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  1. I see there is some outfit in ChCh that has just garnered a contract for a phenomenal amount of ICU beds.
  2. All just a thought. We have absolutely no idea, really of how things could turn out, and in the event I have to go to the shops that's most likely what I will be doing. If shop staff have to wear masks, gloves etc, then that's what I will be doing. I am certainly not sterile in the home environment, by the time I garden, work in sheds, cycle, go do bees by myself etc.
  3. If they have been wearing those overalls all day, they run the risk of infecting other customers. Wearing the cotton overalls is not a silly idea, cos when you get home they can go in the washing machine on a long hot wash. Although if I absolutely utterly need to rock up to the supermarket or pharmacy during level 4, I will be wearing clean ones. Would have to read up on the most protective way to remove things from the shelf etc, how to get kitted up, and how to take the gear off. I think I will take a large snap lock plastic bag (like the ones for sticky boards), that the items can be scanned in. Have no mask, but I have found a linen runner for the sideboard, and that will cover my hair, as well as nose and mouth, and being linen it will also take a hot wash.
  4. Queens will fail if mating conditions are not optimal. This spring for me saw some of the poorest matings ever, and a lot of virgins and supposedly well mated queens were hit on the head.
  5. I have not been able to buy these either. For me the mask isn't an issue. I think I will ring the landowner, and tell him I will open the gate with my beekeeping glove. Although I did buy disposable gloves at the supermarket a few weeks ago. I managed to get a large bottle of dettol which the Ministry of Health recommend as a hand sanitiser and also a cheap alternative. I have put some of that in a an old spray bottle that I am recycling from my spectacle cleaner. When I bought my groceries at 8.30 a.m. today we were told next time we came we would need a mask or a scarf around the mouth. I stocked up on lightweight scarves for $1 at the op shop recently so I would have some available.
  6. I have just received this from an industry contact. I am just going to use a clipboard in the vehicle. But the attached Tegal documentation will give you an idea of what you have to record if you have less than five staff. Registration is mandatory for businesses operating with 5 or more staff only. If you have less than 5 staff, you don’t need to register, but you need a simple single page document/plan spelling out what your business is doing to protect your staff, contractors, customers etc – see below. PLAN to cover (less than 5 staff), for example – Travelling to work – 1 person per vehicle or if 2 people maximum – face masks and gloves worn (might look stupid but this is safe practise) Registration system to record who, when, time in & out for all people who are not staff – I have attached an example from Tegel Foods for safe farm practise, it is a word document so you can amend to suit. At work and out in the field face mask (nose & mouth) on, gloves worn at all times if there is more than 1 person 2 metre separation between staff and any other person you are in contact with to apply where practical. Sanitiser available for hands and other items you touch during your work day – for example gate locks and latches etc - gloves will help minimise the risk DRAFT - Visitors Register and Biosecurity Declaration Form - Livestock.doc
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  9. I would imagine that one of the problems in sending queens to Canada, would be to get NZ and Canadian weather in sync (not sure of correct spelling here). But if Canadian spring is cold or late, that could be quite stressful for a NZ queen supplier.
  10. Perhaps the woman on TV the other night complaining about how difficult it will be to live on rice and porridge could be supplied with a packet of microgreens. I could grow some microgreens in my varroa alcohol wash jar. Nippi around the pippi today!
  12. I have seen it when they throw out the old queen, after the young un has returned back mated. Human breath definitely disrupts bees, particularly after a salmon sandwich!
  13. It may well be that some consumers are getting tired of paying big prices for manuka, and that could be a big issue for many. However, if you are a good worker with a good employment record I am sure there will employment, although you may find like some beekeepers with businesses they are diversifying temporarily back to previous skills, trades etc. whilst maintaining their bees. The current recession in the industry is separate from the covid issue. It is anyone's guess as to when the current recession will end, but when it does there are going to be major shortages in the beekeeping industry and skilled staff will be one of them.
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