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  1. I thought we were discussing wasp free areas. If the walks are wasp free great, that is fantastic for Beech dew in Canty foothills. If the Battle for the Birds increases native flowering - yeeha for beekeepers. Cos beekeepers pay for DoC sites. My understanding is that 60% of Canty & Westland is DoC estate.
  2. I would have thought if it is Conservation land then DoC should be attend to this. Massive areas of the Sth Is are under DoC control.
  3. My understanding is, in the event of a YES vote, it will be the levy payers who decide how the money allocated for research is spent, and allocated monies must benefit all in the industry, and elected commercial beekeepers on the board would be elected by levy payers.
  4. Hello Alex - I along with others, are incredibly interested in the findings of the scientific community. What are the individual names & the group of scientists that you refer to? Why is Damien O'Connor or ApiNZ not supportive of them? I am really interested to scientific findings, cos if they are reputable I am interested in talking with them, with a potential meeting . Please supply the names of publications. Look forward to your reply.
  5. Thanks Trev. It just wouldn't compute and I needed to get to the grafting yard.
  6. Keep up all the good work with this forum. Much appreciated. PS - Sorry but have absolutely no idea right now, why I can't extend my beekeeping skills to turning off the underline function!
  7. So, are you saying in that the beekeeping community is thick or uncultured?!
  8. Or does the whole board stand down in 2020, including the non commercial sector rep?
  9. Well, all I can say all this indecision's bugging me so much, that if I don't Split now I will go into a coma and sustain a premature death from boredom. Before that happens I am "letting you know" I'm going to hit the sack now, cos it's goin to be 35 degrees here tomorrow and I am just "letting you know that I won't be cool".
  10. Before anyone else gets in and seriously asks! Is this a break away group from the NBA, Beekeeping Inc, BIG, FF or ApiNZ? Or was the prob resolved with some good breeding stock?
  11. We are not a Christchurch group, and I never said we were a Christchurch group. We are the Canterbury Hub of ApiNZ and we extend from Southern Marlborough to Northern Otago, Canterbury, Westland and Chatham Island.
  12. It is good to hear that "healthy debate" will have no effect on people standing or not. Our Hub is incredibly lucky. Six of the 7 committee are under the age of 50, all different personalities, backgrounds and capabilities. Very rarely do we have a problem getting member speakers or an annual visit to a honey house. Once again, the Westland Field Day, and the Beekeepers' Day Out at Lincoln in May - we don't have problems getting speakers. See the March journal for our Beekeepers' Day Out Programme. We really would love to see beekeepers from other areas at this event.
  13. The sad reality is, that all this bickering will put people off standing for the board
  14. Before we all get inundated with a heap of theorist postings on questions and comments as to when and how the restructure of the board would take place, let's hear the answer from ApiNZ and whether there is guidance in the Commodities Levy Act. I cannot understand why people are already complaining about the new board. My understanding is, that under the Act any levy payer can stand for the commercial seats. If you want a specific sized beekeeping operation or ideology on the board, then you stand for board, or you find a candidate that fits your prescription.
  15. Hi Frederick - It's a great opportunity if good commercial beekeepers stand for election, grabbing the opportunity of the democratic process. Without me trawling through a heap of posts, I calculate on my abacus that you are prob aged approx. 65 with about 40 yrs commercial experience. Ideal - You can stand for the board. My understanding that if the Levy goes thru, is that the election under this new scheme for the new board makeup will be mid 2020. I think the fact that the board dynamics in commercial numbers are to change, does allude to the fact that ApiNZ have taken note.
  16. Bushy - I am not knocking anyone that is older, and I am certainly not knocking family businesses. Those businesses have survived generations because they have had succession plans. Collective knowledge, can be power, but an industry body needs infrastructure and succession to work and survive.
  17. Any industry or company to survive also needs an experienced enthusiastic diversely skilled younger generation coming up through the ranks. The thought of a NO vote, and an industry being run by people, who should perhaps be retiring gracefully, that rely very much on huge volunteer hours is incredibly scary for all involved. The longer this debate goes on, highlights the fact that some of the people wanting to run our industry just don't have access to the infrastructure required to run a modern peak body.
  18. whoops - as I said before I am a beekeeper. The website should read https:www.apinzcanterbury.org.nz/index/php As I explained before, if it comes out in italics that is life.
  19. I am a beekeeper not a computer or admin whizz. I attach some Canty & Westland Hub activities. If you have any queries instead of questioning me, you can contact our website administrator, or if you wish to register for an event please login into the website. Only official photography for The New Zealand Beekeeper journal or our Hub website. Bee there or bee flamin' square. We welcome, all who register with a name! CANTERBURY HUB EVENTS FEBRUARY TO MAY 2019 https://www.apinzcantebury.org.nz/index/php ALL WELCOME – BUT RESERVATIONS ESSENTIAL, AS NOTED BELO
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