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  1. Nothing ever changed when we used to work as a surveillance team. Once on Banks Peninsula we had to climb 300 m from a farm track, up a mountain to inspect a beehive. I thought I was going to have to administer CPR. Lots of laughs though. And once a week, in our own time, we would stop at a really flash outfit for a cup of expensive coffee (we had to sit outdoors in the smoking area of course). Me in a suit, and he in whatever rig was being worn that day. Met some incredibly bizarre people, but some extremely interesting, and unlike some inspectors no commercial guy ever refused us to inspect their hives. We used to do some really big contracts for The Rope because we always fulfilled them, he had the least complaints in NZ about us as inspectors, and we never rang him up blowing our fuse. James - As well as an apiary ID, every DECA holder (unless things have changed) had a sequential number. Guess who DECA No1 in NZ is? it's not me.
  2. Leeston got 9.5 mm rain over night. 10 degrees this a.m. Amazing how green has appeared in the lawn since late yesterday p.m.
  3. A horrible thorny climbing plant that snags clothing and skin. Does sound like some humans. Crikey, I'm getting lots of cups of coffee from someone. Not only do some read far too much into comments, they interpret them totally incorrectly
  4. Over the years, I have noticed certain occupations are attracted to beekeeping, whether that be as commercial or hobbyist, and engineers are one of them. I think it is because this occupation is very analytical with mathematical skills.
  5. That sounds like incredibly heavy work Hector. A long time ago my granddaddy was a potato grower, and in those days we had to hand sow the tops of the sacks. He used to fill a whole railway wagon, which would arrive at Studholme Junction Station, South Canterbury, and he would load it, and then the train it was scheduled for would come along and pick it up.
  6. Yeeha 13 degrees in Leeston. Heavy drizzle just commenced; may it last all night
  7. Will the deal include a patented sewing machine?
  8. Meanwhile.... 3 days later..... DITTO!!!!!
  9. They would of been made in the day before NZers were the most obese population on the planet. Maybe seat belt length has changed to encompass the issue!
  10. Those straps are wonderful. Great for girl power when shifting hives. I got mine from a mid Canty beekeeper. I will send you a text, cos I saw some just lying around at an outfit last year.
  11. Do you use a sewing machine or other stitching? One photo would have sufficed
  12. Hi Kaihoka - Check out the last week of the Oxalic and Glycerine thread
  13. Does NZ have a Poet Laureate? R they plastic frameless excluders you are using? How do you find them?
  14. Tomorrow 6.30 a.m two cups of decent coffee. And some leftovers from tonight's tea - 2 x home grown courgette patties, with parmesan cheese, bacon, homegrown shallot etc, covered with homemade homegrown tomato salsa I am a foodie. Doesn't have to be expensive tucker, just good quality. Which reminds me, thanks Dennis, need to take some home kill out of the freezer right now for tomorrow night.
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