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    Went out and fetched the selected starter hive today, three boxes of bees, and when I cracked it open I broke apart a good amount of drone brood - no mites in there. The Queen will go into a nuc in the next few days and will be one of the breeders to be grafted from - first graft scheduled for August 26th.
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    Hi. Those of you who helped with thier comments may like to know that the outcome of getting a new pure sine wave 1000w inverter solved the problem entirely. I also wrapped the heated bowl in heat wrap, one metre of it, $6 from repco. It now heats quicker, reheats faster and would appear to use less power. Thanks.
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    2 bucks ....not quite as good as honey ..... but youknow ...
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    We began using staples this time last year so have now completed a full year using only 40% staples for controlling varroa.
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    I think we'll go for adapt and change ..... dog meat is quite good business now .
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    @frazzledfozzle I have used staples regularly over spring, summer, autumn & winter. I see the deaths out the front door for about a week after each application. Maybe not the summer one as there is so many bees. Anyways, it’s not nice to watch, but I haven’t lost any hives. I think a key to successful application is that there is settled weather for a week afterwards. If the bees are trapped inside because of rain or cold they have greater exposure to fresh OA and their environment gets really moist. Neither of which is good for them, particularly during the cold times.
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    I'll have spare queens in October if you need a hand, if you can handle my southern cross, lol
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    Good scheme! My dawg is large...$ per kilo boned out, bagged and frozen? 😊
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    aaah here we go again.. our wee AFB recurring nightmare recurs again.. same site as last spring.. same first round check ... 5 with foulbrood.. old mate has a site up the road which has halved in size I see.. interesting.. and I also hear today there is another outfits shed based in range... well we dropped the whole damn site in the fire pit and lit up the dawn sky leaving a bittersweet taste in the mouth and a vow not to return til at least old mate retires. Good work by the guys as the bees were nice and strong but it was there.. under the punctured capping.
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