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    In my humble opinion a lot of varroa failure is possibly cross infection. i wonder if this is partly why staples are often very effective, on going treatment to control cross infection. I have been asked to place hives on an island in the gulf that has no hives and is a wildlife sanctuary. I am dying to see how they differ from my home hives over a season.
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    I am going to persevere with alternatives even though synthetics still work fine for me . I think humanities days of easy victories over all competeing life forms are over . We may be wiping out a lot of the animals we would like to have around but we have lost the initial advantage of the surprise attack with bacteria , fungi , insects that like to eat our crops, weeds we do not want in our garden etc . I have been a mostly organic gardener for 40 yrs and its bloody hard work .
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    On the matter of placement. Ive always put mine in a straight line and killed the Mites but Ive also always had a split Brood as a result That is the Spring Hive has Brood at one end and stores at the other with the row of staples as the boundary. It never bothered me because at least the Hive was healthy and that really what my goal was. Recently Ive realised that the square pattern layout in the central part of the Box is probably a step up. I might try it this season.
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    When I came to the bay 40 yrs ago there was lots of scappy land covered in gorse. Most of it was let go and ignored. Today that land is covered in native forest with no one lifting a finger to plant anything or remove the gorse .
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    The best pigs are always found on the neighbours place .... right. Contrary to many thoughts, ..... this little Whare did'nt cost a lot to build. I borrowed a book off my neighbour on log cabin building. If you got no land .... then you got find a piece of dirt, then you if you got no trees , you gotta find a truck load of trees .... trees are cheap right now .... all you need after that is a chainsaw and 40 litres of gas.... and the skill of a Bee Keeper with three months down time. Nothing to it !! Oh yeah, the thing I forgot, and this is the main thing guys ..... you need a woman that don't mind living in a log pile house..
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    Pines are a magnificent source of airborne pollen which is an incredible irritant to a lot of humans , and a weed tree , that at the rate they are supposedly being planted , have the potential to take over native forest and other areas that they are not desireable . Im not sure if anyone has calculated the carbon footprint of harvesting them either , and given they take 25 years to grow , and about the same to rot as outdoor timber , I cannot understand their usefulness for locking up carbon . They also deface land leaving a large mess behind and ruin soil structure . Your potential future goldmine and willingness to do what’s right will highly likely turn into a balls up . I have a small block of pines which are about to be removed and replaced with natives which will be more useful to the wildlife and look better . Your riparian planting plans are a great idea 😊
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    Then of course and correct me if I am wrong....it is local market (NZ) not export so it does not have to conform to any Manuka standard, MPI or whoever other than able to be proven if challenged on false labelling.
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    No real mite issues apart from two hives. so the staples are definitely keeping the mites at bay. im thinking that the narrows could be a better way for us to go they might not divide the brood nest the way the wides have with brood at one end of the frame and honey at the other.
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    Yes. It is just a misleading number, To make the customers think they are buying some high factor honey.
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    That would be more likely labelled MGO 40, very low quality "Manuka", shouldn't be allowed to be labelled Manuka, would be NPA(UMF) about 2 plus. Genuine UMF 40 plus would be priceless!
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    So they lost 3 hives, or some bees from 3 hives. the hysteria around 75000bees makes a dull story just a tad less dull. Now if it was 75000 hives, a bit different.
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    You need to get with 2 Degrees and their free built in Wifi Calling...it's great.
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    I reckon @Trevor Gillbanks. How anyone is allowed to sell mgo 40 as Manuka I just don't know!
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    Sure to be MGO 40 You will not find UMF 40 on Pak N Slave shelves for $9.50
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    Shopping today, jars from the wholesaler and labels from the stationers. Then pak'n'slave for groceries. UMF 40 manuka $9.50 for 500gms. I seriously considered buying the lot (not that much left) but thought that maybe they knew something that I didn't. Are manuka sales this much of a bust elsewhere?
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    Are we not all mostly on this journey because of the bad results with synthetics ?
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    My Staples are through the middle too, but after seeing @Stoney's results , I'm going to have a play and the next two sites are getting placed like his
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    We put staples in after pulling honey they went in a line right through the middle. The hives were strong single brood box’s with a box of honey left on top. Some sites I would say are cold over winter most of them aren’t. we also need to up our game. @Stoney your placement is different to ours we had them right through the middle.
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    I run one staple “leg” in each seam of bees.. on the edge of the brood area so just touching the outside extremity of the brood. These thumping beasts were last treated with staples in April.
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    Mine are a mixed bag too . Some with too many bees and others dwindled down to a couple of frames . None are due to hunger as there is plenty of honey on them and none is due to varroa . I have lost hives to varroa every winter and it is not the same as these . Everything about the residual bees is healthy , except for the lack of them . It’s site specific here . All dwindled hives are on one site , which is also the hives with the most honey on . For my flow , which doesn’t properly kick in till Christmas time , I’m pretty sure they will be big and powerful by then and I’ll be trying to tone them down . The missing bees must be dead in the field because there is no sign of them in the hive . On a side note , I checked the entrances of the hives I replaced old staples with new , yesterday , and there are no mass bee deaths out front . Just a few casualties of a full hive inspection
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    NIWA's soil moisture maps don't seem to reflect this https://www.niwa.co.nz/static/climate/smd_map.png?1234
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    I saw this near Te Anau and went back for another look. He was still there the next day so I suspect too many sweads in his diet.
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    Just shows even a beginner can do it. Well done Hayden, if everyone was as good as you we would likely have eliminated AFB from New Zealand.
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    +1 however i really dislike a lot of the complete BS claims that many alternative hives are sold by. plus they target non-beekeepers who don't know any better. for an experienced beek, no problem as they know what they are in for. its the scamming of beginners that annoys me.
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    If it is UMF 40 then it must have a lot of suntan lotion in it.
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    I’ve had a number of people tell me they are allergic to bees. When I asked what happens they tell me they get swelling around the sting and sometimes further up the limb.
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