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    When you go to a site to harvest today but expecting it to have done poorly. First hive is queenless and confirms your suspicions. But after that, every box, on every hive, like this. 👍 🙂 😎
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    C'mon @Alastair and @Philbee Let's tone it done a bit. Everyone is getting rather tired of these personal attacks. If the only way you can communicate is by constant swipes at each other then the moderators will take some direct action. You are both to blame, so please don't point at each other. I have given a lot of tolerance to this thread but I can close it and then delete the thread so all information will be lost. Your thread also @Alastair Sorry for the heavy hand but I have more things to do than police the kindergarten play yard.
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    Today's newspaper (The Beacon) had the name of the guy so I'm putting it on here. His name is Mark Owen. We still haven't had anything in writing but some of the details in the paper weren't correct but because we dealt with different people (police and prosecuter) usually on the phone it looks like some facts have been altered or left out. It wouldn't have changed his sentence though.
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    Once upon a time, when you helped someone, they generally didn't turn round and stab you in the back
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    I am afraid I would never waste my time doing a cut out. It's just not worth the effort. Better to put your time into looking after proper hives in proper gear.It can be a fun exercise if you've never done it before but once was enough for me.
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    Beautiful table honey, much nicer than its valuable cousin in my opinion..
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    i would say its most likely an inside job or an ex worker. unless the sites where exposed to the road.
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    Must be time for some rehydration therapy😜
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    Those pallets are around 700kgs each, it's got old man emu leaf springs and a big load plus leaf added aswell, got to have a minimum of 300kgs otherwise it rides really hard Iv had guys think I'm making a lot of money on their bush site and they're still after 75$ and I have others wanting 50$, i just tell them at that rate I'm working for free and will have to move out and they're all still saying that's fine well get someone else in🤣🤣🤣. I just think to myself no one will ever come way out here to this poor access site for one box of rata honey, I had to use the side by side just to get here. I use my makita one after smoking the top of the hive before scraping, way less squashed bees in the wax
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    Worst thing about living in the country is gates . Esp coming home late at night in the rain . I bet beeks have a very low opinion of them too.
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    yes I accept that is probably true. But after finally deciding to make a move, MPI had a wide range of options prior to choosing an option. If they really got it right and all the people who claim otherwise are wrong I don't know, maybe it is not quite right. As PR disasters go, this appears to be one in terms of some beekeepers who are adamant they really do have Manuka and of a pendulum that has swung too far the other way, such that I read about $1.50 per kg honey and long term beekeepers going to the wall. As slow moving as government is, it is part of their job to be calm, rational and to manage change accordingly to the people innocent of fraud. They take a very slow and drawn out approach to CO2 emmissions and their own government limousines. We are told these emissions are a threat to the survival of the human race, but they come down like a tonne of bricks on beekeepers. They might have been better to stay out of the science and simply go after some of the big counterfeiters and put them behind bars to send a message loud and clear. There have always been laws about fraud, false advertising, misrepresentation and so on and they could easily have proved what was going on. They in fact have prosecuted some of these. The Manuka standard was I guess, seen as an easier and cheaper way out of the problem. Other options were many, one would be look at harvest dec's, apiary sites and hive numbers and trace where honey went in and then what honey came out. Eventually it all comes back to keeping your 'eye on the ball' and they simply haven't. The greed that inflated the manuka bubble expanded because there was no timely intervention in response and that was when it was needed most; before anyone overseas cried foul.
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    Well, this is off the thread, but neither of those existed 35 years ago, I started with BNZ Challenge and Michael Fay in Fremantle. More recently working with Artemis and SailGP. In between others was 15 great years for Sir Peter Blake and Team NZ. I did do some small jobs for Oracle, but nothing substantial. It has to be said that year in and year out, it was the super yachts that provide continuity while Cup campaigns, started, stopped bickered and stalled in stop-go fashion.
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    A great advantage living near Dunedin is a more effective system called opening the windows 😊
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    Take a kitchen towel and drop a few drops of cloves oil on it. put it into a plastic box, close the lid and let it stay there overnight. the smell of the cloves oil acts as a natural deterrent to bees.
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    Thanks Phil, your idea and trials with using gib tape as a medium of administering a varroa treatment to hives has certainly altered the playing field.
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    Difference between trial hives and regular ones. Difficult to answer as the regular hives get the same treatment and I dont look at them nearly as much. However looking back over 3 years Id say the trial Hives and the Regular hives are similar although hives that are opened the most seem to be really good. Ive never used conventional treatments as a Commercial so have no way of comparing. I have noticed that some Spring Hives are slow to start but do catch up, However this is not an absolute, Many Spring Hives bolt from the start. That may be to do with the Queens? There is one consistent observation though, Hive that winter well start well.
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    Thing with that, I've had the exact same experience, and thought no other beekeeper would be foolish enough to take up the offer, but then some fool does. 😳 However this type of thing will not keep going indefinately, very soon these other beekeepers just won't have the money to pay on these types of sites, even if they wanted to. In fact i suspect some of these landowners won't even get paid by the current beekeeper cos end of the day, can't get blood out of a stone.
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    One January, when looking for new Dew sites I ran into another Beeman coming out of a primo block with a big syrup tank on the back of his truck. His comment was that he always fed the bees when they went into the dew as it stimulated more brood rearing ..... and hey presto, three weeks later he had more young bees to forage for winter stores..... which gave hime stronger hives in the spring. As they say, now is the time to prepare for next year ! Prepare for next year ..... we haven't even started extracting this years crop. What a strange season it's been.
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    Didn't think you were Trevor, and your comments were correct. To be fully OSH compliant, most likely i should have used a respirator, plus either a harness, scaffold, or crane. So I'm a lawbreaker I guess. Just, couldn't be bothered, didn't want to incurr the expense, confident I examined the site and used a method that in my mind was safe. The toxicity of breathing Dust 2 Dust is comparable to breathing a permethrin based household fly spray, and I don't bother with breathing equipment when I spray for flies in the house. Carbarol is a pure product with a spreader, designed to be diluted in water, not used pure. Dust to Dust and for that matter Permex, are designed to be used in a blower and are therefore diluted down in talcum powder, to lower the active ingredient to a safe level for that method of application. All the same, label directions are to wear a respirator so I guess I was in breach. . Legally, no. It is exactly this type of thing that has caused not just many poisonings of non target animals, but even many bee poisonings, when any random person thinks they can mix up a home brew of whatever they want, and put it out to kill what they think it will kill. Although these laws are rarely enforced, laws around on label use of poisons exist for a reason. Vespex was several years in development and trials. Totally easy to make something that will kill wasps. A littl harder to develop a product that used in the required manner, will kill wasps, but nothing else. Which is why a little test is required before you can buy it. Vespex is cheap. A 600 gram tub kills a heckuva lot of wasp nests. Check it out. https://www.merchento.com/vespex.html
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    Very interesting post Nuc_man. I already know personally two commercial beekeepers who have been able to extract themselves from it and one is now working a job, the other doing nothing while figuring out what to do next. Sadder are those who are steadily loosing money but still locked in and don't know where to turn. Does the general farming community realise the struggle? No. When dairy collapsed there was massive sympathy. Current issues in beekeeping are probably even worse, and to add to that, in my view there is unlikely to be any future turnaround. But nobody really knows, or cares. There will be tears, and that, is just the facts on the ground.
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    Having sewn all sorts on a domestic machine - including sails, main thing is to frequently change needles as they get blunt and munted, and use heavier gauge for heavier fabric/card etc. Dust usually packs around the bobin holder and affects the running of the machine, so need to clear out quite often and oil or spray with silicone spray to lubricate.
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    Good to know it has performed well for you Russ. Of course a version which will thread it's own needle is available, the 4423. But you have to pay some extra bucks. In my view the 4411 is ridiculously cheap, so with me being a cheapskate, we have a match. 😉 Oh and of course, great to see so many men in touch with their feminine sides and discussing the merits of their sewing machines. 🤣
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    Forgive my ignorance as I haven’t read the patent but does it cover other materials such as cardboard? What material is the overboard some beekeepers are using? Sounds like that has serious holding power against removal. I have shifted half my bees back from Manuka sites to wintering sites close to home.. these hives are currently under reinvasion attack I can only assume from neighbours.. the hives left up country today are drawing foundy on Dew And are beautiful and clean.. it blows me away the difference.. man these mites are tough creatures.. ya gotta just keep on hitting them or they’ll win the battle every time
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    I only use a water mister in the nuc yards. Have not used smoke in a yard for over a month. I don't buy a water mister, just recycle a window glass bottle cleaner from the house. Once the flow stops here and crops harvested we get robbing. So it's not going to be easy. Light drizzle here today, hoping for a good dollop. Have tried the placebo smoke mixture, not convinced of its effect.
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    You have the power in this situation, once they employed you with or without a written agreement you have the law on your side. I would go back to them and ask for the job back/or payment as agreed to, if they don't, your next call should be to the labour dept.
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    It doesn't sound right ..... but then ..... there are always two sides to a story. But, from an employers perspective .... it generally pays to make sure all the employee paperwork is spot on, plus some, because when it comes to court, generally the employer gets taken to the cleaners.
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    Bro ..... This is the first year I have worn shorts day in day out down here for two months day after day ...... my take on climate change ..... an Red Bands .... it's either that or the line dancing boots as the other work boots are stuffed and times are hard. So Red bands it is , or the jandals but that would be a health and safety issue. And while we are talking Health and Safety, the local St Johns are holding a a First Aid training day in a couple of weeks. I think we should probably book the Team in and all get refreshed. Yah never know when you might drop a truss on the Jandal.
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    Kanuka would not drain at all.
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    If there is any kind of a flow still going, putting on a wet super is the way to get the bees straight down to work. 🙂
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    The Autumn part of the trial was purely to demonstrate Efficacy / Effectiveness However it had been noted that Spring time was when the Bees were the most aggressive at cleaning the Staples out of the Hive (chewing) so as Part of the effectiveness aspect of the system goes it was important to also assess the rate of chewing in a hive because a chewed out treatment is hardly going to be effective no matter how toxic it is to mites. So we looked at chewing this Spring. Ive run Nosema tests along the way also but not to an extent that any claims can be made. As for Honey production no tests have been done at a recorded level however there is barely an empty Honey cell in the outfit. As for residues thats another issue and one that will be dealt with also. It will cost about 12k to sort that but the main issue is to establish what residues are to be tested for. I would suggest that the pathogen monitoring program may have some date on the health of OA/GL Hives and now that the trail is in its very late stages I may send some samples away for testing which of course could be part of a data volume. The fact that all the trial hives are numbered and on permanent sites means that the trial is in effect perpetual There was one site (No. 3)that had very high Autumn Mite counts and subsequently preformed poorly even although the Mites were eliminated. The deadouts in that site remain and will be restarted shortly. This will be recorded and the condition of those Hives monitored. And so it goes on, never ending
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    One or two assumptions in that post Old Timer, but i'll have to concede, in Otago they do everything better than any North Islander could ever do. 😉
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    That's the truth. Harvest used to be a time of plenty, and feeling good!! This year I'm laying out thousands of dollars extracting fees with no guarantee of any return. 😳 Instead of risking buying any sugar with money i don't have I'm leaving a full box on each hive.
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    i was thinking along those lines seeing the punishment they go through.
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    Crikey Maggie.. 😳 i don’t have a flash water tanker or a flash truck to put it on.. or flash fire resistant elephant grass.. but i do have lots of them orange buckets... which this time of year are filled with water and travel on the ute deck.. that and not using the smoker at all of course . Forests are closed, farm is a tinder box and a couple of scrub fires are burning fairly close to home tonight..
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    3 is a bit cuddly in the cruiser
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    If the guy has been convicted in court and it is publicly available information there will be no legal issues. Facebook? Yeah nah. Posts appear then fade away into cyberspace. There should be a sticky thread here of convicted criminals who are a danger to other beekeepers, so it can be referenced for informational purposes, by people considering doing business with certain people. It needs to be up for more than a week. However out of respect for the site, if I do get any info sent to me i will submit a proposed thread to a moderator for vetting before posting anything.
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    All of the above topics mentioned, packed into one day. What about adding a sniffer dog demo, plus demo destroying and disposing of an AFB hive. Presentation re % of monies reclaimed off recidivists for inspection and destruction. A decent video of an acceptable method to inspect a beehive for AFB without increasing the likelihood of damaging the queen! What does new detection tools mean? Does this refer to in the field or lab? Workshop must commence at specified time advertised with appropriate breaks, and the room must not be an icebox! A whizzy workshop, sounds like a good idea.
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    We never seem to drop below 60% and often cruise along at 90%. Even if its only 25 c you can break a sweat without doing anything .
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    Well good at least somebody reported their suspicions. Had it actually been a sheep rustler would have been great to nab one of them. They could go do some honest hunting but no, it's easier to get an easy feed by ruining somebody's life. They should be sent to North Korea for 15 years hard labour.
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    Maybe we will begin to see produce such as honey heading into the UK again now that they are out on their own.. Magical Honeydew from the colonies.. let’s see the aussies try and copy that one.
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    play. I live in wellington these days. Not sure how much longer, world is pretty big. Lived in dunedin a while (2009-15), and have good mates living in my house down there - hence the couple of hives that work in absentia cos people are plenty capable of under-supering a hive when asked based on guesswork and weather. Also why they're run without excluders. Air NZ grab-a-seat alerts means it normally costs about $100 return to get there for a weekend. I could probably figure out how many times the hives have been opened in five years, seems to work alright. Two swarms the first year as i was figuring things out, both got caught via remote instruction My sister, my mum and her partner, and my dad and his partner all live in taranaki = where i lived until i left at 17. So I'm up there a bit too - especially when my three year old niece needs to go tramping and her younger brother isn't up to much walking yet. Hence the apiary up near the national park. Growing the on-call beekeeping crew up there too - helps that any honey they want comes in ten litre servings...
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    thats the big nasty issue. AFB getting away on beeks because they don't spend the time in the hives. especially those who run large numbers of hives per beek or have large amounts of temp staff who are not really interested.
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    I have a heavy duty singer sewing machine but I use it for sewing other stuff and there is no way it would be any good for anything but gib tape if I started down that track . I have some ready to use staples , made by someone who knows what they are doing , to put in my hives soon . They are in a sealed bag in my freezer . I want my bees to finish capping their honey on the late flow before I put them in . I have been using the OA vapouriser twice a week . I use a burgler bar to lift the hive up on the side . I do this fully kitted up now . The first time the bees all poured out and stung me . When I lifted the front up they never reacted like that . @Alastair Actually its not so.much that the machine would not be any good but the room that I sew other fabric in would be contaminated by paper dust .
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    Hi @Snap I always put some of my honey in the freezer straight after I put it into the jars. Some types honey will be liquid when you get it out of the freezer but some honey very very slowly crystalizes. The good thing about the freezing honey I have discovered recently is, because the whole aging process is slowed down so much by freezing when it does crystalize it does so with a fine grain and not large sharp crystals. This is what you are trying to achieve with the creaming process. That’s the up side, the down side is you might fill up the freezer if you don’t have a large one.
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    I didn’t word my post very well it should have said. “ALL natural honey is good for sore throats so that would include the corona virus” better get some as back up in your cupboard now.
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    Not if you heat the gly then add the ox. I'm not talking 300 tonne retorts here....
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    This is whats been really frustrating. You get to a point where you just want to count a Mite Sometimes you will see a sting floating around in the bowl and it gets tempting to count it
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    It's difficult to be sure of the dose with home made remedies. A small colony may be due to other factors than mites (failing queen?) although mites are something that has to be managed well. Last summer I had a couple of colonies that suffered from chronic bee paralysis virus with thousands dead outside those two hives - they were just walking/staggering out to fall on the pile of corpses underneath. Both colonies did survive though. CBPV is increasing in the UK, I understand, although it is not associated with varroa - although some paralasys issues are. And of course some bees just get old and die.
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    Sounds like one of the Paralysis viruses. I suggest you have a high mite loading and the hive is on the point of collapse. Why is it the small hive? Mites.
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