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  1. Puketapu area? mmmhhhh I better check my hives at home....
  2. they look rather small....I wonder if their size affects the size of the queen and therefore her performance.
  3. Grant: Nope. I found out about it while I was reading Cliff Van Eaton's Manuka book. Thank you for youe help. Yesbut: True but I'm not able to find any other information....
  4. Hello everybody, I downloaded while ago a pdf from the NBA website entitled "Nectar and pollen sources in NZ". Although the book is really interesting for somebody who is approaching newzealander honeys like me I found it quite old (it was pubblished in 1978). I was wondering then if there is a more up to date version with, for example, pictures of the different plants. Or maybe could you suggest a book with more recent data? Furthermore I found out that in 1997 a book entitled "New Zealand Honey Sensory Profiles-Monofloral Varieties" was pubblished. I tried to google it with no r
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