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  1. Competition and undercutting will be a major issue for seed crop pollination
  2. An example of diversifying and utilising skill sets?
  3. Will that been $1700 for the first application, then $1700 for the next application later in the year
  4. Wherever that photo has been taken, it's obviously been a bit nippy that Hallowene
  5. Stick the frames in the freezer for 48 hours. Will kill wax moth eggs. If you have massive quantities of frames, fill a container and use C02.
  6. Different climes, different floral sources, different time frames
  7. Is that a bowel motion! Maybe the loco motion?
  8. I was thinking more K Road myself. And yes I have done my first graft, before this weather set in for the next few days.
  9. Interesting. And here's me thinking I know what an old queen looks like whether it's on a street corner or in a bee colony
  10. You might find that the grower won't want you treating with non organic mite controls whilst hives are on an organic site i.e. you might have to remove hives for treatments, if this is not part of your regimen
  11. Is this whole property covered by organic status? If not, and no house on the non organic part, put the hives there if terrain etc suitable
  12. I agree, anaphylaxis is frightening. Mine was a sudden attack. I underwent the desensitisation programme for a number of years, ceasing approx. four years ago. I am very careful about all my beekeeping practises. Until you sustain anaphylaxis, you do not realise how many people in the industry have been through a hospital based desensitisation programme. However, the path of staying in the industry is not for everyone. I had bees for a number of years before my anaphylaxis, and it happened a week post flu. The fact I had worked commercially for a number of years without reaction, was a deciding factor for me to continue with bees if possible. If, this had happened on my first or second sting, or in my first year, I would have most likely made the assumption not to pursue beekeeping as a hobby.
  13. How many hives do you inspect in a day in hot weather in Dunsandel on the Canterbury Plains? We need to consider all in this discussion = hobbyists, semi commercial, commercial, scientific community
  14. Yes, a full bee suit is prob a good idea, but if you go wearing heaps of thick clothes under a full suit (veil with hood), with gloves one has to be very wary of dehydration. There is no place for your body to vent. And believe you me dehydration and heat exhaustion, on the Canterbury Plains in Jan/Feb this happens fairly quickly. Been there, done the whole desensitisation programme, and am still here.
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