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  1. Do you think you need to think about a patent before lending it out for trial? I think perhaps you need to get some good advice on this.
  2. If it works beekeepers will definitely buy it. With regards to hobbyists, same applies, they will buy it banding together, or maybe a club will purchase one to rent out to members. If I were you, I would take up James Corson's offer to trial it - freight it down to him - that's a sizeable operation. Then perhaps ChCh Paul can trial it. He's a smaller operator, so you would have two at both ends of the commercial semi/commercial spectrum. Get them to trial it, and if they think it's successful contact the Apiarist's Advocate for editorial interview & advert. Maybe contact the committee of a Club such as the Auckland Beekeepers Club. They have a huge amount of members Auckland Beekeepers Club AUCKLANDBEEKEEPERSCLUB.ORG.NZ Auckland Beekeepers Club
  3. Seriously? And I guess sniffer dogs can't delineate between stolen or kosher stuff. If your vehicle is there, it's probably not the only hot one.
  4. Hi Nikki - I sent your thread through to Karin Kos. KK has emailed me - Her NZ Police contact is onto it now - he can't promise anything, but can put some pressure on.
  5. Nikki - R U a member of ApiNZ? A couple of years ago they set up a liaison with NZ Police for stolen hives. Maybe they could contact their Police connection Maybe Dennis Crowley would know who to contact. Instead of you contacting head office.
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  7. I don't think I have discussed any prices. I am well aware it is not fantastic, but if you are dealing in large volumes of honey - drum, plus GST, plus freight is a very big difference. Also if you are in a position to ride this dreadful industry scenario out, covering costs is a major in keeping your head above water.
  8. Does this include GST, the drum & freight?
  9. until

    Hello Yesbut - Interesting comment. Is there something happening I should know about? This weekend to & fro to Whangarei with Air NZ was absolutely farcical & incredibly stressful. When I arrived I felt like doing a Pope act to kiss the ground, because I started to think I would never get there. I have got some healthy credits with Air NZ, but I will not be booking anymore until they get their act together. I cannot deal with the timetable changes on a daily basis. They have so many timetable changes it is impossible to plan your life. I am grateful that living in the South Island, I don't have family north of Auckland, cos I would never see them, it would be too much drama to attempt to do so. I cannot waste my life away dealing with all their timetable changes, changes of routes, cancellations of routes, phenomenal transit times in Auckland.
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    Good looking a.m. in Whangarei. Yesterday people were complaining it was cold at 14 degrees. Had to laugh, Thursday was minus 1 with wind at home until midday. Back home tonight. If anyone wants to phone me and rock up by 9.30 a.m. today they can. See contact details & venue in the first post of this thread. Bring cash or evidence that you have done the bank transfer payment. Cheers. Maggie
  12. The mayor of Tauranga tv a few weeks ago saying that the CBD is dying because of Covid & hinting about some govt intervention. To me the reality is that the CBD died sometime ago. My understanding is locals refused to pay high parking fees and small shops started moving out. Then Farmers moved out to a suburb, and the shops that were left either followed or shut down. I like the Mount for shopping & I like the boardwalk. Have they reopened the Mt walk yet? The hot pool at Fernland is just one pool, v clean, surrounded by bush & has camping ground, and they give pensioner discount.
  13. until

    Please see my Letter to the Editor, page 19 in the latest Apiarist's Advocate https://media.wix.com/ugd/0f980a_0911ff0f408a4e2ba6a040d7255974f4.pdf
  14. Hmm. I would have to buy some black hair dye. Or is there some eco friendly option, apart from shaving all my hair for this? Perhaps I will just stick to wearing a black hat.
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