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  1. Ok so where did that fabric come from please?
  2. I thought a moderator was supposed to be moderate in all they think, say and do...... he he (stir that pot)
  3. it was in reference to a comment several pages back ......
  4. Can you mainlanders eat weka legally, what dose it taste like?
  5. i like the idea of showing employees a degree of where the money goes, a certain percentage of employed beekeepers will aspire to have their own outfit one day and learning the financials is an important part of running any business. Education of all facets of business within an industry, is in my opinion, a sign of a healthy, sustainable and progressive industry!
  6. Numbers around hives are negligible
  7. commercial bees ie "non native" came in 187? !!!!!!!
  8. do enlighten us @ lovehoney
  9. so here is a small list of some of what i have tried. lids - packing case ply which i think was 17 mm its waterproof, only cost was the nails and i learnt to measure everything twice b4 cutting, ( only made 2 as i'm scarred of my skill saw :{ it doesn't like hitting nails) mats - i make from ply or lino cut offs still using, depends on condensation as too addition of a few holes for ventilation flloors were from packing case wood, the runners were old fencing battens cut down. nuc boxs im about to try is a standard box with a ply insert down middle so two nucs in one box reused ply i'm a girl with only 4th form wood work skills, all of these things were very slow, but if you want to get started they work and look way better with a coat of paint (left overs) utube will give you info and ideas. and it makes you appreciate/ look after the gear you buy later. my dad told me a story of a beekeeper who's hives were kerodin boxes (the 50's) , hives have to be water tight, have legal frames that can be inspected, they don't have to be a fashion statement, its all about the bees! oh and the honey and wee experiments are half the fun :} good luck have a go
  10. computer expert may need to fix this :whistle::whistle::whistle: its very cool
  11. Anand Varna, a photographer for National Geographic, captured the first 21 days in the life of bees, as they develop from eggs to larvae to fully fledged insects. The incredible footage was presented at a TED Talk on 11 May to raise awareness of the dwindling bee population, which is under threat. The Week UK | Facebook
  12. Hi jose would you recommend any caged queen bee rearer that are really quiet /calm, need to requeen
  13. I went up to the Army/doc/Kaimanawa horse trust tour this weekend to see the horses in the Kaimanawas ; (which is basically in several portions of the armies 63 000 ha training zone). The army estimates they are losing 40 ha a year of land back to manuka. Of note at the lunch time chat, the DOC fellow was asked whether beekeepers had access to this area . He said it would be a good revenue "for us", but the access would be an issue! We were at 800 - 11OO m asl, the manuka was healthy, but small /shrubbie. Qu Would bees likely work at that altitude? (Nothing was in flower and coming home over the annie, only sheltered lower altitude manuka is in flower).
  14. @Trevor do you know how long it stays red for on the web site? Ie is it 2 years after afb is found or is it 2 years after afb is arraticated? any ideas?
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