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    With very little else to do for at least 4 weeks, I thought I might document my system for creating OG strips. I haven't read on the topic since last year, I hope what i do isn't out of date? But they have worked very successfully for me. I have created this method as a small hobbyist, which I hope that other beekeepers with only a few hives can get their head around and follow. I've taken some pics to help with the process. Firstly, i have my own crappy old sewing machine, pretty important. I use Proform Gib tape from Bunnings, 2 1/16 wide, $7 odd. There's lots of little tips that go along with the strips, so feel free to ask me questions. 1. I cut 3 x 600mm lengths. I lay them on top of each other and sew them down the centre. I go for 600mm as it's easy to handle/sew. 2. Fold the strip over, and sew as close as possible to the edge on the other side. You now have a strip that is is approx 27mm wide, and 6 layers of paper. 3. I cut them to 200mm long. I use FD frames, so this is a good length. Change the lengths if you use 3/4. 4. I have a standard Sistema click top tupperware style container - 235 L x 170 W. I put 60 of these strips in here. They are quite snug, but not tight. I mix 300g Glycerine with 200g Oxalic acid. I use a microwave to heat in 30 sec intervals, stirring well each time, until the acid has dissolved. Pour this evenly over the strips. After about 24hrs the mixture will be completely absorbed, and the strips will be tight in the container. They don't feel 'wet', it almost has a waxy feel. 6. My formula is in one of the pics - I do this because I will forget in a years time when I need more :). 6. I use a nail to put holes through the end of the strips. Then I put a toothpick through the end. 7. It hangs between the frames like this. I like this, because i feel the 'staples' that bend over push against the brood walls, whereas I have seen the queen lay on both sides of my strips, which are hanging. A good strong brood box would have 6 of these - this gives the box a 20g dose of Oxalic.. Hope this may be helpful some some other small scale beekeepers who want to experiment with this method of Varroa control. This is my own experimentation, and happy to receive constructive feedback.
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    any inside pics of this James ? hi no its all fresh as, well we have had a bit of luck, cleaned air filter out, not much dirt in it, shortened the fuel pipe a bit it had a slight kink in it, but noticed after it had been sitting a bit a dirty big air bubble appeared in the line, so chanced that bit the bullet put air cleaner and all on gave it a pull and started after 3 pulls which is about normal, little twink on the mix screw and all pretty good just need some wood to try it on now
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    DNA is a very stable molecule and you'd be surprised just how much of it is "floating" around. Labs doing routine DNA testing have to be very careful and pedantic with clean surfaces and equipment as it is super easy to contaminate things otherwise. Part of the issue for labs working with DNA is that many tests rely on amplifying (making many millions of copies of) particular bits of DNA, which makes cleanliness and sterilising super important.
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    Loving the hiab, lifted these no 1 strainers in withought even putting the legs down. Gonna be my new servicing spot just gotta etch and bolt the beam for my 4.5t ramps
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    Forgot to mention, since is cold again and bees are stuck in the hives this little rapscallion ( marten) came too close.. Pic from yesterday. 😠
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    Yes you've got to be worried about the people in a place like India.
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    Speaking of wood and fire, with about 2 inches of rain overnight and today I applied for a permit to burn the bon fire which has accumulated in the back paddock over the drought and subsequent fire ban.. very simple process.. applied yesterday arvo, received midday today. One of The small joys I can look forward to during lockdown is a good old burn up supervised with a beer.
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    Why we will not see a honey prices going up! I could be wrong but look around you. Panic at the stock markets complete sell out. The whole world is in an full stop .No one can sell something except food there are no goods the shelves are empty. Companies can't pay rent, privat people can't pay rent the housing market will collapse no bank will give a credit as they know they are already broke. This is quite interesting in this connection (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-11/blackstone-urges-its-companies-hurt-by-virus-to-tap-credit-lines). Retail trade does not exist any more Adidas Puma HM all the big retailer announced on friday they don't pay rent anymore. Mass unemployment will follow it started already. The health system will be broke. The precursors are more bad than 1929, and on top of it there is still a virus and a collapsed healthsystem. Manuka Honey is a premium product most people take it because it's trendy. I believe for a long time people will have economic problems and things like Louis Vuitton, Prada and so on will not be that important any more. The world will see a reset and people will be focused on the real things in live.
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    Here Yes, over there it works ok. A completely different set of parameters
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    It is a powdered supplement like FeedBee or such. It is quite common overseas to open feed this and even syrup. Real dumb idea to open feed bees.
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    Just went out to the garage to get my beekeeping gear sorted an disturbed a possum . He made a run for it and crawled into the roller door . Unfortunately for him he left his tail hanging out! bit of fur added to the bag and a feed for one of the dogs . Just hav to get the possum smell off my hands now .
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    I ran out of elastoplast yesterday and stock was urgently needed. One man had cut the backside out of a pair his Jockey's, with the elastic securing the "mask" firmly round his head. I couldn't stop laughing, and normally I would have told him he looked like a dick, but when you have a table runner with embroidered feathers, round your face, one is not in a position to make such a comment. A number of people had polar fleece neck warmers as their mask. But i would have to query this as sensible, because not only is polar fleece synthetic, it attracts particals. I tried for six weeks prior to lock down to get a mask - never mind. My linen table runner came home and was promptly given a hot wash. Hoping to cage a few queens today. The hives in the grafting yard are going into winter very well, with lots of pollen still coming in. Hopefully we are in for a warm April. The larger colonies still have plenty of drones, and that is generally a sign at this time of the year that we are in for a good spell.
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    ..and comes with noise & fumes. Starting an axe presents no problems. Far better for mental health than a machine that won't go.
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    Over here after the snow again I was able to work in t shirt on Saturday and Sunday ( some fence/posts repair).. Today again day temps around 5C.. As I wrote there were snow and frosts some of the fruit flowers seems survived... BUT again we will have some 5 days with night temps of minus 3 to zero C.. Madness even bigger.. How such sharp weather changes affect on health.. who knows.. I still haven't taken a frame into hands this season, and seems not at least till weekend.. This is also strange for me.. On top of this that covid situation..
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    Haha, yes I had one of those but it John McEroe'd itself at the end of a savage forehand and broke at the end of the handle! Thanks anyway. Thanks, I'll look into when to do that. In 2010, Ansel Payne, Dustin Schildroth and Philip Starks published some interesting findings and results for Tufts University regarding nest site selection for the Wool Carder and it seems that bamboo would probably attract these bees as a nesting site. Cheers.
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    I don't have a fly swat. Instead a mini plastic tennis racket from the $2 shop. You put a battery in it, and swot away, and the flies get killed by an electric shock on the plastic racket wires. I have developed a v strong effective back hand.
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    Just been called by a very concerned landowner to tell me that wasps are swarmimg the hives, from his description it sounded pretty bad. I do not have entrance gaurds on because up to recently it's been too hot. Commercial beekeepers are allowed to visit their bees if it's a livestock welfare issue, but I was hoping not to have to use that. But looks like I'll be out for a day putting gaurds on that site and others nearby, I'll be taking vespex with me also.
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    Check South Korea. Had a very fast moving initial outbreak but have handled it like pros. A model for the rest of the world.
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    You will not get sick. You are a tough old biddy.
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    My workers are off now so just me and one of my utes. Assuming that no one gets over officious and no beekeepers stuff it up for the rest of us I should be all good. Breeding season is pretty much over and most of the hives and nucs have plenty of food on so now just patching, wintering and feeding. That said I expect this to go on much longer than 4 weeks so will likely look to have everything closed off in the next 4 in case changes have to be made that might limit my work.
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    This guy keeps bees on his family farm of about 6000 Ha/acres not sure which one, he open feeds sites in the middle of the property and is more careful with sites nearer the boundary.
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    Yesterday we were told we would get over 100 mm and ended up with 14. Better than nothing but trees are starting to die around here. Stayed at home because of the forecast and made frames all day. Put on the music and get in the zone. The only way to survive wiring.
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    we have sold more bush this last few weeks than any other honey, our bush has a mix of manuka, kanuka and kamahe to 53% the rest bits of every thing, taste really nice
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    Is anyone seeing a rise in prices, apparently Europe had a 100% increase in manuka honey sales, must be going to go boom soon 😊
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    Great weather here in the valley. Autumn is certainly our stable weather season.
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    Agreed Gino, but people are gullible. I used to think thgat the travelleing snake oil salesmen that worked shows in the USA a century ago showed how dum people were then, but they are just as dum now. All the same, eating healthy, or not eating healthy, can be pretty important. I haven't been able to crack the supermarket level yet. Which may not be a bad thing because I am too small to guarantee ongoing supply. My sellers are dairies, markets, hobby beekeepers who sell more than they produce, a florist, and some vege markets. I am sure most of them are now closed down but I think one of the vege places is open. BTW for small level sales a florist is a good option. Being a florist is quite stressful because the shelf life is very short and a bad buying decision, or just plain bad luck, can mean they chuck out a lot of flowers and cost them a lot of money. But honey with it's long shelf life, if attractively packaged, looks good on the shelf, the florist can put it there and forget about it, and people see it and buy it. Easy money for the florist.
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    They have a plan. Shed is not in use so goes the shopping for 3 days, if it can be washed with soap and water it will be, they have set out protocols for washing closes self and everything when they come back in the house. Hubby has health issues, their aim keep their father alive. When the son gets to the house clothes off and into the open washing machine the he into the shower. that is after gloves and mask off at the shed and hands washed in soap and water there first. Thankfully they are dead serious about it. They know my story from when I was nursing and on night duty and had my first case of norovirus and how virulent that was.
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    I'm thinking that honeys that supposedly have curative properties may do well at this time. I base that on my own sales, my bush honey which has a label that makes it look like a wild, natural type product, has been majorly outselling the other honeys on the shelf according to the retailers. But go back a month and more and it was just level pegging. A retailer told me it's especially going to Asians and he has seen people walking out with up to 4 jars at a time. Although the current financial climate is bad generally, it could be good times for products seen as healthy.
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    Ever the optimist, I will remain thinking the glass is half full for the timebeing. It never fails to astound me the resilience of people in crisis and I am sure this situation will not differ. Whatever people may think of China, they are coming back to work, they are almost 100% returned. Chines trade is bouncing back. Borders may be locked down for 16 months (who knows) but I doubt very much self isolation will last anywhere near that period. Certain sectors will obviously be effected for a long time, while borders remain closed for personel travel but also many businesses will bounce back as soon as domestic freedom of movement returns. Also you do not have to vaccinate the whole world at the same time, but you do have to vaccinate any one that travels and people at risk (elderly, underlying illness). I am sure this will be planned and methodical.
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    Govt just put money in our account . So thank you all the people who encouraged me to believe in magical thinking . πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ˜™ Do you get a pension and a payment ?
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    mmm, and it would be awkward if they send the wrong person to jail on basis of infallible dna evidence. On the other hand, as lay person it seems to have been an extremely reliable tool so far; anecdotally speaking.
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    Here is another perspective from Tony Alexander: http://tonyalexander.nz/resources/TV 26 March 2020.pdf "1. Virus Eradication This economic decline will be just temporary. The virus will eventually be brought under control one way or the other, with the worst time-frame being 16 months from now allowing for the 18-month vaccine-development timeframe cited by the scientists and the fact they’ve been working on it for at least two months now."
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    We're still open for business testing your honey for whatever it needs. Lots of things have changed though: we have split shifts, staff working from home, visitors are banned, and everything is sterilised on the regular. The sterilisation isn't even a biggie though, since we have to sterilise the lab daily for the DNA testing anyway 😷
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    March 29. The BoP Group had its first online meeting today. We used goto meeting software for phone tablet computer access. About 24 members attended. We went through a hive, looked at some new robbing guards and our first batch of mead ready to bottle. Then at end of meeting we switched on all the webcams and had a cup of tea and a chat. We finished on time and there was no lost time travelling
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    Thanks for that. Our SNI Group is looking into such software.
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    The cost is zero at this stage because there is a 14 day free trial. Longer term, the cost is USD 14 per month or USD 12 per month if you buy for a year. (USD 144). This is cheaper than the other paid software (zoom) but zoom has a free version if you only need 40 minutes. Wearing another hat (Seaside Bees) we pay more than twice that to hire council community centre room for our beginner beekeeping course each year. So, even paying USD 144 it is a significant saving and allows us use of this for anything we want, so the Bee Group, Sailing Club, Engineering work etc at no further cost . Thus 'free' to the beekeeping group. I'll bet there is probably a member in most clubs that already has goto-meeting for their work (or soon will do )
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    Hi Alastair, I'm working on a principle of 20grams Oxalic per brood box ie, if I have a strong hive with 2 boxes of brood, say 6 frames in each, I would use 12 strips (40g). What amount are most ppl using now? Hi CHCHPaul, one thing i forgot to mention is that I put some staples across the top of the strip - you'll see them in pic 6. This seems to help protect them from chewing it around the toothpick and it falling down. How long they last totally seems to depend on the hive, some seem to chew them more than others. I'm currently still doing an Apistan treatment once a year, using up what I had, the last of it is in now, and then I'll endeavour only to use the OA. I had the OA strips in over the summer, and the hives in Feb were looking very healthy and strong, no signs of PMS, but I've put the Apistan in anyway, so will be some time before I'll be able to test the effectiveness of just OA.
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    Okay thanks. Will find another project and leave the girls alone.
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    well i filled in the form. but really the idea that someone or something would money in your account that you have not worked for seems like magical thinking.
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    I think we all need to get the virus in a progressive orderly fashion so we do not overwhelm the hospitals .that way we will get immunity . The vaccines along way off. I am reluctant to get it now , not because it will be that dangerous for me but because I may get sick enough to go to hospital and I do not want to clog up the system while it is under stress .
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    we have been asked to remain isolated/separate..............not sterile.
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    Couple more days for me in my mobile isolation bubble. Checking last of the splits made for mated queens, dropping feed frames down in to brood boxes and generally getting bees ready for the winter sleep. Expecting the covid-19 downtime to be longer than 4 weeks
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    Nah. Just counts as one post. This was bought in a long time ago to stop people chasing number of posts by posting multiple one line posts.
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    Neither of these is correct. It couldn't possibly be any simpler/easier. The hardest part was looking up my IRD number.
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    It's really easy. You dont have to provide evidence if you have a business or ird number. Both of you can apply as either part time or full time workers. Go to //www.workandincome.govt.nz/products/a-z-benefits/covid-19-support.html#null
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    Last year lots of queens went on holiday early and stop laying For a while
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    No need for an accountant to apply- its very simple. The business needs to supply their name, IRD number, business number (easily got from the companies office) and contact details. For each employee you supply Name, IRD number and date of birth. The company is then to endeavour to keep the employees on at 80%. heres where to apply for a company. The sole trader one is there too. https://www.workandincome.govt.nz/products/a-z-benefits/covid-19-support.html#null and the money is thru very quickly Stay safe folks
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