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  1. Good to see amicable discussion. Hopefully this is how the industry will solve some of the issues we are experiencing.
  2. We have intense surveillance programmes - AFB PMS & exotic. If beekeepers were understating their hive numbers, shouldn't this misrepresentation be shown up by AP2s comments? If hive numbers consistently were understated and not matching surveillance forms as noted by AP2s, then surely these beekeepers would be targeted for audity. In the past I have undertaken huge amounts of surveillance and I have never come across any commercial outfit understating their hives more than the occasional one hive, in the occasional apiary. And when I inspected commercial outfits, there were always a number of apiaries in their outfit.
  3. Then there is the scenario, a quota doesn't have an allowance for losses. A lot of oufits know what their per centage of hive losses will be, and carry top splits or nucs over winter. What happens if things are rosy with no hive or nuc losses. Come spring, the outfit could well be over their quota. Who on earth is going to police all this? No doubt the cost would be passed onto the beekeeper.
  4. Thank goodness this council has had the sense to have discussion and consult the beekeeping industry, and hopefully they will take note of what many beekeepers think, and everyone that has posted here seems to be of the same opinion. Because whatever the outcome of this discussion could well set the precedent for every other council in NZ.
  5. I agree Matt. The wood burned is dry. Then there are things that you don't need a chainsaw to cut - pine cones, old wooden bee frames, kindling, dry rot in old honey supers
  6. Not a fireplace, a log burner. (can't get my beekeeping skills around out this tabulation thing)
  7. Oh - I forgot - Six years ago a 150 year old flood. I was the only person in a row of six that did not get their house flooded, cos I was 3 mm higher than the neighbours. No power then, and definitely no dunny.
  8. The gun buy back is outrageous. It is pandering to illegal trade. Log burners - well there is no way they can do away with them here. We haven't had snow for a couple of years, but when we do we have power cuts for a day or so. 10 km away from me, one time, people were without power for three weeks! A heat pump does not cut the mustard in minus 6, and this is only a mid canty frost I am referring to.
  9. We have power cuts already and often. What's going to happen when everyone has an electric car to charge!
  10. Sounds like a nice winter job. Nothing like a bit of spider's strong silk. In these hard times, can this be incorporated with a bee product into an alternative product? Hope there were no white tails lurking.
  11. The fine, with no ban whatsoever, is outrageously small. This will not only hurt our honey export industry, but all of our food exports.
  12. Thank you Phil. The course is aimed at long term commercial beekeepers or long term hobbyists. On the whole the hobbyists attending are very long term or intergenerational Maggie April 201915534 - Tau Altertn.pdf
  13. Hi Beekeepers I have had a number of phone calls from outfits wanting to know if I was beekeeping pre varroa and am I still beekeeping now. Yes, I was Prevarroa and yes post varroa I have retained my loyal and good paying customers. I understand that the logistics pre and post varroa, and pre the manuka boom (2007) are totally different. If anyone needs a commercial referee I am only too happy to supply names. Up until a few years ago I also undertook South Island exotic honey bee surveillance. I had the biggest contracts in the Sth Is. Tony Roper AQ Api Officer, was initially situated in the Sth Is. I am sure that Tony will verify that I know my stock and what I am talking about. Also in the latter years when I worked for Tony, whilst he was in Tauranga, I had the biggest surveillance contacts in the Sth Is. My sub contractor was Barry Sheehan (previously director Airborne Honey beekeeping operation and owner/operator Sheehan Apiaries (beehive owners. operator extraction & packing plant). I am sure that both these men will tell you that I never had arguments with owners of hives I was surveying, I was always non judgmental, and if there was an issue I always supplied my solution to the issue, and whatever the official answer I always honored the official decision. I always honored my contracts on time; whether on contract surveillance or queen cell production. As I said, I am only too happy for people to contact referees, or take me on face value that I not only can I talk the talk, but I can do the talk.. Unfortunately due to the availability of rental halls in the Tauranga area, I am unable to obtain a venue for Sunday 4 August. However, I have a booking at the Welcome Bay Community Hall, Saturday 3 August. This is a very nice warm, sunny venue, with ample parking, and tea making facilities, and dairy handy. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and if necessary I am happy to field your enquiries. Cheers Maggie
  14. until
    QUEEN CELL PRODUCTION POWERPOINT TUTORIAL FOR PRODUCING LARGE NUMBERS OF QUALITY QUEEN CELLS One-off tutorial for commercial beekeepers & long-term experienced hobbyists. Covering colony selection, feeding & colony stimulation, natural pollen sources, royal jelly, setting up a grafting yard, starter & finisher hives, hive manipulations, cell bars & frames & essential accessories, grafting, breeder stock selection, setting up a polystyrene mini mating nuc, setting up & running mini nuc mating yard & banking queens, portable queen cell carrier, non-portable incubator, basic bee biology, & little tips. Tutorial delivered in simple English, using over 250 slides, plus handout. 9.30 a.m. to approx. 2.45 p.m. with good reviews and feedback. $190 pp. Break for lunch. Please bring your own refreshments & food for the day. Saturday 3 August: Welcome Bay Community Centre, 242 Welcome Bay Road, Tauranga 3112 Pre-registration & payment required on confirmation, internet banking & cheques must be cleared prior. Bookings close five days prior to tutorial or when maximum numbers reached. GST receipt secures your place. No photography. Note taking welcome FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE THE TWO ATTACHMENTS BELOW. FOR REGISTRATION OR OTHER QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT MAGGIE. Ph (03) 324 4482 or mjqueenb@xtra.co.nz ABC Editorial.pdf 132.62 kB · 0 downloads Maggie April 201915534 - Tau Altertn.pdf
  15. Do you belong to a hobbyist bee club? If so, get one of their senior members to inspect the hives and advise you. Hobbyist clubs often have knowledgeable members with years of experience. Also you might be able to "buddy up" with a member on the same level as yourself, and the two of you can grow your knowledge together. Personally, I would not recommend any amalgamation of hives until you ascertain what the issue is. You should always know, or get someone in who is in the know, why your hive is struggling, and if it dies what it died of.
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