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    Hello Yesbut - Interesting comment. Is there something happening I should know about? This weekend to & fro to Whangarei with Air NZ was absolutely farcical & incredibly stressful. When I arrived I felt like doing a Pope act to kiss the ground, because I started to think I would never get there. I have got some healthy credits with Air NZ, but I will not be booking anymore until they get their act together. I cannot deal with the timetable changes on a daily basis. They have so many timetable changes it is impossible to plan your life. I am grateful that living in the South Island, I don't have family north of Auckland, cos I would never see them, it would be too much drama to attempt to do so. I cannot waste my life away dealing with all their timetable changes, changes of routes, cancellations of routes, phenomenal transit times in Auckland.
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