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    No, that's what motorbikes are for !!
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    I agree with this , although I will add that if you like meat you should be able to afford to eat it . Mine all goes to local market in Auckland which means that if you buy your prime beef from a local butcher or supermarket in the North Island, there is a chance you are eating high quality , respectfully farmed , grass fed beef farmed to the highest environmental and animal welfare standards without the niche price tag , from me. Now it sounds like I’m laying it on a bit thick , but that’s how it is ??
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    @Matt I really like your dairy farming updates and insights I think a lot of beekeepers are also very interested in what’s going on in the farming industry beekeeping and farming have a lot in common. I hope you keep posting about it
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    Not the only thing that collapsed in 87. Donna sent me down the road for hitting on her twin Sister. My on again off again Rachel ran off with some German bloke. And Kim just got bored - there was no "going around with" her any more. A bad news year all round, millions wiped off my net worth (on paper of course) although KZ7 just about made up for all that. Clearly @emissary and I have been in the "honey" market for quite some time, although he has obviously had a bit more success than me, especially in 87. I think if I was looking to argue with @emissary about honey or the honey market retreat would probably be the best strategy, otherwise I might get the Boot.
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