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    This is a short vid showing the process for making Formic treatments for Bees. Remember that Formic Acid is extremely dangerous to handle and full PPE must b...
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    This Queen Castle is coming up to speed. When the Queen really gets going the frames will be solid slabs of brood. This is an Overwintered late season single that I selected for vigor. Ive done about 6 of these for this season and will use the best to take Larvae from.
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    Sampling for varroa mites using the sugar shake method followed by oxalic acid vaporization treatment.
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials
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    Honey supers going on during a sunny day. South Waipahu, New Zealand.
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials
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    So must do this. Not practical, but it would give you a smile on your deathbed :-)
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials.
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    Oxalic Acid sublimation using a Venom Pro vaporiser connected to the truck battery.
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    Need more room for hives on the ute deck? This new unit from Condor is now ready for feeding out. 550 Litre baffled tank, Honda Pump and 30m hose + Reel 1800 (L) x 600 (W) x 1100 (H)
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    No the stack of boxes is not high enough to hit the garage roof, try garage roof crushed in by a very huge gum tree, reckon their the only thing stopping the whole roof caving in, though the insurance company dont believe it could be so.... but please dont tip over!!
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    This week we are talking to Hilary from San Diego, This is Episode Nighty two of our beekeeping podcast. You can listen to the full show at kiwi.bz/hilary
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    Gift from a friend, the bees have a large buttons for their head
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    Our AFB Detector Dog Teams in the waikato.
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    This is Milo our latest afb detector dog in training. He had about 2 month of training and has started searching real Bee hives but still getting the reward from the target box.
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    Bee on the wing laden with pollen
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    not bad for a Feb nuc just keeps getting bigger
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    Close up of eggs in cells
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    Bees Keep visiting this flower. A tracker for their new home
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    A swarm from my hive in our garden. I successfully moved them into a new hive.
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    Mite count = 0, no spring treatment
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    Coming from a queen line from Waikato area.
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    I start these 3 frame nucs from a frame of brood and a frame of honey and pollen with an bare plastice frame thrown in. This one is getting a second box.
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    close up photo through inspection window with reflections.
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