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  1. If the money can be retrieved so be it. But the important thing is to get rid of the hives. If this requires following the processes of abandonment, then that's the legal process. IMHO grass roots beekeepers, whether hobbyists or commercials who make their living from hives, both pay their hive levies as a form of insurance. These beekeepers (levy payers) who at the end of the day are the customer also expect neutral, friendly, informative, efficient, effective, economic and experienced administration & surveillance. Quite rightly, they expect bang for their buck aiding the
  2. In this day and age everyone, unless they are six foot under, is contactable. I am sure there are laws to be followed with procedures and timeframes re abandoned property.
  3. You have just described many beekeepers home bases!
  4. At Grass Routes Mainland we deal with things in a different way - and practically, economically and hands on. And we luv dealin' with things like this. It's called economic survival.
  5. Thanks for the referral Trev. At the moment can't supply, due to caging orders last week, not to mention the strong winds the last fortnight.
  6. To avoid diverse intrepretations, surely NZ Post have protocol manuals and staff training sessions. My understanding from government announcements latetly, that the primary sector is driving the economy. Therefore, why can't beekeepers who appear on the MPI list of registered honey exporters not be able to sell to people wishing to send honey overseas via the post? Beekeepers on this list are all trying to get maximum value for their products. And why can't customers of beekeepers whose products are extracted/processed/packed under compliance not also send. Post
  7. Sending honey from NZ | MPI | NZ Government WWW.MPI.GOVT.NZ <p>Honey is an animal product, and only registered exporters can send animal products out of New Zealand even if it’s a gift or for personal use.</p> It would appear that if you are a registered exporter on this list, your customers can send your product overseas. But then again, my interpretation may be incorrect, or by the time I finish typing this the law may have changed again.
  8. I know of a relatively young beekeeper who was injected with adrenaline, and unbeknownst to the beekeper they not only had high blood pressure but a blocked artery. This could have been fatal for the beekeeper, but this episode not only induced another medical problem, but diagnosis by emergency services found another potentially fatal condition. This person not only survived, but beekeeps still today.
  9. ??? Is it called that because of the soil, or is it an area
  10. If employers, beekeepers, clubs etc are all going to race out and purchase an epipen, bear in mind that adrenaline can have fatal implications if the recipient has a history of high blood pressure. So, if people are going to put pressure on employers to carry epipens, then perhaps there should be regular blood pressure checks! Otherwise, the outcome could be just as devastating as an anaphylactic reaction.
  11. ???Young travelers. We don't have any and we are absolutely loving it. The Selwyn District Council riverbed camping grounds are the nearest to ChCh airport, and it is great just to see NZers using them (for once, without heaps of dunny paper deposited with excrement by young travellers on riverbanks). The refuse on the side of roads (mattreses, cooking gear, china, 2 minute noodle packs) previously ditched between Leeston and ChCh Airport, prior to returning the rental van tidy and clean, is no longer evident. One less expense for ratepayers to fork out, and a wonderful opportunity for our
  12. Anaphylaxis due to Voltaren tablets. The chopper had to be called for an airlift. I can't understand why you can buy Voltaren over the counter. I have heard of all sorts of nasty side effects over the years. Yet there seems to be some impetus to make paracetamol, a much safer drug, prescription only.
  13. Heard of one instance the other week - Ingesting Voltaren anti inflammatory tablets
  14. I wonder if that "well known AP2" could tell a few stories about other well known AP2s
  15. Thank you for your faith. However, I think there is something wrong with the temp gauge. I think 10 degrees is a grossly inflated figure. Now it's sleeting. Will definitely need a large shot of top quality Leeston mead later this arvo
  16. Dear Diary - With the wind chill factor, it's been zero most of the a.m. in Leeston. With wind chill factor it's just gone into double digits. Now psyching myself to go to the grafting yard
  17. Don't want any weeing. When they go onto a flow, these cups I think will cease. Inspected hives in the Lincoln area a few days ago and could definitely smell the clover flow; although this is earlier than other years. Bees happy in grafting yard today, despite massive winds & not much jelly, & I thought with the noise the roof was going to be ripped off the grafting shed. One of the most difficult grafts in 20 years. Will be interesting to see acceptance tomorrow. When I lifted the queen of the frame to be grafted, gusts blew queen away out of my fingers. Fortunatel
  18. Interesting. I will give these a whirl for AFB inspections; but using latex as the inner layer
  19. No Covid Business Advisory Funding from your district council for such things? Beautiful weather here in Ellesmere today. Spent the afternoon undertaking COI's. Saw some really nice stock.
  20. Great photos Nikki; particularly if you have a business website. Totally different from other beekeeper website scenic shots
  21. With regard to your comments, so we can all keep things in perspective; out of interest Boot, who do you work for or contract to?
  22. I have at times used a very long handled swimming pool net - readily available at large hardware stores. Ideal when standing on the back of a ute or truck deck.
  23. R U allowed to use them as bait for trout in the South Waikato? Of course when I smoke the trout I would use manuka chips (this last statement is an attempt to stay in the thread - haha!). Looks like there could be a bit of manuka chip available if I were to catch a trout
  24. When it happens, it can happen without forewarning. I have seen job advertisements for beekeepers stating a condition of employment is not to have an allergy to bee venom. I wonder about that, because it is often not a known pre existing condition, and can the employer cover thereselves from a H&S aspect if anaphylaxis suddenly happens out of the blue; if it is a term of employment?
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