the ramifications of the cake & jam lady in Kerikeri has bearing on this but I'm unsure of t
  23. So does this work as an excuse in Gizzee for most other places it the darn alcohol in the wine that causes pickling:mask:
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