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  1. I do agree. But that was the case, unfortunately in another era, when employers and employees had loyalty to each other. People found a good employer and they stuck with them. And when, many in this industry worked the off season in the northern hemisphere
  2. Note: To above post. Level 4 is regarded by the government as entry level into an industry occupation
  3. I have no idea how ApiNZ apprenticeship differs from Comvita. But I do note that Comvita have a seat on the ApiNZ Education Focus Group, who are advocating apprenticeship programmes. I guess if you are on a committe, it doesn't always mean that you agree with what the committee is about. The Chair of the ApiNZ Focus Group is a sugar saleman. It would be really interesting to here his take on why Comvita who are on his focus group, as to why Comvita are by the looks of it are running a different programme. Or is Comvita running an ApiNZ apprenticeship programme?
  4. Maybe it's because they aren't b....... artists. As my granny used to say "those that make the most noise, generally have the emptiest barrel"
  5. Couldn't place an emoji on the above, as can only put one per post! Your hives do sound good
  6. Yer lucky getting drizzle. We haven't had much rain lately, but plenty of incredibly strong cold winds. Horrible to work in. Kale, blackcurrants and dandelion flowering now. Things have stepped up a notch, thank goodness
  7. Agree overall with this statement. But if non manuka producers have got the wolf at the back door, commerciall outfits will get into pollen collection also. Maybe it's going to require another question or two added to the Colony Loss Survey
  8. If you have a mouseguard or reduced entrance, remove these to create extra ventilation. From the photo you have supplied the entrance looks quite narrow. If you are in urban Auckland on pollen & nectar, add a queen excluder and honey super - this will create space for the colony, plus ventilation
  9. 18 months ago I attended a talk from DOC managers whom are based in Hamilton and who allocate the beekeeping concessions. Some of the major deliberations with beekeeping allocation include consideration of negative environmental impact.
  10. What honey varietal R ya using? Please don't say cooking honey out of the wax melter! If yer pic is impressive, I might give recipe a whirl. But of course I would have to use a varietal appropriate to my area! Ha ha! Have got my mum's 1960's crushed biscuit balls recipe, which I really love made with 2019 blackcurrant honey. Amazing how different varietals, can influence different recipes/products
  11. And of course you need emerging brood & nurse bees
  12. My blue anemones have black pollen. My white anemones have green/brown pollen, but the neighbours white anemones have black pollen! I did wonder about black anemone pollen in that photo of ChCh Paul's, but it would have to be a really big patch, maybe it's in a horticulture area of cut flower crop
  13. Looks like there's quite a bit coming in this colour. I had hoped someone might come in with their opinion as to what it was. Paul, it might be a good idea to give a bit of a geographic idea as where the hive is, and any other details that might help identify this pollen
  14. Out of curiousity Bighands, do you mean the black bush bees? I went to the Coast quite a few years ago for a few weeks and did all the requeening for an operation, and I must say I found those black bees incredibly aggressive, and the guy was on a mission to get rid of that aggression. One time I had a site over on Banks Peninsual, and I couldn't cull out the stroppy black strain quick enough. Are we both referring to the same type of bee? Or the same bee which you appear to like?
  15. Farms are not run down. They a slick businesses. We don't want all the fences replaced. Those farmers still into cropping requiring bess, consciously keep the outer boundaries in gorse to aid high grade protein pollen for honey bees, that they require for pollination purposes/contracts. And they use local council grants to plant natives along waterways. The area from the Selwyn to Rangitata Rivers is still one of the world's biggest production seed cropping areas with clover, brassicas, carrots, and specialist seeds. But diarying, removal of shelter belts for irrigators, wind pollinated c
  16. Yummy yummy. I am not a sweet tooth!
  17. Sounds like robbing. What has happened to make them rob? Have you been feeding syrup? Have you been using your smoker properly
  18. On cropping and horticulture, it's not so much the overcrowding. Sometimes the pollination hives have to be moved out on specific dates. Others may be permanent sites, with the beekeeper getting a crop of clover later on. The temperatures here each summer seem to rise/ The last two seasons, nothing for it to be 38 degrees. Also we are seeing more grains grown. Useless for bees. The hotter it is the better the crop, and last year a world record crop was produced in this area. So no doubt we will see more grains. Also seeing more maize. Which because
  19. In mid Canty it is not unsual to not get a honey crop. If guys get a honey crop on pollination crops, they are lucky. We are also going more and more into drough conditions in summer. Many did not get a clover crop last season.
  20. Around here, we see them on the maize, and I think that is because the maize pollen whilst low nutritional value is sticky. I have also seen bees in the Mackenzie basin absolutely smother macrocarpra in August, and that is is most likely because nothing else is flowering. I do realise that bees would be pretty desparate to work Pinus, and that out of pure interest is why I have made this query.
  21. Hi Trevor - There are parts of NZ where beekeepers don't get a honey crop.
  22. That should prob read - do you get a honey crop in the Ashurst area? Excuse my ignorance re Ashurst.
  23. R U in the midst of a forestry or dairying area? I have never been to Ashurst and am totally unfamiliar with that neck of the woods. . The wind borne pollens are light, dry & not nutritious, and my understanding was that if they were found on honey analysis that this pollen is so light it would have been borne by the wind into the hive entrance. Do you get a honey crop?
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