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  1. Bee keeping on a string - if you know what I mean:) this Saturday 9th March Choice TV 7pm
  2. extract it and give a very small sample to the "mother 'n law if she goes a bit funny feed the rest back to the bees, if after she eats a couple of spoonfuls and doesn't go funny give it to those you like:mask:
  3. Daley they are excellent photos, DJC your comment about the stems makes the difference, I'd reconise this now, thanks u 2 lovely ladies.:rolleyes:
  4. have you been stung recently, all fun aside noticing you are new here, please be aware that a very few people have adverse reactions to bee stings. If your reaction is all in the area you were stung that is one thing but if you are experiencing a reaction either more generalised or isolated from the sting site you may well be having a severe and possibly life threatening reaction that could affect such things as breathing, if in doubt please seek help,
  5. And of coarse you will comply with the requirements of the AFB control act
  6. Alec I choose to do things on my own, I had always had a desire to have bees and when I had a suitable property, I turned to the internet and like you discovered that there was a growing trend towards the TBH, bought the book and built a couple of hives. But also with the research discovered a very clear divide in bee keeping circles around using the TBH as apposed to the Langs some based on the legalities (the president of our club has a haemorrhage if TBH is mentioned at a meeting) as well as the practical aspects. I came to the conclusion that the reason commercial beekeepers us the Langs i
  7. Can I suggest before you have "another go" you find either a club to join or a mentor, I'm not being rude but speaking from experience, the TBH and being barefoot does not make a beekeeper.
  8. If I appeared in that all my bees would swarm:mask:
  9. The above posts really bother me because if you read the requirements for tutin monitoring in honey to avoid testing of honey for turin levels honey and thus comb honey must be removed from the hives before Dec 31st. you can NOT test comb honey, as each cell remains sealed and any one of those cells could contain sufficient tutin dew to kill.
  10. we have about 30 grafts underway at present, starting to transition down from 2 brood box hives to one.
  11. I give u grief sometimes tristan but would enjoy catching up with u when u are up whangarei dealing to your yards even happy to "lift and throw" if you want, always appreciate your input to the forum even if I don't always agree, I do respect your passion.
  12. Wash it with water that gets the honey off, silicon cooking moulds are great for putting the wax in, you can melt it on a stove top - I do but it requires constant monitoring as it is flammable, or an old frypan. Pour into mould when it sets you will find all / most crud has formed on the bottom just scrap it of its easier if it is still warm and soft. My latest efforts from recent scratched cappings.
  13. Tristian you reply to the forum as if we are all bloody thick, I doubt there is a beekeeper in NZ who doesn't know about tuttin poisoning with the publicity its had.
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