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  1. On dear - @Otto I am missing the disappeard edit button function !
  2. Thanks Otta - Not being rude, but will study this, along with fuschia pollen tomorrow a.m.
  3. I think in some parts of the country this is a very pertinent comment. In Canterbury we get important pollen & nectar flows Sept & Oct, important for brood rearing & build up, then we go into a dearth early November. That's when many novices in rural areas lose hives. As a rule, hives here are not self suffcient until late November. Last year it was later, due to our horrenodus spring weather - mid December.
  4. Thanks Phil - Where R U? Having a bit of difficulty with the locations being wiped? Cheers Maggie
  5. I have heard the term Blue Socks before. Is it an incidental gathering? It looks like it is on their legs. Or is it because they can't pack it in the sacs? Fab brood pattern!
  6. You are lucky to have a broomstick. Here right now it would get snaped in half. I can't even stand up in an apiary - have converted my broomstick to hiking poles! Home now!
  7. Don't know about others, but I liked immediately seeing where someone was from. It sometimes makes a difference in interpreting regional comments; particularly about hive health, weather, and sometimes practises specific to an area. I went into someone's profile yesterday, and it didn't have the area, which was a bit of a nuisance. And of course, we don't always have time to go into someone's profile or make a post asking them where they are from. Thanks for your answer. Need to fly now before the weather changes.
  8. yuk! So we will get the wind chill factor. Winds v strong here today, 15 mm rain forecast late afternoon
  9. That's the result of a good experienced beekeeper attending one of my queen cell tuts!
  10. Just wait until 19-21 Sept (spring equinox)! In the last two decades, I remember only one equinox when it wasn't strong winds
  11. Gotta use the method that's right for us. Good to hear that you picked up tips. It's great when punters say that.
  12. We don't have barberry in this neck of the woods. I have seen it in parts of Otago, but not in flower. Definitely seen it lots in the Nth Is, but not in flower. I have just had a look at your profile to see where you are. Is it my imagination, or did that info used to be just below our moniker?
  13. Know what a barberry leaf looks like. Have wondered what a flower looks like! Good photo
  14. Does that mean instead of one million hives in NZ, there is 1.333 million hives
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