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    New Zealand Beekeeping Incorporated is holding a 2 day mini conference in Hamilton on the 9th and 10th February 2018. Location - University of Waikato Gate 2, Knighton Road, Hamilton L1 Lecture Theatre The day will begin at approximately 9am going through to around 4.30pm More info here -
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    Beekeepers HB Inc will be holding a tree planting morning at their community apiary on Prebensen Drive, Napier, opposite Mitre 10 / Farmlands. Please contact beekeepershbinc@gmail.com to establish what to bring. We need to ensure PPE is worn wear necessary and there will be some broom clearing and then we will be planting a number of native trees for bees that we hope will become a focus for the public. The community apiary has been established to support club members who live in an urban setting to place their hives in a socially acceptable setting and learn along with like minded club members. The hive sites cost $5 per year per member and club membership is $25 per year or $35 per year for a family membership.
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    Field day 2019.docx
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    Spring has sprung, and my phone is ringing daily with enquiries from people wanting to learn about beekeeping, so it must be time to run our annual beginners course again. Run over six weeks commencing 26 September, Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm, and we'll also fit in at least one apiary visit on a weekend as weather allows. We'll cover everything you need to know to keep a beehive happy and healthy throughout the year, including hive style options, health and disease management, legalities, honey production and much more. Whether you've already got a hive and just want to beef up or are just thinking about taking the plunge, come along and have some fun. All hive types and methodologies/philosophies covered.... Theoretical, legal and practical. Contact me (Deanna) to register - phone home evenings (06) 876 8852. Registration required. Cost: $50 per person/family.
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    Weekend beginners Beekeeping Course One Weekend & Two Monday nights: Sat 12th & Sun 13th October 2019. 9.30am to 4pm Mon Nights 14th & 21st October. 7.00pm to 9.30pm Kim Kneijber and Carol Downer are the tutors. They are both passionate about bee keeping and their bees. They have been beekeeping for over 15 years and manage 30+ hives each. They bring two different and diverse perspectives, which compliment each other very well. History and the Law Basic Costs Stings The Honey Bee Starting with bees Honey Flow Hive Management All about the gear you need NB: Classes are held at Unitec, Carrington Road, Mt Albert. Participants will be notified of all details closer to the start date. see the website or contact Carol Downer - 093766376
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    BHBI Club regular monthly meeting. Top of the agenda is discussion around members concerns of the CE Karin Kos comments in the September NZ Beekeeper about her, Dennis Crowley, a group of beekeepers and the HBRC establishing a small pilot project on boundary stacking that will inform where APINZ go with strengthening their code of conduct. Details of the project have been requested from the CE of APINZ but it is unlikely we will have a response by this evening. We will return to our proposed agenda once we have satisfied that discussion.
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    The Marlborough Beekeepers Association is holding a "Introduction to beekeeping" course for beginners on the 25th August 2019, from 10 am til 3pm. This course is intended for people starting out in hobby beekeeping, or planning to take up hobby beekeeping. There is a charge of $30 which includes take home materials. The course is is held at the Marlborough Research Centre, Budge Street, Blenheim. If you are interested in attending, or would like more information, please email the club on marlboroughbeekeepers@gmail.com
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    BHBI will be conducting a weekend workshop for members and other interested beekeepers at the Guthrie Smith Arboretum, Tutira, north of Napier. The workshop starts on the Friday evening of 19 July and runs through to lunchtime on the Sunday 21 July. The first session on Saturday morning will be conducted by Lynda Newstrom-Lloyd (Trees for Bees) and Chris Ryan who is the resident Arborist. The Arboretum has an Education Centre and bunk style accommodation for up to 50 and a well appointed Kitchen. Chris and his team have recently planted a hillside dedicated to bees and although nothing is likely to be flowering we will use the opportunity to share in Lynda and Chris's knowledge on why they have planted what they have and what to expect as both the trees and plants grow. The Arboretum can be viewed here http://www.guthriesmith.org.nz/ More to follow
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    The Marlborough Beekeeping Association will be hosting a honey tasting workshop, on Thursday 25th April at the Marlborough Research Centre, 7-9pm. This will be presented by Maureen Maxwell, international honey judge. Further details on our Facebook page. All welcome.
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    Do you have honey but no buyer in sight, or prices too low to cover costs? Let’s get together and talk about it. Bruce Clow, Managing Director of Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies (NZ) Ltd is travelling through-out the country in April hosting meetings with beekeepers who might be interested in starting a honey producers’ co-op, or looking at other ways to improve the financial returns for commercial beekeepers. Ceracell has always said that we are here “to help beekeepers”, and quite a number of our commercial beekeepers have expressed serious concerns about their ability to sell honey at a price that makes their business viable. Well Bruce says, “we are here to help”. Let’s see what we can do together. If things look dark and desperate, you are not alone. Come to one of the meetings and we’ll see what we might be able to do together. Also, let your commercial beekeeping friends know about the meetings, just in case they haven’t seen this notice. Topics that we might cover: Is there really a problem? What is a Co-op? What might be involved in setting up a Co-op? Are there other things a beekeeper might do to improve his/her bottom-line? If I want “out” how can it be done and recover value from my business? Is there “hope”? You are not alone! If you think you might like to come to one of the meetings, please email bruce@ceracell.co.nz and leave your contact details. That way Bruce can contact you in case anything untoward happens (such as a car breakdown or illness) which could result in a meeting being cancelled. Meeting locations (all times are 10 am to 12 noon):
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    The first season’s meeting was held on Saturday 4 July 2018 About 12 people attended. 1. We discussed how are hives have been going through the winter, and this varied from hives doing well, to some people losing most or all of their hives. The problems included serious wasp attack in autumn, and treating for varroa with oxalic acid sublimator. As regards wasps, early trapping is important as it reduces the number of wasp queens, and accordingly the number of wasp colonies. Finding and killing wasp nests will remain important, and I can provide and install Vespex once we have confirmed that the wasps are taking protein feed which is the lure for fipronil. Please contact me for instructions in how to establish wasp vulnerability before using Vespex. 2 We then had a short practical session on assembling a wooden frame, or cleaning up if used already, wiring it up, and insertion of foundation. 3 We had a good conversation with Eric Johnson of bees supplies last week, and the providers of Bayvarol and Apivar (amitraz) are quite clear that there is no resistance to either. The failures are probably due to wrong timing of use, especially in Autumn, and the method of insertion, which we will cover at our next meeting. Apivar (amitraz) will be used for Spring varroa control, and strips will be inserted in the third or fourth week of August. The dose is 2 strips per brood box, and left in place for 12 weeks. As the product is provided in packets of 10, we can provide broken pack amount to those with a number of hives which is not a multiple of 5. Please contact us very soon so we can order the right amount of Apivar, cost is about $10 per treatment. 4 Moving hives – if you need help, just let us know and we can assist with a vehicle or trailer if needed 5 Next meeting Saturday 1 September at noon, the usual Spring agenda to be sent out soon Regards, Tudor and Clare Remember, attendance is by invitation only, so send us an email if you wish to attend.
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    Hi all Our next discussion day Our discussion day will be on Fri the 23rd March at Bruce Lowes place 14 Morton Rd Aongatete Tauranga, first drive on right after tennis court, Tauranga at 1.00pm Peter Luxton Independent Chair of UMFHA and the Manuka Honey Appellation Society, Board member of APINZ and Tony Wright from Comvita, UMFHA Executive and Manuka Honey Research Partnership Director and APINZ board member. Peter and Tony are involved in the APINZ Manuka Science Definition Focus Group along with UMFHA and NZ Beekeeping, they will get us up to speed on where to from here, should we be worried? Unfortunately we had a tragedy of a local beekeeping lad dying on a farm accident. APINZ has partnered with On Farm Safety NZ to produce a Apiculture Health and safety Manuals specially for beekeeping, One of their consultants shall be here to answer any questions and show the manuals, details on www.apinz.org.nz Hive Tech Ltd won the Roy Patterson Trophy at last year’s conference for their hive trackability systems will be here as they also have a land hazard management tool they are developing, so they will give an update on where they are at and how it may help our management. www.hivetech.nz Some questions around logbooks have been asked, we will give you the answer. And the usual beers, barbie and bu--sh-- at the end, bring a gold coin donation. Come along and have a catch up and hear all the goss. Dennis
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    Hi all a meeting of beekeepers and all that are intrested in bees trying to keep things informal and low key come along and say hi plate of food for after helps to
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    Camp Rangi Buzz Weekened. (Manawatu) Hosted by the SNI Education Trust Fri 23 - Sun 25 Feb 2018. This weekend Camp will be on Ethics, Biology, Making NUC's, Queen Introduction, and Practical Demonstration and much more on Bee Keeping. It is aimed at beekeepers with a MIN of 2 YRS EXPERIENCE. The keynote speaker is Kim Flottum from USA. Attached are Full Details and a Registration Form. Numbers are limited and close 8 Feb or sooner as they are filled, so get your Registration Form in pronto! Camp Rangi 2018 Word doc.docx
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    Our next meeting of the season will be held on Saturday 2 December 2017 at 779 Portobello Road, Edwards Bay at noon. Summer is here, swarming has been happening, and honey supplies are building up. And hive AFB inspections must be done for you by 30/11/2017 unless you hold a DECA. Topics for the meeting: How to harvest honey, how to check that it is ready, how to extract it, how to bottle it up, and we will run through a practical session but no honey frames yet. Or please bring a box along if you want to extract some. And how to arrange to extract your hives in a registered facility so you can sell the honey. Then the main interest in this meeting is for people to bring along some food to share, and to have fun and good discussions. No meeting in January 2017, too much holiday time to enjoy. And please remember that this get together is by personal invitation only, which is by email. If you have not had an email, or a friend wants to come along, please get them to email me with some details about them self, and I can invite them. Regards, Tudor. 027 2085133 brightwaterbees@gmail.com
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    Event Details The Taranaki Beekeepers Club is open to all those who are interested in keeping hives of bees for honey production or for pollination purposes. We meet every 3rd Monday (except December) West Baptist Church, 144 South Road, Spotswood, New Plymouth. Assemble is 7pm. We will endeavour to assist members in getting the best results from their hives by offering advice and support from well seasoned beekeepers, followed by a cuppa and biscuit. Everyone welcome.
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    This sunday 5th Nov at 2pm, the MBA is hosting an event, "preparing for summer". The guest speaker is Clare Pinder, a hobby beekeeper. It's at the Budge street community gardens, all welcome. Bring your beesuit if you have one.
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    We recently moved to Carterton with our bees. Just as we did in Hawkes Bay we're keen to encourage sharing and cooperation between hobby beekeepers. This Sunday the weather's looking good and I'll be in the apiary. This is an open invitation to anyone with an interest in bees to join me in the apiary. Tasks for Sunday include: Swarm prevention measures Colony strength balancing Queen health and disease check Requeening a hive to treat chronic bee paralysis virus CBPV If you haven't seen CBPV before then this colony has fairly clear symptoms. Hairless, shiny bees, some with erratic movement. It's transmitted by the queen via the egg so requeening is standard treatment. I intend to paper a spare NUC onto this colony after squashing the sick queen. After the bees a cup of tea will be available and we can talk bees. There are 17 hives here all building strongly. This means there will be a lot of bees. Ours are all fairly gentle but we recommend you wear a veil. I have a couple spare if required. If you want to be hands on then please wash your gloves or wear the nitrile rubber ones that I provide. Location: 433 Belvedere Road, Carterton. Opposite the old milk factory. When: Sunday 15th October from 10am Contact: if you need to contact me then my phone number is available in my profile
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    We had such a good time last year, we're doing it again this year. Meet us at John's for a discussion and (weather permitting) hive inspections. We'll have an emphasis on identifying a healthy hive and brood, and identification and appropriate action for diseases. It's a great skill refresher and brain-wake up after winter, and perfect timing to get us thinking as we work hives through the spring build up. Bring: Your lunch and a drink. CLEAN beekeeping suit. (a few loan suits available for newbeeks) Enthusiasm. Frames for disease identification if you have any - MUST BE WELL WRAPPED AND BEEPROOF. ... DON"T bring: any comb, hive boxes or hive components on the back of your truck. Seriously. We're getting together to talk about bee health people - make sure you're walking the talk by keeping your gear to your own bees. All beekeepers and aspiring beekeeper welcome. If you don't know who John is or where to go, please call Deanna Corbett for details - 06 8768852 or 027 244 1751. (Email reminder will also be sent to the Buzzsheet list within the next 36 hours, which will include full address details). Look forward to seeing you there!
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    We meet every 4th Thursday (except December) in the Newbury Hall. Assemble around 7 pm then the meeting starts around 7.30 pm followed by a cuppa and biscuit. Everyone welcome.
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