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    Yes. it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Those attending the tut thought it was worthwhile. The dog demo was great - made AFB detection look eazy peezy, and we saw the latest AFB sniffer dog in action who happened to be a rescue dog with spunk. It was a wonderful opportunity for those attending to meet Marco and have a chat. Pre dinner duck salami provided. The pork spit roast was fantastic, shoot the night before and cooked with beech honeydew. A great array of home made salads accompanied the meat with wonderful home baked corn bread - South American recipe. One beekeeper stunned us w
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    WEATHER FORECAST, WHITECLIFFS, SUNDAY 14 JUNE: Snow on the foothills to 600 metres. 'Gowanlea' situated at 400 metres. The snow does not lie around the house & sheds. Shingle road in these conditions will be opened, no chains required. Temperature 10-12 degrees C. A little bit chillier than last month, but probably one of the best times in the South Island. We will continue to take regos for the tutorial, sniffer dog event etc. A couple of days prior the weather forecast is cold & wet. Don't be fooled or put off by this. Yesterday very cold & wet - today 12 de
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    Gonna be fab weather at Whitecliffs. It's all go this a.m. - even down to the marshmallows for the spit roast!
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    Today, Marco Gonzales has advised he will represent the AFB NPMP at the afternoon session. This is a fantastic opportunity for attendees to get updates on AFB in their regions, plus have a chat with Marco. Tomorrow I am up to Whitecliffs to set up the tut room. The single mens' quarters has a log burner, so we will all be toastypie, attentive and happy. The goody bags from NZ Beeswax arrived today. Also available on the day diagnostic disease and T4B pamphlets and booklets. The spit roast has evolved into a winter solstice celebration.
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    I never heard of this guy .... I am just disseminating information that comes my way by the most trusted of vehicles ..... the internet.
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    Oh dear ..... I 'aint saying nothing lest I get Modded ..... the Forum is great in that it allows us to communicate from the safety of our panic rooms ..... but once in a while it does the soul good to get out and gaze into the eyes of the Mona Lisa . And tonight, with a drop to level one in the levels program .... I think I might go out. I am happy to see that Alistair made it !!
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    NZBees is a supporter of small business. Forum owner Grant has set rules all of which are necessary for good reasons even if not obvious to contributors. Forum members undertake to abide by the rules when they join up. It has been made abundantly clear in the past @Maggie James that moderation is NOT up for discussion. You can start a thread after the event.
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    I remember a few years ago sitting out side the Honey Shed with my old mate Arthur. It was late march and we had just finished the extracting for the year. And as we sat in the late Autumn warmth supping on a cuppa he made the comment ....' Gosh... I can't wait for next year' . I laughed and retorted ...'Mate, we "aint even got the bees wintered down, and you are thinking of next year .....! ' And so it was today, as Main Man and I pulled strips and checked for feed and disease in a yard where the ice still hadn't melted at 3.30 in the afternoon.....I was thinking of ne
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    there's a time wormhole somewhere....... event began 9/4/21 and repeats until 24 Sept 21. I know we lost time in lockdown but we aren't in April 21 yet are we?. If its US dates, its only one date.
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    Hello Yesbut - Interesting comment. Is there something happening I should know about? This weekend to & fro to Whangarei with Air NZ was absolutely farcical & incredibly stressful. When I arrived I felt like doing a Pope act to kiss the ground, because I started to think I would never get there. I have got some healthy credits with Air NZ, but I will not be booking anymore until they get their act together. I cannot deal with the timetable changes on a daily basis. They have so many timetable changes it is impossible to plan your life. I am grateful that
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    Last week's Beekeeping Knowledge very successful & participants extremely happy with delivery of tutorial, facility & lunch & some socialising over the break. Last thing I expected there to be avid note taking on, was the soup recipe which I didn't have because I am a Guess By God cook. Thanks to NZ Beeswax for goody bags. Already a nice group number for 12 July, can take more registrations.
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    Everything on track for tomorrow's beekeeping tut. I can take one more booking.
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    Bazza is going to attend, and is threatening to sit in the back row of the tut room and roll jaffas down the floor.
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    Thank you Nick. If you were going to rock up, cos it's you, I would have a some Oamaru blue cod for you, caught a couple of weeks ago at level 3 and frozen in sea water. I have not known the ABH guys 45 years, but over 20 and time sure flies. Just watching the weather forecast for Sunday - sunny -fab
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    Looking good Brother .... high of 10c, low of 1c ..... Boys are out tonight looking for something to put on the spit roaster..... never know yah luck when hunting ..... might be pig, might be deer ...... or might be just plain old possum !
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    Not only are we commercial and semi commercial beekeepers each of over a couple of decades of business, we are doing our utmost to survive in a depressed beekeeping and Covid environment, and we thought that the forum would be an ideal channel to promote and support our businesses. We thought the forum was a supporter of small business
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    From a global perspective we are a first in beekeeping functions. We will keep you updated on weather and snow conditions, and the menu for our winter solstice function. Both myself and James are incredibly upset our thread has been blocked, we wanted to post photos of our event on our thread. We had thought up until now, that the forum was about promoting small business. We are not happy. But somehow we have decided we will disseminate photos of our function whether this is via the bee forum or other mediums. We know that we can't use the bee forum because our event will disappear on
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