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  1. I dont contribute alot on this forum but this really is a sad state of affairs all this talk of doom and gloom I sold up my business this year due to being sick of Losing sites to bigger companies etc I vividly remember starting out in 2005 when beekeeping was an occupation not many were interested in.$2.80 a kg for clover and bush and $4.00 for manuka it was classed as manuka by taste and whether it gelled in the sample pot over night, mated queens were $20.00 and cells around .50 cents each. To make a living we had to run 400 hives to the bay of plenty for kiwifruit pollination with pretty p
  2. It would appear mpi have finalised the new standard and grex requirements
  3. Not sure on how many litres a min it pumps but itll fill one of my 6 litre top feeders in about 15 seconds and that was with very cold syrup as for turning the nozzle off and leaving it going it didnt seem to build up pressure or make any difference
  4. Cheers Alastair i gave it a whirl out in the field today and yip no problems when you shut the nozzle off even with a few revs I will definately change the inlet pipe to something more heavy duty and replace the main hose to 3/4 as inch is a bit overkill but I'm very happy with it
  5. Hey everyone I completed the pump today and its working very well here are some pics it was very easy to do and I'm looking forward to trying it out in the field
  6. gidday everyone pretty much got it sorted today just a small amount of fine tuning on a couple of things will post some pics up when done cheers for the great advice
  7. gidday evryone I have just purchased a petrol pump for feeding sugar I would like to plumb it into one of my square 1000 litre tanks does anyone on here use a similar setup? and if so how do you have it plumbed up? cheers mike
  8. our hives in the manawatu esp around areas with rewa rewa and cabbage tree have done exceptionally well so far, we already have over 3 full supers of honey on our bush sites the clover flow doesn't appear to have started yet but with this rain and a bit of sun and heat afterwards im sure itll take off good luck everyone with your season
  9. gidday danni we run a commercial operation in the Pohangina valley we have hives up most of the gravel roads in Pohangina
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