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  1. Thanks for all the answers. We have heaps of willows in the creek so I suspect that those are the culprits. I don't mind the taste. Will take a sample along to the Beekeeping Club on Saturday. My second hive produced the best honey we've ever had. No crystalization at all.
  2. Two years ago, just after my wife said that she wanted to get bees and I said: "Over my dead body!".
  3. This weekend I harvested a super full of honey, only to realize (after I scraped the frames) that there was some crystalization. Quite a bit in fact. This now stops me from straining the honey in that the sieve blocks immediately. I have tried warming the honey gently (to about 55 degrees) but that does not solve the problem The crystals remain even at that temperature. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Hi Maja, the other day I did harvest some uncapped honey. I kept that in the fridge for the past 3 months and it's still perfect. Could be that it would have been OK outside the fridge as well. I've invested in a refractometer (hope to test this weekend if it arrives.) That way I can be sure that I harvest honey instead of nectar. On the other hand I'll probably leave most of the significantly uncapped frames "for the bees to deal with" as suggested. Harvest time this weekend. The neighbours are already queuing up. Last year we gave so much away that we had to buy in from the supermarket. Th
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'll do some frame juggling over Easter.
  6. My second summer ... and I still go out every weekend morning and have my coffee with the bees. Uli - Auckland
  7. I'd like to get the honey off for the winter but noticed (mid February) that there was still around 50% uncapped honey. Thought I'd give them another month, but my inspection (last weekend - 23rd March) showed very little change. I know that I should not expect the bees to follow my schedule, but can someone tell me whether to harvest or whether I should wait another few weeks. I'm in Auckland and the hives (3) are very busy, all with 2 supers.
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