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    Work in Progress detail

    © J. Child

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    Plenty of pollen coming in.
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials.
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials
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    Look what I found in my local cafe
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    Hive boxes aren't always just for the bees. They also come in very handy as a bookcase for a very busy university student
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    Getting some very big swarms at the moment but this is the biggest I've seen for about 15 years that swarm box is jumbo sized so you can dump in the swarm and have room for the frames that is full and a good few inches of bees round the out side filled to boxes tight with bees
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    Removing a feral colony of bees from a small pump shed. I don't often get to do a cutout like this, as the bees usually find a more awkward spot that ends up with them being killed, so it's great to be able to save these girls! Part two will be live soon! Subscribe to get notified when it is.
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    Just thought I'd share my lounge hive. Often better than television. It is two frames deep, so 6 frames in all. Between each layer there are slots for metal inserts so the boxes can be separated without filling the lounge with bees and one for an escape to clear a box of bees. Entrance through wall.
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    This is what Queens produce when pushed for space in a 7/3 Queen Castle
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    A fabulous boot swarm today, happily rehoused this evening
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials.
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    I thought I might share this because it makes me giggle everytime I read it so I'm sure some of you might enjoy it.
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    A fascinating short video on why weight distribution matters so much for trailers. This is the season where many boats will be trailered to their winter stor...
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    The alternative mode of getting to work
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    This is a short vid showing the process for making Formic treatments for Bees. Remember that Formic Acid is extremely dangerous to handle and full PPE must b...
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    This Queen Castle is coming up to speed. When the Queen really gets going the frames will be solid slabs of brood. This is an Overwintered late season single that I selected for vigor. Ive done about 6 of these for this season and will use the best to take Larvae from.
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    Hey all, hope you are having a good weekend. We have just released this short clip showing what we got up to last summer in South Taranaki. Unfortunately it was a fairly rough season in the Naki but the next will be upon us soon enough!
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    Beekeeping in New Zealand, for hobbyists and light commercials.
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    Kirwee Bees Technoset Q8 Our first crack at a video
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    http://shaunholt.flavors.me / http://twitter.com/drshaunholt Read about TEDxWellington 2016 which got featured TEDx Innovations blog on ted.com: http://tedxw...
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    My long hive has become a monster. Now has 4 x 3/4 honey supers on, 2 x boxes have fully capped honey and there are 8 capped frames in the base unit. Time to extract. I do not know how standard Top Bar Hive people can manage there hives without supering them
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    This is our best hive so far this season depending on how things go it might yet get another box. This hive has also had 2 nucs removed. We run Carni in a single brood box.
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    My child and Ted helping with beekeeping
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    12 bottles of homemade ginger beer using 50% honey
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    In the bush on Kamahi , Rewa, cabbage tree and goodness knows what else
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    Eggs. Now where's the tiny bacon?
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    Making bases wipped these up in an hour I rekon cost me $8 each
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    Swarm season was nuts this year
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    Mother and Daughter
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    A couple of nice close ups with pollen coming into the hive today
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    Sometimes I get big cells and sometimes smaller cells. With second season queens I no longer use a Cloake board, just an excluder is enough to set the bees to work. I run 4 queen castles and graft on fridays. Some queens go into nucs some into 10 frame splits and some into mating nucs on plastic
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    Tonight's Aurora Australis from Christchurch was particularly nice. Some great beams during the 30 minutes I watched it for, including some very that were very bright to the naked eye. Thankfully the clouds parted at just the right time.
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    Bees doing what comes naturally when their queen is kidnapped!
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    Great option for shifting pellet lots of hives
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    Quick photo oa a new frame from my hive
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