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    Will keep eyes open...
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    The mayor of Tauranga tv a few weeks ago saying that the CBD is dying because of Covid & hinting about some govt intervention. To me the reality is that the CBD died sometime ago. My understanding is locals refused to pay high parking fees and small shops started moving out. Then Farmers moved out to a suburb, and the shops that were left either followed or shut down. I like the Mount for shopping & I like the boardwalk. Have they reopened the Mt walk yet? The hot pool at Fernland is just one pool, v clean, surrounded by bush & has camping ground, and they give pensioner discount.
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    Yep it’s insured. Will have to wait and see what the insurance company says about a payout. It was customised with larger tray and extra springs so we could take our honey boxes to extraction. we’re still trying to get hold of cctv footage that may identify the culprits. The police think it will be either in parts or tucked away on a bush block by now.
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    Please Help !!! Our 2005 white land cruiser was stolen last night from penrose. rego CZS303 distinguishing features The tool box on the drivers side under the back of the tray has had the door ripped of and is just the box. We had the tray custom made and the sides are recycled kauri. please call The police if you see her driving around. Or me on 0273504444(admin delete if not allowed)
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