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  1. Are there no other pollen sources? I take it, that this is Pinus Radiata? The cone bearing plants are sources of propolis, but I have never seen my bees working Pinus for pollen. Is there a stickiness on the pollen that attracts them, if there is nothing else about?
  2. Russell was my first commercial customer. I got a lot of referrals from him. I thought it was a hoax call on a Wed night when he rang to say he wanted 600 queen cells, could I do that and he was ringing from Central Otago and would be at my house in ChCh 1030 Sat with a choc cake and whipped cream, to have a chat about how we were going to do this. Russell, Lorraine and their grandson duly rocked up.
  3. Russ - Were they actually collecting pollen in their sacs? Or do you think it might havwe been propolis gathering? Have you seen this since
  4. Have to upgrade my camera. What camera or phone have you taken this on Mummzie? Cheers
  5. I have just googled quintinia. It looks like we do have a native variety, which is a bit unfortunate. Hope for you that all this climate change is not positive for quintinia.
  6. Beeks are only as good as their worst staff member. Some are more interested in the time it takes to inspect a hive e.g. don't pull out the entire frame, just inspect both sides quickly then slam it down. No wonder there are so many colony losses reported from queens dying. Other beekeepers don't have great eyesight. I think in terms of cost efficiency and results honey tests are a great tool to have in the kit.
  7. That's interesting, because I have had other people in the ChCh area state that it gives a very clear "fine" honey. It does not appear to be a coarse honey
  8. What's the white stuff Otto. Never seen that here in the boondocks
  9. It's a very fine honey. I used to get it on Huntsbury Hill at my parents, combined with citrus. Beautiful fine taste, and such a clear honey
  10. Good to see the Historic NZ Beekeeping Section. I am sure there will be some enjoyable posts, photos, etc. Will look at this in end Oct/mid Nov when have more time.
  11. I have never been out for a shot wearing a knee high skirt. Well - there's always next time!
  12. Up to the early 2000s Airborne Honey sold nodding thistle as a varietal. It was export quality
  13. This was it's own beautiful honey varietal, and of export quality. I will have to keep my eyes skimmed for a flowering nodder with purple pollen! Well there ya go! I have mastered the edit button under the new edit scheme
  14. Thanks Grant. I have tried to turn the email back on, by cancelling? But can't.
  15. Thank you Trevor. Why am I not getting the emails into my gmail which I use for the forum? I get my weekly updates from the forum into my gmail account. Cheers
  16. Ph me tonight I have got a couple of questions re the @ symbol with the orange background: Is it some sort of notification to me? If so, where does it show up? It's not showing up for me anywhere in an email or PM. How do you do the orange background?
  17. That's interesting, because I wanted to note the purple pollen, but when I inspect nodders - they have have large granules of cream pollen.
  18. Bighands, nor any producer under an RMP, should have to think about the odd jar in the post. We would all go broke if it comes down to this mentality. My interpretation of this, if Bighands sells a drum of honey (300-330 kg) at his farmers' market, the purchaser can export this. Yet, if Bighands wants to mail more than 2 kg overseas, he is in breach of NZPost & MPI. This is insane! This is just another example of bureracracy gone mad hindering the sole operator! Are we destined for an industry run by bureracracts (however your spell i
  19. I understand that some thistles have purple pollen. Have you ever come across this?
  20. How many rhodos do you have? Have you ever heard of mad honey? Google it. Shouldn't be a problem in NZ though
  21. Dahlias die down over winter & then grow up over 25 plus feet. BRS specialises in them
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