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A friend asked me a while back for some comb honey to send to family in Israel. I queried whether there were any issues getting things into Israel but she assured me there aren't. She went to send her parcel and was flatly told you are not allowed to send honey overseas.
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Produce finder has been added to let the general public find you as a local honey supplier.
"NZ Beekeepers represents beekeepers from across New Zealand.  Our beekeepers offer you arguably the best locally produced honey available.
Click on the region ( to the right ) to find the beekeepers in your area or if you are wanting a particular type of honey click in the list ( below right ).. Selecting either will bring up a list of honey stockists.
On selecting a stockist you will be directed to their contact details or website and can complete any purchase directly with them.
When it comes to honey, fresh is best and honey from New Zealand beekeepers is the most glorious honey you can get."
To be able to make a listing you currently need a bronze subscription or above. Listings will be available for 3 months before needing to be renewed. This is to ensure you check in and update your advert re availability etc. If you go AWOL for a while your listing will expire and that prevents the information going stale.
To kick things off I'm happy to sponsor 5 people who currently do not have subscriptions. All you have to do to win a subscription is post your advert below. I'll pick the 5 best ones at the end of June.
If you.bave a subscription already then please do make an active listing on Produce Finder.
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The other day my wife found some beeswax blocks for sale in a craft shop. They appear to come from Australia and to have been packed in China.
I am struggling to find out whether this importation is legal or not. Anyone have an opinion?
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Please see advert below & forum thread in General Beekeeping..  Enquiries most welcome to mjqueenb@xtra.co.nz or 027 629 9388
Advert Beekeeper J April 2020.pdf
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Local honey direct to the public
Drive to 168 Old Renwick Road Blenheim, Monday to Friday.
Five types of honey, beeswax, candles, and beehive supplies.
We have been selling export honey direct to the public for over 100years.
Bring your container or buy one of ours.
Come and see us, and tell us you saw this ad on NZ Bees
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Pinnacle Honey
Our small family business produces high quality honey from the hills and plains of Hawkes Bay and delivers direct to your door at a great price - we believe everyone should have our honey on their table! Check out our website for pricing or contact us directly, we deliver nationwide and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
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Local producers - advertising your business and selling your wares
I want to revamp how we help your business, whether its large or small, fully commercial or local farmers market. We've had the marketplace for you to list your products and whilst that was intended to be a farm gate type approach for those who do not have online purchase facilities, most of the attempts at sales have been for equipment or bulk honey between beekeepers themselves.
So lets take a different tack on marketing your wares and try and expand that market. There have been a few discussions recently and I'd like to ask for your input on a section for local honey producers - or wax or candles, or beer/meade etc.
My intial thoughts (and this has aletered based on the feedback received, so thank you for that), is that we sales pitch the various types of NZ based honey and product types. Then allow the public to "find a local supplier". That then goes to a regional search that lists suppliers - YOU - and what you offer and where they can get hold of you.
It would be a free service listing initially, you would create a "classified" add in the listing and put in the information of your choosing. I'm thinking there are 3 elements here.
Those with no direct sales process at the moment
Those with a website but only physical sales
Those with a website and online sales
The intention is that we can cater for and help with all 3 aspects, so that those with existing channels maintain their brand and identity. We can help by filling in the gaps through features either coming or already available on this site and help you build your brand.
The difference from what we've offered previously, would be that we cater for direct sales to the public in your required format.
Feedback and brainstorming ideas below please.
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The purpose of the New Zealand Beekeepers Forum is to bring New Zealand beekeepers together with a national online presence. Whatever your beekeeping background, you will be made welcome with an ethos that is geared towards inclusion, education and learning. Whether you are commercial, hobbyist or just interested in bees and beekeeping, it is important that you feel able to raise questions and make a contribution. To that end, it is important for us all to be aware that some people may feel that a forum is complicated to use, some may feel that their style of beekeeping is seen as different or controversial or there may be others who find joining an established group a little daunting and I'd like to help those groups feel more able to participate. What I've done is to introduce a topic prefix. You can see it in the title above as a little orange marker with the letters NZBF: This is available to certain usergroups, when starting a new topic. If you are confident in your beekeeping skills and how to use a forum you probably won't use it, but if you are unsure or a little daunted then I'd encourage you to give it a try.
What does it do? First of all it's your opportunity to participate, but in a way that offers a safety net - to help you learn the ropes and get to grips with things, but it will also:
Act as a marker to staff to keep a close eye on the responses made. Alert more experienced beekeepers that you may require a selective response to your topic. Indicate to ALL members that where opinions differ, the discussion is to be constructive and polite (this includes the originator of the topic).  
The prefix feature is effective immediately in https://www.nzbees.net/forum/23-beginner-beekeepers/ So if you've joined but not yet posted, visit regularly as a guest but weren't quite sure, or perhaps you've got that nagging newbie question you feel is too obvious to ask, give the topic prefix idea a try.
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Black stripey thing on yellow thing
Black stripey thing on yellow thing
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I'm in the process of preparing for the next major release of the software we use. This in turn will bring some new features and I will keep you updated as to what they are.
Lockdown has given me some time to look at the site as a whole, where life previously got in the way, some areas of how it was working have been neglected and it was also evident an unwelcoming atmosphere had developed. As a result I am also in the process of refreshing the staff that help on the site to try and bring more balance, not just in terms of workload, but to address the forum behaviour as well.
I'm also looking into what members fine useful on the site. We've had some greate feedback around advertising, product sales and classifieds and the membership are currently discussing the merits of a honey price tracker. I'd also be keen to hear if there are any social aspects we could introduce to help keep the discussion going and build friendships and a network of business links.
If you have any feedback, please create a topic in the general discusion. If you have issues logging into the site, use the support link at the bottom of the page. If you have an issue with content or a member, please report it. A newsletter will be going out in the not too distant future.

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