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    What we have been finding , treated 1st week March
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    @Philbee, I’m impressed !!! I checked these hives and expected to find dead and dying hives.... i thought they were too far gone. they look great !! The number of dead varroa on the tops of the frames and in the cells under the strips showed how high the mite load was. I tried to take photos but the bees were rushing in and removing the dead varroa too fast. Two hives still have visible mites and dwv bees on the frames and bees numbers are clearly down. I’ve treated them with bayvarol, shut the entrances right down and they will sink or swim. The rest look clean and healthy, bees numbers are still good. The queens have slowed right down on brood and hives have heaps of pollen and stores. What brood there is looks healthy and well fed. Half the hives had the staples removed and bayvarol put in, in hindsight I’m not sure we needed to use the bayvarol but will see if it makes any difference. Im a very happy beekeeper. 👍👍👍
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    Olivia, we would love you to join the Auckland Bee CLub.. If you can get yourself to the Auckland Easter Show they have a stall there with very knowledgable club members who can help you heaps, and invite you to our next club meeting, where No Question is a silly question... Or have a look on line when the next club meeting is (second Saturday of each month)
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    OK I will search to find one. Thanks
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    You’re down, but not by $400. It’ll all be useable come spring - except for the queen. If you’re in Auckland and are still keen come spring, sing out and their is a fair chance I can help you out. Disclaimer: mine are complete mongrels with zero pedigree but are calm and make a lot of honey. They are also 3/4 frames. Edit: and a big upvote for the bee club suggestion. The hardest part for me has been knowing what’s normal. You’ll see that their and see their problems and how they are solved.
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    A shadecloth screen might be more aesthetic and has as much chance of working
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    Join your local Bee club. They will sell bees at the right time.
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    Ah .....bolting horses .... the mother of the three amigos was a bitch. I put it down to the way she was started. Pure bred Arab ..... she took off on me one day, so I gave her her head and let her run ...... bout six k's, then we hit a hill and she kept going another two k's til she ran out of puff, Turned her around and walked her home. She never really liked me, so we made her a brood mare. She still does'nt like me . Love is like that sometimes ... eh. Of course, dogs are slightly different.
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    I headed out today to retreat all my hives starting with the furthest away and working my way toward home over 4 days It didn't take long to realize I was wasting my time. First site treated 5-3-19 5-3-19 0/400 today 1/300 5-3-19 0/400 today 0/350 5-3-19 4/400 today 0/350 5-3-19 3/400 today 1/350 Second site treated 5-3-19 5-3-19 0/350 today 2/350 (end hive on line) 5-3-19 11/350 today 3/350 5-3-19 2/350 today 1/350 Third site treated 8-3-19, no counts done that day today 0/350 today 0/350 today 0/350 I weighed up the cost benefit of opening all the Hives at this time of year and decided to flag it till Spring. Most Staples were in good condition and will continue to work for a month yet. These Hives are not subject to extreme re invasion pressure although there are almost certainly spring swarms in the bush around the first two sites The third site with the zero counts is a pasture site.
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    that bunch of 5 specimens has gone for testing last week. Right now I have one specimen here plus 3 more slots booked, again leaving one final slot empty/available at the present.
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    All good but Ive been cautioning Beeks who have been calling me for help in the last 7 days As the weather gets colder as it is on the central plateau Im nervous about adding Staples. On frosty mornings Staples that are not well covered by Bees will absorb water and then drip out which stresses the Hive. IMO the staples need to run into the cold not be added during the cold damp weather. My advice has been that if Beeks want to treat now with Staples they do a small trial first and see how the Bees react
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    tested 3 sites yesterday committed to Ox/Gib- found 2 mites, that's it. These sites are also on a trail for protected cells, which were put in End of Feb. Was a bit nervous considering the rubbish results from cell requeens + Ox/Gib. Total 5 sites or 100 odd hives in Ox/gib trail. All were protected celled at same time. A few obvious duds- at a guess 10% which is what I would expect- queenless or drone layers. Also did a tally up, and I have too many hives.... last spring was great and I filled gear.... now to consider bringing some back some how.
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    We can but hope that a sledge hammer sentence is applied, rather than the traditional wet bus ticket to signal to the other offenders (and there will) so that a clear message is sent.
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    Something is wrong, and changing your base won’t be the solution sorry
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    The Marlborough Beekeeping Association will be hosting a honey tasting workshop, on Thursday 25th April at the Marlborough Research Centre, 7-9pm. This will be presented by Maureen Maxwell, international honey judge. Further details on our Facebook page. All welcome.
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    If you want real beekeeping youtube , look at our very own Trevor Gillbanks series.
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    No need to be, you're among friends here
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    Yes. I'm from Auckland. I'm embarrassed and want the post deleted now.
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    No they can't be caught and it wouldn't be ethical to trap someone else's bees anyway even if you could. They will be gathering honeydew which is produced by the giant willow aphid feeding on your willow tree and while they may all be bees they are most likely a mixture of bees and wasps. The other possibility of course is there is a hollow in your willow tree and a swarm of bees has moved in but from your description I would go for the honeydew theory.
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    As nectar sources are depleted at this time of the year, the bees will go for the grapes. Grapes are a high sugar content fruit. They pierce the skin and enjoy the contents. The rotting grapes are probably bee damaged grapes. Perhaps he can pick all his rotting grapes and put in the compost. Eat the good grapes.
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    Oh heck . No, you can’t start a colony of bees with scout /robber bees and a queen . At the very least you need your start with a very strong Nuc, but not this time of the year.
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    No it’s not normal. Something is wrong .
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    That sounds good Phil .... on that basis Plan B comes into play and i'm closing the operation down here and off to the bach for the winter. Hallalujah .... just like the old days. This seems to be the season of surveys. These are interesting figures Phil , and got me thinking. As we winter a yard down it would be interesting to have a hive condition score survey as well. So we get a graph of the yard at the end which will show the overall status of the yard ..... 38 good ones, five queen failures, and five varroa's that will be DOA in August. I guess this is all part of the research, for if we know that by placing all staples in hives by the end of february we can close the operation down on May 1st, like we always used to, all of a sudden we have an ability to trim costs - labour, fuel ..... and plan ahead for our slack time. Just an on going thought as I put honey on toast and shrink my honey mountain before heading out the door.
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    For years we had nothing but tin top covers and although mine are all wood now I'm not sure it made that much difference. The bees heat the space they are using and ignore the rest which is exactly what they supposed to do. I've kept some bees in some pretty cold country and I don't really think there's anywhere in New Zealand cold enough to warrant extra installation.As for bottom ventilation I know a lot of people swear by it but I also know experienced beekeepers with some of each who would not use ventilated floors again. The bottom line is bees overwinter perfectly well in New Zealand with solid floors and top boards without any extra insulation.If my hives don't need it, they don't get it.
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    Push it over the line @Philbee Over 70 loads @ 2-2.5 cube on one of my wintering sites ready for shifting tonight Shifted 55 more hives to my wintering site, 20hour day yesterday finishing at 12:30 and unloading this morning at 9am then went on to put staples in and feed 3 sites with a bit of chainsaw clearing to let some light in
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    Field day 2019.docx
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    By golly gosh your not wrong I didnt wrote that sentence right.
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    OK guys ..... my daily fix for keeping grounded in the world is the 6 O'clock news on TV One. Generally it's all pretty ho hum stuff about suffering and disaster ..... but I guess that's why I like it ..... because it reinforces that though we might be doing it it tough ...... our small lives are'nt nearly as tough as everyone else seems to be doing it. And tonight, with a full belly of wild pork and beans, and a cold one by my side, life is good. And so I watched the news, and David Attenborough proclaiming we have ten years to change our ways. And I remembered a festival I went to back in 1989 in the Stein Valley of British Columbia. The Stein is an untouched valley in the Rocky Mountains that logging interests have had their eyes on for many years. The local Indians were not happy about that and started to raise awareness that some parts of the planet are sacrosant ... and so the Stein Valley Festival came into being. The days opened with the beat of the Indian drums, and closed in the early dawn with a crescendo of more drums. It was intoxicating and uplifting. But the enduring memory was of Dr David Suzuki. I came accross his "Rant" again on utube this morning. ' We are the last generation who have the ability to make a lasting change as to the survival of our civilisation [ if you can call it that]. David Attenborough has given us the same rally call ..... only he has narrowed it down to ten years. And I got to thinking. Nothing much has changed in the last thirty years. More has been said than done. And as I have often said, and I'll repeat it again because today is the day Our Lord was crucified and rose again ...... 'where is our modern day messiah to guide and lead us into a sustainable future ? ' So my reply to John B is that all though your Ute won't kick you in the head ..... it is part of the reason why we are up crap street. Hell no .... OK .... Guys..... climate change will affect us all ..... and old jimmy c here has the house to himself for ten days while the Whanau contribute to the crisis racing motorbikes way up north .... there's nothing i can do about that except rejoice that they are not doing P or that other stuff .... so I'll go with that. But jimmy C has the answer to the whole problem. The ten point plan . You gotta curb tourism . Them jet planes are pumping tonnes of co2 day by day You gotta close down the Warehouse selling all that ****** nobody really needs. You gotta shut down emigration .... and that's a tough call because I arrived on that Waka 747 ...... but there has to be a limit on what a country can sustain in population .... more people need more roads and houses and food and useless plastic stuff from the Warehouse, or Payless, or mitre 10 , or .... We need more people doing manual labour rather than sitting at a computer screen. Back in 1914 this place had a Stockman, Gardner, Cook, Boy and a firewood chopper. Today we have a Stockman, and me and the missus seem to do the rest. And that's without the bees. We gotta learn again to fix more of what we break, rather than throwing it in a hole..... We gotta be content with less .... don't know how you gonna do that..... as no government is gonna win an election on that ... That's only six ... open to offers on the last four. One last .... free condoms to stem the burgoining population. I need three more suggestions to present to Jacinda Of course ... I forgot the last . Wipe the tax on alchohol. An inebriated population will be happy and go with what ever the leader says. OK ... I only got one last politcaly insensitive comment to make , and Grant may well close me down. No offense taken, but in these enliberated times , these questions need to be asked When I arrived in God'Zone way back when in the late 80's I embraced the culture. I was happy to get out of where I was and embrace a future. So these days when I see Burkha clad ladies in my local town....I ask myself .... if a white lady was wandering down town Quetta in a halter top and low cut shorts would she have been so embraced. Just asking ..... What the goose likes, must be good for the gander . Right? . As a nation to progress , we need to confront these issues. Like I was reading some where today in and interview with that rock band out of Russia... Pussy Riot ... we need to embrace our differences, rather than trying to kill each let's just get on with living Wahaha lekukum sallam. I think that is what it is .... ' And to you, be peace be brother"
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    "Fewer " bees please. I shouldn't have to point that out to a staffer.
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    I gotta Husqvarna side by side... in 12gauge.... it’s old, real old, it’s a bit rough round the edges, it’s beautifully well made... it’s pretty quick up and down hill, but I wouldn’t like to sit on it. Its not that nice to stand behind either really...
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    You should read more news from my country and compare with reality.. You would be in danger of stomach aching due to laugh.. You are amateurs 😁
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    I was told that the migrants had removed their hives on monday evening . I was out yesterday but today had a quick check on my hive that had suffered from robbing because it was too close to their hives . There was no sign of life around the entrance . A few bees were flying around . Tomorrow I will bring my gear down and open up hive . The bees on the ground that were still alive were staggering . What ever happened was pretty recent because the bees were very newly dead . If it was poisoning I am wondering how and why there were no signs of any dead bees where the migrant hives had been . @Trevor Gillbanks can a robbing attack kill a hive ?
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