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  • Apifit 1 litre By beemac

    Apifit is used to strengthen the beehives during spring development, as a summer feeding supplement during the dearth of nectar, as well as a preparation for winter,
    Bees love Apifit because it is the perfect mixture of various natural essential oils, plant polyphenols, sucrose and purified water.
    If signs of Nosemosis are noticed then use our Nozevit+ instead.
    How to use:
    Apply Apifit per beehive in one of 3 possible ways:
    In sugar syrup:  add 5ml of Apifit in 1000ml of sugar syrup.
    In pollen patty: add 10ml of Apifit per 1000g of patty.
    By spraying: 5ml of Apifit in 200ml of sugar syrup.
    Repeat the treatment several times a year.


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