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    Pulled the honey off a yard on Sat morning that had been treated with Phil's staples over summer. Of the 7 random hives that we sampled mite numbers per 300ish bees ranged from 0 to 3. Was happy with that considering that their spring synthetic treatment came out end of Nov and they have been in an overcrowded Manuka zone ever since. Few interesting points We got a great crop and no bee deaths were observed. There didn't appear to be any signs of superseedure . We placed staples on centre of frames 3 and 8, 1 third in from one end on frame 5 and a third in from the other end on frame 6. This placement ment that there were 2 staple legs in the middle seam which seemed to cause the bees to place honey/pollin in the centre frames dividing the broodnests. The staples were edge protected and while some were a bit chewed most were largely intact. In conclusion for 2 bucks worth of staples and maybe another dollar for time and product we seemed to get pretty good mite control considering we are normally beginning to get somewat overrun with mites by now . Also while I am all for experimenting with different cardboards etc and had hoped to trial some different things myself I simply ran out of time this season. The convenience of having thousands of staples turn up ready to dunk and go is very good.
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    C'mon @Alastair and @Philbee Let's tone it done a bit. Everyone is getting rather tired of these personal attacks. If the only way you can communicate is by constant swipes at each other then the moderators will take some direct action. You are both to blame, so please don't point at each other. I have given a lot of tolerance to this thread but I can close it and then delete the thread so all information will be lost. Your thread also @Alastair Sorry for the heavy hand but I have more things to do than police the kindergarten play yard.
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    I hope that there will be more people posting, as it is already obvious that many have been quietly trying variations who had not until now been prepared to face the consequences of posting something that didn't follow the current dogma. Over time, there are those who stop posting for various reasons, but recently, the pool of those posting seems to have really narrowed far more quickly than previously, and it would be great to see many of them reappear, as the greater the pool of contributors, the better off we all are.
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    I am afraid I would never waste my time doing a cut out. It's just not worth the effort. Better to put your time into looking after proper hives in proper gear.It can be a fun exercise if you've never done it before but once was enough for me.
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    Had a good chat with Phil today to get the good oil from the horses mouth. Hobbyists, fill your boots go do with the staples what ever you want. Phil has a patent for the type of staple with the edge protection type stitching he worked on, both wide and narrow, for commercial use. So yes potentially a 4-500 hive operation beek trying to copy his type is in breach, would he go after you ?, big boy type beeks 1000+ most probably. Most midsize beek outfits it would be easier and cheaper (if you tooh your time and buying all the stuff you need to make them)to just buy them off Phil or now you can buy them off (forgot their name )South Island beekeeping supply outfit. Commercials of any size can go make and use single stitch type staples all they want, they not part of the patent. What you fill them with up to you, as that is your call for your business and you are responsible for any outcome. Trev is right, Phil has spent a lot of money on perfecting his type of staple, with a lot more to come and he does has patents for them in other parts of the world. Good on him, he saw an opening and has gone for it and I wish him all the best. Remember Gibtape, ox acid, or gly are not Phils, or even the overlock stitch, but how the tape and stitching is put together in a certain way is.
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    If cell raising during a honey flow then it pays to put a frame of foundation a frame or two away from the cells. This gives them something to do and they normally leave the cells alone. Autumn re-queening. I'm only talking for Hawke's Bay here but I imagine a lot of the country is similar. If you start to early you can get poor results probably because they can end up swarming. I normally start around 15 February and personally would never re-queened beyond 15 March and I prefer to finish by the end of February. I re-queen the areas that are doing least first as they will lose their drones earliest. This varies from year to year depending on rainfall et cetera. This year it is the dry areas that need doing first. In a wet year it's the other way round. The one exception I make to 15 February is when we have a severe drought year i.e. everything is burnt right up before Christmas and in that type of year I would normally start about 1 February. If the bees keep getting a flow then you can mate queens right up till the end of April but you never know what the weather is going to do.. Those late matings sometimes don't even start to lay until spring . Autumn re-queening suits me and what I do. Spring re-queening can be fantastic and it can be really awful. I suppose you could say the same thing about autumn but in general the weather is more settled. I have seen a few absolute disasters re-queening in autumn due to crappy weather but nothing like what I've seen in spring. At least if something goes wrong in autumn you have the spring to fix it up.
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    Hives today were on a light flow. What a difference it makes to the bees. No smoke but they were completely calm as was I. A much nicer day. Hot but.
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    Take a kitchen towel and drop a few drops of cloves oil on it. put it into a plastic box, close the lid and let it stay there overnight. the smell of the cloves oil acts as a natural deterrent to bees.
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    Will look up tomorrow what cardboard it is, 45 cm long and I think 2.5 cm wide and from memory 2 mm thick. One dry strip weighs 18 g. I dry them really well and no damage to bees at all. No, they last at least a month or longer.
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    Re-queening today. Bees robbing like crazy, it's years since I have seen it this bad . Using liquid smoke today but I don't think it makes much difference. I have re-queened hives like this before and it normally works out all right but working in these conditions is no fun and it was one of those days when you think- why am I doing this job.. PS. I have seen a dead dingo. It was beside an old abandoned railway stationon the old Garn railway. It's pretty dry here but it would have to be a lot drier to get as dry as that dingo was.
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    Why not check out your thread @Alastair and check out what @Otto is using to sew the staples? And when I say ‘sew’ . . . .
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    I only use a water mister in the nuc yards. Have not used smoke in a yard for over a month. I don't buy a water mister, just recycle a window glass bottle cleaner from the house. Once the flow stops here and crops harvested we get robbing. So it's not going to be easy. Light drizzle here today, hoping for a good dollop. Have tried the placebo smoke mixture, not convinced of its effect.
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    Being of Scottish descent it always irked me to pay for 30g pre waxed frames and see the overspray was coating the entire frame. Beetek frames from ecrotek is where I bought them Alistair
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    I have a heavy duty singer sewing machine but I use it for sewing other stuff and there is no way it would be any good for anything but gib tape if I started down that track . I have some ready to use staples , made by someone who knows what they are doing , to put in my hives soon . They are in a sealed bag in my freezer . I want my bees to finish capping their honey on the late flow before I put them in . I have been using the OA vapouriser twice a week . I use a burgler bar to lift the hive up on the side . I do this fully kitted up now . The first time the bees all poured out and stung me . When I lifted the front up they never reacted like that . @Alastair Actually its not so.much that the machine would not be any good but the room that I sew other fabric in would be contaminated by paper dust .
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    Alastair, I heat the glycerine to about 60C then tip in about half the OA and stir it around a bit, then when temp gets to about 60C again tip in the balance of the OA. Is that acceptable practice based on your research?
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    Aah ... the joys of commercial bee keeping. Big yards, big gear, big dollars. Big Buzz.
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    And the circle continues... give him a call and ask him.. perhaps he doesn’t want to hang all the washing out on here.., forcing everyone to stare at it.
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    Hi @Snap I always put some of my honey in the freezer straight after I put it into the jars. Some types honey will be liquid when you get it out of the freezer but some honey very very slowly crystalizes. The good thing about the freezing honey I have discovered recently is, because the whole aging process is slowed down so much by freezing when it does crystalize it does so with a fine grain and not large sharp crystals. This is what you are trying to achieve with the creaming process. That’s the up side, the down side is you might fill up the freezer if you don’t have a large one.
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    Sorry, not a prayer of stirring it back to a liquid unless you cream it. Will turn into one big crystalised mass.
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    The whole North Island is now covered by a fire ban. What is the legal situation around smoker use?
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    Thanks. I will give it a try.
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    We have an auto Moderate feature. We could turn that on, where a post with say 5 seperate reports gets auto removed. People would need to actually use it though. And yes there is the ignore bit where you can't see another person's posts.
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    Thanks. If i can't block the person completely it would eat me up wondering what crap is being said behind my back, i won't bother.
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    I didn’t word my post very well it should have said. “ALL natural honey is good for sore throats so that would include the corona virus” better get some as back up in your cupboard now.
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    i think a lot of manuka could be sold to older women who want to stay healthy. corona virus seems to be fatal to older men. you will never get older men to spend money on their health.
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    You have the power in this situation, once they employed you with or without a written agreement you have the law on your side. I would go back to them and ask for the job back/or payment as agreed to, if they don't, your next call should be to the labour dept.
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    It doesn't sound right ..... but then ..... there are always two sides to a story. But, from an employers perspective .... it generally pays to make sure all the employee paperwork is spot on, plus some, because when it comes to court, generally the employer gets taken to the cleaners.
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    Thanks Phil, your idea and trials with using gib tape as a medium of administering a varroa treatment to hives has certainly altered the playing field.
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    Great but unexpected result: Truck found via social media just a few miles away locked up and undamaged. Police recon it's one of the only undamaged finds in a long time: seems like a joy rider from somewhere pretty close to home? Bloody good lesson to keep the security levels high. Cheers Keith
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    Ive been outside , the wind stopped blowing . I lost the plot with all the squabbling and drifted off the thread .
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    Hang on to the popcorn ..... there's sure to be some new entertainment coming shortly ..... and if not, we'll make our own.
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    Yah cant keep a keen man down .....they’ll be a newbee who does’nt want hives posting in a day or two....
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    He’s added plenty of constructive over the course of this thread, there was an obvious downturn that took place that has resulted in the current situation ..
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    Make sure you put a tarp down, getting a bit of honey on the lounge carpet would be a royal pain the the backside..
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    Just as well you're 6'4 and two axe handles across the shoulders, lumping that chair around..
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    You’re like a paddock of cow manure, I heard they had to work later because you left
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    Should have. Could have got me onto it a few years sooner. My back is not getting any younger. 😄
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    No dingos, but a dude with Black Power tattoo on his guts stopped to stare. He was walking down the road with his shirt over his head. Stood by for a while and strolled away flapping his arms about. It's so dry the flies are finding it hard to reproduce with the cow pat. So says farmer brown.
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    I remember a case many years ago when a worker got a doctors cert for a bee sting and used it to take sick leave. The doctor wrote down "laceration" on the certificate.
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    Gosh Maggie, chill some. I don't even dare write / publish queen breeding encyclopedia epitome. Heck i can't even spell the word. 😉 And Phil lawyers guns and money is a quote from a Warren Zevon song which was intended to inject some humour, I am sure you are aware of that. Ya both had bad coffee this morning i think. 😎 And Yesbut, I've been trying to avoid saying this cos I like you. But you are a pot stirrer.
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    @Philbee what's the correct weight of oa per gram of elasticated waistband ?
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    Why? Because it is. Define straight stitch... ask your lawyer he will need to go to the courts for a ruling, we anticipated such a question.
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    Bro ..... This is the first year I have worn shorts day in day out down here for two months day after day ...... my take on climate change ..... an Red Bands .... it's either that or the line dancing boots as the other work boots are stuffed and times are hard. So Red bands it is , or the jandals but that would be a health and safety issue. And while we are talking Health and Safety, the local St Johns are holding a a First Aid training day in a couple of weeks. I think we should probably book the Team in and all get refreshed. Yah never know when you might drop a truss on the Jandal.
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    Of course! I always take things so seriously... anyway.. I’ll bring some vege garden weeds.. they grow real good round here over summer.. last party I witnessed at white cliffs was many moons ago on the old stage at Grennels.. nudist massaging.. as a teenager my eyeballs popped out and hit the windscreen as my gruff uncle slapped me upside the head .. happy days
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    You've got some reading to catch up on. Banned.
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    One of my sites has a hillside of koromiko just across the road from it or it did. I was up there today and the whole hillside has gone up in flames. Fortunately it didn't get to the bees but it was close enough..
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