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  1. Yes correct - but only with H3.2 treated timber not H3.1 - and yes its a reaction when in contact with water - Its a disimilar metal issue.
  2. I understood that dispite the controversy - studies show no ground contamination - at least the report I read..
  3. FYI - there are two main types of H3 treated timber . Timber treatment classes H3.1 and H 3.2 3.1 is LOSP treated IE it's an liquid organic solvent treatment process - which dispates in strength over time so is not so good in the wet and will rot sooner the other is H3.2 class which is a CCA treated product ( Copper Chromium and Arsnic) - It a way more durabel product for outdoors but is more toxic - IE resists decay better than H3.1 Not sure that answers your question - but it might help. The best thing is to elevate and allow base boards to dry quickl
  4. Hi Kaihoka "C" - Thanks for that info - carnt wait to get over in the next few weeks to see the spectacular colours again particularly with those wonderfull old trees down your way.
  5. Found the same thing on a hive I was looking after this week - I put it down to the 1st nice warm spring day - but in this case the entry was still set small for winter, and it really wasn't wide enough for the ease of access and activity of lovely spring day ! A Traffic jamb was the result - so why not just hang out and wait for the queue to reduce !
  6. LOL - Its a bit like an Americas Cup race at times - racing to the swarm hopping they haven't yet gone - and then at times swinging off the ladder or branch to recover those precarious higher swarms.
  7. Its the stay put timing - that's of interest - presuming that there might be an optimum time before they set to again if locations are not suitable - then again perhaps not !
  8. Is there any rule of thumb about how long a swarm hangs around in its initial clump - before packing bags and finding a final location ? Hours or days ? - But it at least it seems weather will effect this as a swarm recently collected in light rain was vey reluctant to move anywhere - bit of a catch 22 - I.E move in the rain and risk rapid chilling or stay hoping the weather improved with the risk the swarm will die of exposure slowly !
  9. My Wife recently ventured to use a large diameter soft flexi bucket ( typically used for feeding Horses) instead of a traditional box - the advantage was the flexi sides of the bucket moulded into the shape of what ever it was up against or bent around before shaking the swarm into the bucket - the soft slopped edge also meant the bees slid to the bottom rather than impacting with a thud into the base of a box !
  10. Thanks Alastair and others - its the exchange of info that helps the whole system work. I suspect that what Alistair says has lots of merit but perhaps not without exceptions as with every rule - I noted that some hives had very fast evaporation rates whilst others were slow with the acid remaining for several days in the trays. On nice hot days - when the vapour is more effective the difference in bees exiting was marked suggesting it was working much better on hot days than cooler ones. Ventilation rates or capability through the hive can also have an affect carrying the vapour int
  11. Agree - no we wouldn't treat here again until later unless we get one of those lovely sunny warm days. But it is a good distinction you make between the two treatment types - perhaps we should have alternated between the two.
  12. Stu is aware of the problem and was scheduled to inspect last week whilst in Wellington but he didn't turn up !
  13. Yes my understanding was it also got into the brood - but I wasn't seeing evidence of it . If you are right - (and you may be) what would the application issue be ! I can see perhaps lack of consistency and the issue with the bottom vents being being blocked and stopping the vapour getting into the hive properly ! Bit of a mystery ! which I would love discussed to try to nail it in future ! as I still like the whole concept !
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