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  1. Hi Markypoo, Great idea for kids ! I am in Ashburton and use Oxalic Acid or Formic acid ( both accepted as organic treatments in NZ) and have some spare honey (lavender and garden mix ) if you interested. Could drop it off in Timaru on my way South if you interested. Would love to see your project ! Maja
  2. Maja

    NZBF MAQS problems...

    Thanks Dane and Chris, All 7 hives had good supply of pollen .Supers had been taken off before MAQS and hives left with frames of honey in brood boxes plus extra box of super with mixed foundation/honey /drawn frames to add extra ventilation. First Hive -new Q in December -Jumbo Box Second Hive-2 year old Queen , 2 FD boxes strong , good brood pattern , good supply of pollen and honey left in. Chris- how many days after removing MAQS strips do you check for mite numbers ? :confused:
  3. Hi All, I just wanted to share my experience with MAQS and wonder if anyone can shine some light into it ? This is the first time I use MAQS as trying to move away from Bayvarol and thought that sure must be a move in the right direction (e.g not- synthetic and no resistance ) I have only 7 hives, so very limited numbers to draw conclusions on. The strips went in the evening, good ventilation and most of hives had extra super with hardly any honey. Next three days weather was average - half cloudy , no rain , but not hot either. All 7 hives were strong hives with Queens raging from New to 2 years and had good brood pattern and lots of honey stores. Strips were left for 3 weeks . Over next few weeks I kept checking for Queens and brood- in 2 hives Queens disappeared (and hive started to draw their Emergency Cells), 3 were very slow in laying(started 3 weeks after removal of strips), 2 stayed strong . :confused::confused::confused: Thanks!
  4. Maja

    Busy Bees in Winter - YouTube

    Yes-feeding over winter might be the matter of economics as well. For commercials it properly not worth the hassle and labor I read your post about raw sugar feeding. You obviously have been doing it on commercial scale and bees doing well, but I have wondered do bees digest it properly??...:unsure:
  5. Maja

    Busy Bees in Winter - YouTube

    I noticed lots of activities in my hives. Warm weather on/off , but mainly warm. Two (out of4) hives need extra feed as they were Fall split and had new Qs .I do wonder though...more you feed ..Q things is breeding time and produces more eggs. That is all good if there is more pollen to feed the brood which then needs to feed on honey... but if the supply is limited (as it in winter hive)then the whole process is fruitless . Or should I see it as long term- the hive will be strong as it comes to Spring Flow???
  6. Hi All, My new hive (started again after AFB burned out...) has been building beautifully over spring. Plenty of honey capped and uncapped , great solid pattern of brood , capped and uncapped . Lots of eggs. One thing I noticed 4 weeks ago that the amount of pollen was significantly reduced to previous years over the same period . Few days ago I had another pick and noticed more pollen, but it seems to be still not as much as I remember previous years. When would you start to worry about the amount of pollen? Does it change daily? or is it the demand/supply scenario and bees know when and how much they need at the time? and as long as hive is building up one should not be concern?:unsure:
  7. No reason.... I think the filter(mesh) was certain size:lol
  8. Maja

    They don't like the wire

    Hi, I made the same observation today in one of my hives on some frames...rows of empty cells along the wire, but in a few cells there were young larvae 4 days old? . So eventually bees must use those cells.
  9. Sorry...I do not know the details except that it was trialed by one of " Big Boys " . but not sure for how long...
  10. I think (from my short experience) the small cell size has been already tried in NZ and did not produce the results one hoped for...
  11. Maja

    Hive Strength

    Hi John, I am still a newbie...but by the position your Q cups I would say they are either "emergency" ones or "trail "ones...the real new Q cells are usually on the bottom of the frames.
  12. Maja

    AFB found within 300m of our apiary.

    Yep ...I have burnt the whole lot...including the combs from earlier harvest. I figured out it will cost me more stress and uncertainty on the long run.. but I had clinical case in one hive and second one was sitting next to it. I feel for you BEEFREE...it sucks!!!!:crap:
  13. Hi all :bee: More emphasis now days is put on treating only hives that require treatment and cutting down on unnecessary blank treatments. To do that one needs an accurate and efficient monitoring system. What would you recommend for a hobbyist with few hives? ideally I would like a method that disturbs bees the least... Is the Hive Doctor board or mesh boards the way to go?? Any pros and cons from beekeepers which had experience with those methods? Cheers