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  1. Climate has a huge impact on floral sources
  2. r they near the us border Sorry folks - I not an official into triplicate. I have lost the wifi mouse! r your friends near the Alaskan border?
  3. Don't they understand that bees can fly across the border!
  4. To me most of these climate changing ideas are also about saving $ - grow your own fruit & veges, make your own compost, I don't use the expensive Selwyn District Council rubbish and organic bins cos it would cost me an extra $500 p.a. - once a fortnight we put out a $2.50 rubbish bag, have hunter gatherer friends and family which enables just buying meat on special, buy as little processed food as possible (reading the ingredient label on mayonnaise is enough to put you off for life), this year for Christmas I got a heap of home bake and home made goodies all usable and yummy, got the cheapest power option and think about when I use electricity, the hot water cylinder has an overcoat, a north facing house with double glazing and oh la la the best thing since sliced bread if you have a wooden floor is under floor insulation - unbelievable change, use honey in cooking, have a glass of wine wherever possible - watching The Chase or socialising with friends. So, maybe I am doing my best to save the planet. … buy good quality items that will last. Don't give a stuff about what the latest décor or furniture, is or having the latest clothes! Seriously folks, I am just doing what previous generations have done.
  5. Thank you Trevor. Apology much appreciated. I must admit in this day and age, quite simply there are some words disappearing out of our every vocabulary e.g. Sorry, thank you, much appreciated
  6. Hi Trevor - I have never stated that everyone who does not agree with me on climate change is an idiot. . I think it is good to have discussion on different viewpoints
  7. I doubt that my contribution to the world is going to delay global warming. All I can do is not pollute the environment, use only necessary manufactured chemicals and be self sufficient. There is obviously going to be a food shortage, and of course governments are going to be wanting us to grow our own veges and plant trees, but what really annoys me is that in the Selwyn District Council are we pay megabucks for our rates, and in the last year they have hit us with an additional water tax. I think one of the questions everyone has to ask themselves is, how do individuals adapt. i.e. there is already flooding in low lying areas and we will have areas where you cannot insure, and if you cannot insure, you can't get a mortgage, therefore we will start to see more existing communities disappear. Also we will be growing different crops in each area, and this will affect bee forage, and honey varietals offered. A number of years ago I heard a retired scientist in Ireland deliver a talk, and she discussed us all growing crops on our rooves, and local bodies utilising public spaces and yes them growing bee forage where they could, also she predicted a rise in dews being produced by the honey bee. And voila - we now have giant willow aphid dew!
  8. I have managed to get a copy of the Silence of the Bees..... It might be damaged cos I can't get the picture on it, but definitely get the voicing. It states that in 2006 US bee numbers had fallen so low, that for the first time in 80 years bees had to be imported from abroad, and the US govt looked to Australia which is now a lucrative business for Australian beekeepers supplying hives to the US. This CD also states that the demise of pollinators is a bigger threat to the world than that of climate change! This CD has been playing 40 minutes, and quite simply I need to go and hit the deck, and it's just getting onto beekeeping in China and royal jelly production, and the disappearance of bees in southern China in the pear growing areas, where since the 1980s little old ladies climb big wooden ladders and individually hand pollinate flowers
  9. I have just realised I misread Ted's post. I thought he was talking about the Netherlands! Ha ha ha!
  10. They certainly have an issue with a lot of low lying land, and they aren't the only country to have this prob
  11. I think the people that came on in the boom could face trouble, particularly if they have major debt. Those prior to the boom have had a chance to diversify. Varroa was an example of forcing beekeepers to diversity to create alternative income and cut costs, and some of these people who diversified within the industry then will be fine, as those who have a mortgage free roof over their heads. Maybe we will see, once again, boutique honeys appearing e.g. a friend has a really good crop of fuchsia! These boutique honeys seemed to have disappeared over the last few years.
  12. Is the dramatic sky a nor' wester?
  13. Hi Goran - Good photography, always interesting to see how other people set up. What is the reason for the hives on quite raised legs? Cheers. Maggie
  14. Hi Gino - I am onto it. Many years ago I used to write all sorts of stuff down for future reference. There was a CD, I think distributed by the NBA, at the time and the video was about CCD. I have had a look at my notes - "Silence of the Bees & Australian Honey Imports. An Overview". David Boldt. It was definitely about almond pollination. Hope this helps. Cheers. Maggie Anybody that this helps - they owe me a bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc! Or preferably a ticket to my wonderful queen cell production PowerPoint tutorials; which quite a few people of write on this forum attended! I have a couple of unusual venues planned for my tuts next winter! O La La I guarantee you, that you will learn something. You only need to learn one thing to pay for the tut fee!
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