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  1. Hi Awhina - I don't mean to highjack your thread but this photo is from a friendly gumboot full of bees 24 hours ago. Hurt like blazes last night whilst transforming me into Big Foot's cousin Fat Foot... Did it look a bit like this when your husband swelled up? I'd consider this a large(er) local reaction. Crikey just noticed the stretch marks
  2. Checked on the girls - they're all over three frames and have been collecting plenty nectar/pollen in the week I've had them. They were pretty happy - but couldn't find queenie. Hope she hasn't got herself lost. I'll give them another week and make sure she's laying.
  3. Thanks Plumberman - sounds like time to get my suit on!
  4. Hi all, I captured a swarm and rehoused it on Halloween (hope they're not err.. zom-bees). Any thoughts on how long I should wait before opening it up to check for brood? Is it best to wait for a laying cycle or can I crack into it this weekend without too much worry? Cheers
  5. Hi guys, We found the queen with brood in early May - hoping she's still okay as it has been too cold to open it up for lengthy inspections recently. The 3 frames are on one side of the box - my nephew kindly constructed a frame divider to cut down on unused space - will pop that in (and take varroa strips out) on the first fine weekend. On the positive side, we got up to 14 degrees today and there were quite a few bees out and about exploring their new 'foster' home. I've reduced the entrance to around 7cm - would that be small enough to defend? Again, thanks everyone for sharing your wealth of experience
  6. Thanks guys. Much appreciate for the advice Yup Tudor I've read many many many books on beekeeping, have had a little experience helping with bees, have had long discussions with my nephew - however he tends to combine hives rather than mess about with weak hives. I'm of the opinion that the hive can be saved with a little TLC - so this is a bit of an experiment for both of us. I'll sort a small bee entry and might knock up a lean to around it. See how it goes.
  7. Hi all, I've convinced my semi commercial beekeeping nephew to let me foster one of his weak hives over winter. I'm after some advice about the best way to care for a sad hive over the colder months. Here's the run down - single full depth hive (cert AFB free), ex-Central Otago (brrr) moved to sunny coastal Southland, has three frames of honey, not many bees - in a group they'd be about the size of a small swede (a big turnip for you northerners , there was brood when we opened it up in May. When I opened her back up today a dozen bees came out for have a looky - not aggressive, probably bewildered. So question time: There's a garden centre less than a kilometre from the hive, so plenty of forage over winter. Can I feed sugar syrup at this time of year? Would it be better to wait for them to get through their honey and feed in Spring? I'd like to insulate the hive to keep it warm, would that work? Should I leave the bavrol strips in longer to give the hive the best protection? Thanks in advance
  8. Nah - no hives of my own yet - am saving for the Agribusiness course next year
  9. Gotta love the pun A sting in the tail - news - southland-times | Stuff.co.nz
  10. A followup opinion piece. Interesting stuff indeed! Editorial: Bees In Our Time | Stuff.co.nz
  11. Tough Times Ahead in Southland for Beekeepers | Stuff.co.nz
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