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  1. yes, on sale for $4499 + GST, was $4973 + GST
  2. Cameron from JBees looking happy with new purchase after a long 3 days at Rotorua 2017 ApiConference...!
  3. sorry, we don't have them on our website, please contact us for more details. Product code is 14.9999
  4. Condor can supply 500 litre poly bare tanks 1700 x 1100 x 300 high. We can also supply with a steel skid frame, hose, pump and reel so you could stack hive boxes on top if required.
  5. for pumping sugar syrup you really need to use 25 mm hose so see our reels here Hose reels for 25 mm (1 inch) ID hose
  6. New Sugar Feeders off the production line heading for Whakatane
  7. I cannot do this as it comes up--error-maximum number of links reached! What am I doing wrong. @Grant
  8. Hive world is back up and running with a new owners Rod & Jill Williams. It is now based in Wellington but still providing the same service that Jason was renowned for. They can be contacted on 0800 000770 or sales@hiveworld.co.nz.
  9. Version 2016-11-16


    our latest model includes a retractable reel
  10. Rod Williams submitted a new resource: [plain]Condor sugar syrup tank and pump[/plain] - [plain]our latest model includes a retractable reel[/plain] Read more about this resource...
  11. Hi, see unit online on our website - $3200 + GST [URL="http://www.condorpumps.com/Condor-550-litre-Baffle-Tank-liquid-dispensing-system-with-Honda-pump-and-forklift-friendly-skid"]Condor 550 litre Baffle Tank liquid dispensing system with Honda pump and forklift-friendly skid[/URL] This is a completely New model for us - only 600 mm wide (more rooms for hives!)
  12. Need more room for hives on the ute deck? This new unit from Condor is now ready for feeding out. 550 Litre baffled tank, Honda Pump and 30m hose + Reel 1800 (L) x 600 (W) x 1100 (H)
  13. See you at Rotorua next month. We have some new gear to show off.
  14. Click here to view online [URL='http://www.condorpumps.com/Condor-900-litre-liquid-mixing-and-dispensing-system-Honda-pump-10-m-hose-and-nozzle?sc=15&category=2845632']Condor 900 litre liquid mixing and dispensing system[/URL]
  15. Condor introduces its first ever 900 litre full mixing / dispensing system for sugar syrup. Approached by a company in Whitianga we were asked to design a system for dispensing sugar syrup with a 900 litre capacity that could also fill itself using the same pump mounted on top.
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