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    any inside pics of this James ? hi no its all fresh as, well we have had a bit of luck, cleaned air filter out, not much dirt in it, shortened the fuel pipe a bit it had a slight kink in it, but noticed after it had been sitting a bit a dirty big air bubble appeared in the line, so chanced that bit the bullet put air cleaner and all on gave it a pull and started after 3 pulls which is about normal, little twink on the mix screw and all pretty good just need some wood to try it on now
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    Forgot to mention, since is cold again and bees are stuck in the hives this little rapscallion ( marten) came too close.. Pic from yesterday.
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    ..and comes with noise & fumes. Starting an axe presents no problems. Far better for mental health than a machine that won't go.
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    i think it was sucking air in a wee hole in fuel line, so carby and every thing alse got a sort out as well, made cover for motor as the last dipstick to use it left it out uncovered, then thought i would wield some tubing for the indicator wires as well, then of cause it got a paint job,
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    we have sold more bush this last few weeks than any other honey, our bush has a mix of manuka, kanuka and kamahe to 53% the rest bits of every thing, taste really nice
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    Great weather here in the valley. Autumn is certainly our stable weather season.
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    Our crazy kowhai is flowering again outside the dining room window. Riley watches the bell birds hanging upside down. The Tuiswill be along soon once there are enough flowers. Bird TV
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    Over here after the snow again I was able to work in t shirt on Saturday and Sunday ( some fence/posts repair).. Today again day temps around 5C.. As I wrote there were snow and frosts some of the fruit flowers seems survived... BUT again we will have some 5 days with night temps of minus 3 to zero C.. Madness even bigger.. How such sharp weather changes affect on health.. who knows.. I still haven't taken a frame into hands this season, and seems not at least till weekend.. This is also strange for me.. On top of this that covid situation..
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    Agreed Gino, but people are gullible. I used to think thgat the travelleing snake oil salesmen that worked shows in the USA a century ago showed how dum people were then, but they are just as dum now. All the same, eating healthy, or not eating healthy, can be pretty important. I haven't been able to crack the supermarket level yet. Which may not be a bad thing because I am too small to guarantee ongoing supply. My sellers are dairies, markets, hobby beekeepers who sell more than they produce, a florist, and some vege markets. I am sure most of them are now closed down but I think one of the vege places is open. BTW for small level sales a florist is a good option. Being a florist is quite stressful because the shelf life is very short and a bad buying decision, or just plain bad luck, can mean they chuck out a lot of flowers and cost them a lot of money. But honey with it's long shelf life, if attractively packaged, looks good on the shelf, the florist can put it there and forget about it, and people see it and buy it. Easy money for the florist.
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    They have a plan. Shed is not in use so goes the shopping for 3 days, if it can be washed with soap and water it will be, they have set out protocols for washing closes self and everything when they come back in the house. Hubby has health issues, their aim keep their father alive. When the son gets to the house clothes off and into the open washing machine the he into the shower. that is after gloves and mask off at the shed and hands washed in soap and water there first. Thankfully they are dead serious about it. They know my story from when I was nursing and on night duty and had my first case of norovirus and how virulent that was.
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    Yesterday we were told we would get over 100 mm and ended up with 14. Better than nothing but trees are starting to die around here. Stayed at home because of the forecast and made frames all day. Put on the music and get in the zone. The only way to survive wiring.
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    Sorry if this has been posted before, it came from fb. I thought I'd just leave this here on the basis that Tristan will be along shortly.
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    Around here, booze . One young guy I know thought he'd buy himself a car.
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    The last two days on the Plains - 8.5 mm of rain. Managed to get the winter seedlings in prior. The mesclun mix salads can't grow fast enough, cos I am not going to the supermarket to buy lettuce. Managed to harvest veges and freeze, so apart from carrots have got a major selection on hand. Also traded the last week of level 3 fruit, plants and veges for anything else I didn't have on hand. Still have plenty of fruit to decide what I am going to transform them into! Meant to be 19 here today, so will go and do some bee work. Farm owners contacted and they are happy. I have had so much to do the last couple of days around home, I just haven't had time to get bored.
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    Not sure ..... bought them at Mitre 10 in the good old days ......
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    I hope he has a copy of the game Bananagram, that would help him if he can find a moderately sober person to play with
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    Is he acting as entertainment and moral lesson for your kids .
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    My husband is hopeless at killing things . But he will help me butcher it once its on the hook . it takes quite a bit of strength to pull the skin off a sheep on a hook . He is very good a sharpening knives. Really sharp knives make such a difference .
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    I'm too much of a townie to slit it's throat. Husbands even worse than me. He can't even look at the pigs or sheep while I butcher them. Once it's dead im all good to hang and butcher it though. Looks like the sheep will be off the hook for a while
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    Or remove the mouse nest
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    Wow that looks pretty smart Kevin! Re the motor stalling, since it's happening when you put the air filter on is there a blockage in the air filter, ie when it was off did it get water in the sponge or something? So easiest place to start is give the air filter a wash in petrol and re oil if it's one of those ones then see if that works. After that, play with the air / fuel mix screw. That's the quick and easy stuff but if none of that works, a lot of those engines have pretty basic carby's now and they get a bit of water in and you get oxidation around the jets or in some other places, even where the rubber gasket goes that has a flapper type thing for feeding petrol through. In that case the carby has to be totally stripped and immaculately cleaned, probably need a new gasket and see how that works.
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    Catsear still flowering in the valley and loads of orange pollen coming in. Drones still flying so can't be too cold yet.
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    I understand Bron, 3 adult sons living at home told us we are over 60 so not allowed out. Only they are doing the shopping. All good I always keep a good pantry and the preserving jars are all full. But I am more than happy to let them take control with the shopping. Enjoy
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    Yes you've got to be worried about the people in a place like India.
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    Speaking of wood and fire, with about 2 inches of rain overnight and today I applied for a permit to burn the bon fire which has accumulated in the back paddock over the drought and subsequent fire ban.. very simple process.. applied yesterday arvo, received midday today. One of The small joys I can look forward to during lockdown is a good old burn up supervised with a beer.
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    I've never been attracted by wood splitters. I have always enjoyed having a pile of blocks and a splitting hammer in the back yard, just wander out every now and then give another couple of blocks the message. August is our firewooding month. As soon as there's room in the shed, down come another few trees, usually blackwoods, this year it'll be eucs. They have two summers to dry before I use them...
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    DNA is a very stable molecule and you'd be surprised just how much of it is "floating" around. Labs doing routine DNA testing have to be very careful and pedantic with clean surfaces and equipment as it is super easy to contaminate things otherwise. Part of the issue for labs working with DNA is that many tests rely on amplifying (making many millions of copies of) particular bits of DNA, which makes cleanliness and sterilising super important.
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    I don't have a fly swat. Instead a mini plastic tennis racket from the $2 shop. You put a battery in it, and swot away, and the flies get killed by an electric shock on the plastic racket wires. I have developed a v strong effective back hand.
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    Just been called by a very concerned landowner to tell me that wasps are swarmimg the hives, from his description it sounded pretty bad. I do not have entrance gaurds on because up to recently it's been too hot. Commercial beekeepers are allowed to visit their bees if it's a livestock welfare issue, but I was hoping not to have to use that. But looks like I'll be out for a day putting gaurds on that site and others nearby, I'll be taking vespex with me also.
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    In the bigger picture I agree everyone has some strategy, even no strategy is a 'strategy'. But in this thread we're interested in the performance of OAG and varroa treatments generally and to learn out its limits and if possible to improve to the point where it is idiot proof. So, what you discuss belongs in another thread, but I don't want to cause offence over it.
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    its going now, only took two days, the last person to use it wont get it again, could hear some one a couple doors down banging wedges swinging an axe and i thought-poor ######, yell out if you want to use it,
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    Good to see the socket is still there if more adjustments are needed . Lack of a safety chain is a bit of a concern , but with such a solid coupling , probably overkill haha .
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    When I was out walking yesterday, I noticed a pohutukawa in full flower. I did not see any bees on it. Really screwed up season in Manawatu.
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    A friend of my husband's came to stay with us for isloation. He packed something like 160 beers. He boredom drunk his way through 3/4 already ! ADHD and lockdown don't go together easily.
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    That right there is p poor preparation my friend .. lucky for me my bubble and large booze stash is safe ...
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    Bacon is up there with coffee. Can any of your family grab a sheep , sit it on its bum , then slit its throat hang it up and skin it .? 16 months !!!! Hubby and I are already walking on different ends of the beach .
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    logsplitters must rank up there with avocado stones for ACC claims
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    Ha ha no migrants to blame this time !!!
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