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  1. Hi All, We have Premium Liquid sugar 67 brix available for uplift direct from our Satellite tank in Mount Maunganui. We will also now have Premium Invert Liquid sugar available from a satellite tank in Whakatane for those customers that find Whakatane a more convenient pick up location. Please note that both products are our premium product, with the longest tested and proven shelf life and the lowest HMF levels on the market. Minimum uplift volume 500L. Please do not hesitate to contact us on enquiries@msugar.co.nz or on 021 103 6783 . www.apifeed.co.nz www.msugar.co.nz
  2. Hi @frazzledfozzle @john berry - we have been working really hard on a fondant and after quite a few trials, we are pretty happy with it. Would love to send you a sample if you wanted to give it go and see what you think? We also supply 2:1 and 1:1 Liquid sugar and Invert Syrup in all sizes and, subject to volume, can produce any Brix level required from 50 to 67. If you would like a fondant sample, please send me an email with your delivery address jarrod@msugar.co.nz . www.msugar.co.nz www.apifeed.co.nz
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